I am a beautiful Latina t-girl with nice full breasts due to hormones and on my way to a meeting. My curves are also very beautiful, even if I do say it by myself. It was Thursday night, and I was sitting at home alone, my boyfriend had gone to work. But due to financial problems caused by inflation, we had agreed that I would look for sex contacts or webcam work on the internet to earn some extra money.

I found it quite scary, I had never had sex with someone else, and certainly not for money. But some extra money, that also sounded nice. A few days ago, somewhat nervous, I placed an ad on the Internet. I asked for a small amount, to give interested people a blowjob. Fucking I thought was a bit scary.

Pretty soon a meeting with William.

Pretty soon, a man named William responded. He was 57 years old and introduced himself as quiet, friendly and polite. He wanted a quiet blowjob from a t-girl while driving his car. We emailed back and forth a bit, and he suggested we meet tonight, late at night. He was also willing to pay 15, if I would wait for him by the side of the road dressed whorish, and he could finger me quietly as well.

I took a shower, lubricated my shaved body with oil and made myself up with makeup. I dressed myself with what I could find in the wardrobe, black fishnet body stocking, a black short dress up to just over my buttocks, black gloves up to my elbow, black boots up to my knees and I put on panties with an open butt, so he could finger me easily. Furthermore, I lubed up my ass and fingered myself first, so it would be a little easier. It was already 12:30 ” at night, and I got in the car and drove to the address he had given me. It turned out to be a park with a few parking spaces, it was quite secluded and there was no one to be seen.

Suddenly I got a text message “I’m almost there, just walk across the parking lot, regards William”. I found it quite scary and felt my heart pounding in my throat. I gathered my courage and got out of the car, lit up a cigarette, and walked along the road in the dark. I felt like a street hooker, dressed cheaply and hustling. I saw headlights of a car in the distance, the car was approaching closer and closer and slowed down to drive slowly past me. I thought it was William and stayed put, but he drove on. I walked a little further when I heard the car coming from behind me, it slowed down and stopped past me. I opened the door and saw an old man sitting in the car with his fairly stiff cock out of his pants and his pants at his ankles.

He was holding the steering wheel with one hand.

He was holding the steering wheel with one hand, and with the other he was slowly pulling and stroking his cock. “Get in the car” he said. I got in the car and without saying anything he took 15 euros from the ashtray and gave it to me. I put it away in my purse. I didn’t look at him and kept looking in front of me. He grabbed my hand and slowly guided me to his cock…. I held his cock, it had gotten quite hard and thick. I was glad it would stop at sucking. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it slowly.

I felt him slowly accelerate and begin to ride on again as I sucked him. I went along his and balls with my tongue and took it into my mouth all over again…. Quietly, I tried to go deeper and deeper, and I heard him panting. Occasionally I felt his hand go over my buttocks and lift my dress more and more than his finger went into my anus, and he fingered me for a moment. “Hmm” I heard him say.

He had driven a small lap, was stopped the car right by my car. He turned off his lights and while I was blowing him he put his seat back. Not only that, but he hadn’t spoken a word to me yet. Suddenly, he put his finger back in me ass, but started fingering harder. I groaned and ” Ahw…” I said.

He grabbed my head with his other hand.

He grabbed my head with his other hand and held it pressed down as he began to fuck my mouth, deeper and deeper. I started gagging and my face and his cock were covered in saliva. He ignored it and kept pushing his cock back into my mouth as he started to thrust. He pushed 2 or 3 fingers into my ass and started going up and down hard.

But every time I moaned, he pushed his cock deep into my mouth again, and I started gagging. He had turned into a dominant, stern man, instead of the kindly old man. He slapped my buttocks a time or two, after which he put his fingers back in me ass and his cock in my throat. I felt myself being stretched. Suddenly, both hands let go, and I heard him grabbing his coat or car.

He pulled out a condom, opened it and handed it to me, holding it to his cock. “He’s about to come…and wants me to suck him on while he squirts” I thought, and put the condom on his cock, and started sucking him again quietly. He went on again, grabbing my head and fucking my mouth, while fingering me with his other hand. My eyes wired from gagging and my face was completely covered in spit.

He stopped and got out of the car. I got up and wiped away some saliva with my arm. He walked over to my door and opened it. He grabbed me by my arm and guided me out of the car and left me standing against the side. He came up behind me and lowered my shoulders so I was bending over. I felt him rub his cock between my buttocks against my anus…. “No…I said softly,” but he ignored it and I felt him push his cock into me, all the way up to his balls.

My ass was stretched and I moaned it out. He began to fuck me, I moaned and gasped as he continued to fuck harder and deeper. After a few minutes he went faster and faster and deeper, and I wasn’t pulling it anymore, I moaned and softly cried out “Ahw..I can’t take it anymore, stop”….

He fucked me a little further, harder and harder, as he held my buttocks apart. “Get on your knees” he said softly and pulled his cock out. I carefully turned around, feeling my ass was wrung out and my mascara and lipstick were all over my face. I sank to my knees, and he removed the condom and began to jerk off against my cheek.

He moaned and all of a sudden he squirted all his cum on my face, big thick jets all over my cheek and lips, which ran off and leaked onto my chest. He wiped down to the last drop on my face. I was still on my knees, searching my purse for a cloth. Meanwhile, he had gotten back into his car without saying anything, I heard him start, and he drove off without saying anything.

I quickly got into my car, wiped my face and drove home with a burning butt. Once home, I lay in bed thinking about what had happened, I actually thought it was pretty horny that he had used me like that. I never heard from him again.

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