During the active phase of our relationship, I confessed to my ex that I occasionally wore women’s clothes. She didn’t allow me to indulge my penchant in her presence but was generally very tolerant. She even often gave me advice when I had ordered something on the internet again. We broke up much later and for a completely different reason. So I was all the more surprised when, after more than three years, she contacted me via WhatsApp with an unusual request.

She had booked a flat and suggested we meet there. It sounded like sex with the ex, and since I still liked her, I called her back immediately. We talked for hours about old times and then she told me her plan. She wanted to make up for what she should have done during our relationship, which was to experience me en femme. As I continued to indulge my inclinations after our separation, I was more than enthusiastic about her proposal and agreed.

On the agreed evening, I waited excitedly in my little black dress for her to arrive. I had dreamed countless times of meeting Katy en femme and now it was going to happen. My anticipation knew no bounds, and I was excited to the tips of my hair. At seven o’clock on the dot there was a knock at the door, which I opened with my heart pounding. Then the shock, for she was not alone. Frozen, I let her in and Katy introduced me to her companion.

I quickly realised that Taylor was born a man, as his Adam’s apple was hard to miss. But otherwise, he looked very feminine and was very well-dressed. Katy took over immediately and asked us to sit on the sofa. She sat down in the chair opposite us. “So you’re two lovebirds,” she began to explain. “I probably know you better than you know yourselves, and I want you to have fun together.

Taylor and I looked at her incredulously. “However, as I have another important appointment, you will have to spend the evening without me”. With a smug smile, she stood up and left us alone. We were both shocked and didn’t dare speak at first. Taylor’s obvious insecurity, on the other hand, gave me enough courage to speak up. “You look really great. “So do you,” she replied, looking relieved that the silence was over.

“Thank you.” “How long have you known each other?” I asked. “I met Katy in a sushi bar about two years ago. She’s told me a lot about you, by the way.” My blood froze in my veins as I imagined all the things Taylor could know about me and my proclivities. As the conversation went on, I realised that Katy had probably only talked about me as a man. She had only found out about my presence and inclination on the way to the meeting.

“Are you disappointed?” “No, I am actually very relieved to get to know you in this way”. As time went on, we relaxed and even started talking about our female preferences. From there, it didn’t take long for things to get intimate. “Have you ever…?” I looked at Taylor, startled because this was going too far for me. “Well, tell me…” As she moved closer to me, I became as nervous as I had been at the beginning.

Would you like to fuck?

I just shook my head at her question. “Would you like to…”. She continued to speak in half-sentences which, amazingly, brought erotic thoughts to my mind. “I would like to blow you”. At first, I thought I had misheard and must have looked at her in a correspondingly unsettled way. “You heard me right,” she smiled and moved even closer so that our faces were almost touching. Even up close, she looked very feminine and smelled incredibly good.

Infatuated by her erotic scent, I couldn’t help but kiss her tenderly on the mouth. She immediately returned the kiss and soon we were literally pressed together. Suddenly I felt her hand in my lap. I jumped, but I was far too excited to fight her off. “Lean back,” she said in a breather. As we continued to kiss wildly, I took a more comfortable position and spread my legs slightly.

She slipped her hand under my dress and fumbled with the hem of my tights. Gradually she worked her way down to my panties and I found myself breathing harder and harder. “Just let yourself go and enjoy it,” she whispered in my ear. By the time she reached my cock, it was already stiff and spurting out the first hint of my love juice. She slid off the sofa and knelt between my legs. When her lips touched my glans, I nearly exploded.

“Be careful or I’ll come,” I said in an excited voice. I watched as she moved her red lips over my cock, inch by inch. The long fingernails crowned the sight and when she started to move her head up and down rhythmically, I felt like I was in seventh heaven. Always just before I exploded, I would hold her head and she would take a break. Taylor used one of these breaks to change her position.