Another horny shemale story. Thanks writer! The picture shows Lana, a 26-year-old trans from Colombia. For illustration, and I’m getting horny because of her.

I was now in a relationship with my colleague Susan. She was my girlfriend, and yes she is a transgender with a beautiful cock. What the rest of the office thought about that didn’t matter to me. Our first meeting was great, and still, sex with her was exciting and surprising. Only a position of 69 at the bottom didn’t appeal to me, otherwise, it was great to keep exploring the possibilities of a woman with cock.

As if it had to be, this story too begins at the elevator of our office in this Asian metropolis. Susan and I arrived at the office together and ran into an old acquaintance of Susan’s at the elevator. The usual “Hey long time no see, how are you doing” conversations were started, and as we were introduced to each other the elevator doors opened.

“Rachel” – introduced Susan’s girlfriend to me. “And this is Mark, my boyfriend”, Susan replied on my behalf. We quickly pressed the elevator buttons, Susan and I both had to go to the 14th and Rachel worked for another company on the 18th floor. Rachel and Susan were just explaining that they knew each other from a transgender support group when there was a strange noise behind the elevator button panel and the elevator came to a stop. Startled, we looked at each other and first checked that the fresh air and air conditioning were still working. They were. We pressed the emergency button but got no contact.

Apparently, the elevator was well broken, but as long as we had fresh air we were ok. Conversations about the old days continued between the “ladies. Susan giggled, “I remember you worrying that you had such a huge cock haha”. And Rachel said, “Yes I did, and I still have it, I couldn’t part with it.” And my imagination immediately jumped. While my friend Susan looked very plainly feminine, a beautiful Asian woman of good proportions, Rachel was dressed a bit more ordinarily. She was a bit taller, and had blonde hair. She wore high heels, which made her look even taller. She wore a leather skirt, and her white blouse was also unbuttoned a little further down than average. I could see her dark bra shining lightly through it. And blonde Asian woman, who was obviously enormously well-endowed. I’m sure Susan’s mind was racing too at this point.

Meanwhile, Rachel was answering all of my thoughts, as she was very carefully rolling up her skirt. I saw in the corner of my eye that Rachel was also completely fixated on what would emerge from under Rachel’s skirt. “You want to see more?” she said defiantly. And both nodded speechlessly yes. First we saw a well-padded thong, with a huge bulge. And when she pulled it aside, a big, half-stiff cock appeared.

Now I didn’t know what to do. I mean, I might be in a relationship with a transgender person, but that didn’t mean I was an expert in threesomes and other unexpected advances in an elevator. And then my own friend Susan said to me, “Mark, you need to hold that one. You’ve only ever held my cock. I think you should stroke Rachel’s for a while, if she’ll let you.” And of course, Rachel said it was allowed.

Automatically, I took a step closer and began stroking Rachel’s now slightly harder cock. When it was completely stiff, it was indeed bigger than mine and Susan’s. “Can your boyfriend suck good?” asked Rachel. “Hmmmm, definitely!” responded Susan. “And I’m sure he’d like to demonstrate!” And so it happened that I started sucking the second cock in my life. I got down on my knees, and closed my lips around Rachel’s shiny glans. And slowly I sucked her big, thick, stiff cock inside. Until I couldn’t go any further without gagging. Then I started sucking her, and from the moans, Rachel liked it.

Even I felt a huge excitement in my pants too, and Susan was also rubbing the bulge I could see under her skirt. I beckoned her, and when she was standing next to us I lifted her skirt. Susan wasn’t wearing any underwear, so her clean-shaven and fully hard cock jumped right out at me. And there I was on my knees, sucking off two women. I switched cocks every few seconds, so I could indulge them both. I rubbed their cocks against each other and enjoyed pleasuring them both. Like a true porno scene, they both swelled their erections on my face, emphasizing that they were now in control. This doubling in my experience with a hard cock pleased me.

Meanwhile, it was almost untenable to keep my erection inside my pants. I unbuttoned my pants to give my hard cock room, and Rachel dove right on top of it. Susan was still standing, I was on my knees sucking her, and Rachel was on the floor slobbering on my cock. I just hoped there wasn’t a camera secretly in the elevator for people to watch.

And while I was being skillfully sucked off by Rachel, my friend Susan grabbed her purse to take out lube. She lubed up Rachel’s rock-hard cock, and I knew what she was going to do. She now rolled Rachel completely onto her back so that her huge stiff cock was up like a flagpole. And while Susan held Rachel’s rock-hard and speckled cock, she lowered herself crouched on top of her. I watched that huge cock slowly disappear into my girlfriend’s anus. Susan had a slightly pained face at first, but with all that lube, it went a little smoother each time. She could ride Rachel’s big stiff cock more and more easily. And before I knew it, I could see Susan dancing up and down on Rachel’s cock, while Susan’s own stiff cock was being flung up and down to the rhythm of fucking. What a mighty horny sight this was.

Rachel exclaimed that she wanted to be fucked too, so I lubricated my own erection with lube. I put my glans against Rachel’s ass, while right in front of me Susan was riding her cock. Now everyone was being satisfied at once, either by having a cock stuck in ass, or having had a cock stuck in your ass. In between, I could jerk Susan’s cock. And so because she was riding a huge cock and being jerked off by me, she cummed first. She squirted her seed up with hard jets, and the blobs landed back on her own cock and belly. All three of us got up quickly, so Rachel and I could lick the cum off Susan’s cock and belly, to keep it from getting on her clothes. After all, we still had to be able to look good, if we ever got out of this elevator.

Then I stood invitingly against the wall of the elevator, offering my ass to Rachel. Her still slippery and rock-hard cock was placed against my anus, and I too had to bite down on my molars to receive the huge behemoth in my ass. But it felt great, I was completely stuffed, and her long thick cock had no trouble at all stimulating my prostate. I felt Rachel begin to thrust harder and harder, stimulating my prostate harder and harder. I was about to cum, when I heard Rachel’s support “Oh you are so tight Mark!” And she squirted her warm seed into my rectum. Susan intervened and gave a few more quick tugs on my cock. And I too sprayed my seed over the wall of the elevator. What do I say, I squirted all over the elevator’s button panel.

And there was the same strange sound again from behind the panel where the buttons were. The elevator started moving again, and even though we hadn’t been completely undressed, I had to quickly put my pants back on, and the ladies quickly arranged themselves as well. We wiped my seed from the button panel and finished just in time when the elevator opened again on the 14th. “Nice to see you again!” shouted Susan still to Rachel. Later, we invited Rachel to our house to continue enjoying this nice vulgar shemale with her huge cock.