The last rays of the sun warmed up nicely on a calm late summer evening, but there was still time for dusk. I wait in the car ate the meeting place by the forest road. It’s not easy to find quiet meeting places in Helsinki, but this road had proved to be suitable for our purposes.

I had met Mr P a few times. Initially we contacted each other via the internet, and the first time we met “civilly” in a pub in Helsinki, where we surprisingly spent a couple of hours chatting together. I’m not usually very sociable with men, but he was easy to talk to and willing to open up about his own desires and disappointments.

He was well into his fifties, a man with a big body, successful and with a family. He was sexually frustrated because his natural desire to fuck a trans could not be expressed with his sexy wife. Furthermore, he longed for a sexual partner who could be used according to his own desires, especially for oral and butt sex, which his own wife would not consent to. He was also bi, who got his kicks from TV role-playing.

This suited me perfectly. I myself was a deep closet girly-girl trans whose desire for a man’s touch was sometimes overwhelming. I had dated men infrequently, both as a girl and as a man, although as a man I was a soft and agreeable bottom with nice big tits.

But I had never met anyone a second time, even though there were frequent requests to do so. I just hadn’t found anyone suitable enough for me to want continuity. And once the desire had been satisfied for a while, it was some time before I wanted more myself.

We met for the first time at the meeting place.

We met for the first time, just the two of us, in a quiet parking garage. I got into his car and after a moment of quiet chatting, I stripped off my shirt and trousers, baring my corset underneath, a sheer miniskirt and black stay-up socks.

Gorgeous outfit… he sighed and touched me, for the first time. The warmth of his hand felt good as it moved along my body, following the shape of the corset, pressing my hips all the way to my thighs covered by the thin stockings. I leaned back and closed my eyes, sighing with pleasure as I surrendered to his touch. His touch became more possessive, his hands squeezing me and as his fingers slipped under the edge of my corset to pinch my nipple tightly I moaned in a flurry of sensations.

He took my hand and guided it to the front of his pants, which were already bulging with promise. I rubbed that growing bulge and tugged the zipper open. My hand hit the warm, erect cock, and I took hold of it with a careful grip, caressing it.

He sighed in my ear, and then told me how he wanted me to bend down to take his cock in my mouth and suck him to the top, swallowing the cum. I obeyed.

We had met several times after that, always in the car, and always ending with him lapping my warm mouth. I always swallowed the sperm like a good girl, and had begun to thank him for his load. He, in turn, became more determined, not hesitating to grab my long hair and guide my mouth to his desire.

Although my reflex was quite strong, and I had always made men come well in my mouth without touching my throat, at the moment of orgasm he began to force his grip on my hair, holding my head lower, so that he came down my throat as my swallowing and poo reflex caressed the head of my heel. Judging by the grunts and low, erupting exclamations, he liked the touch very much.

And again I sat in the car waiting for him.

It wasn’t a very long wait, because soon his minivan pulled up and stopped next to mine. I took off the rest of my outerwear and got into his car. I humbly greeted my gentleman and, after a moment of hovering, bent down to unzip his trousers. His cock filled my mouth and I concentrated on keeping him well.

This time I didn’t have time to worship the hard-standing rabbit with my mouth for long when he stopped my head from moving with his firm grip and said, “Get out. Let’s do it there.

I followed him to the front of the car, wondering what was on his mind. He grabbed me again and spun me against the car, pressing my upper body against the hood. His feet kicked my shin into a wider stance. His hands moved over my hips, my thighs, caressing the soft skin at the edge of my socks. My skirt rose up over my back as he exposed my buttocks.

One hand pressed my back firmly down against the hood.

One hand pressed my back firmly down against the hood, so that I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. His other hand explored my butt crack and cock, finding my anus and pressing and caressing it. I felt him take the lubricant from the jar and put it on my butt, pushing it inside me with a calm grip.

I swam with excitement and fear, my thoughts swirling, circling in a restless circle. Now he wanted to fuck me. I hadn’t had intercourse in a long time, and I remembered how awkward it was. It was so tight that men had to force themselves inside me, and it never felt easy or pleasurable. Maybe. But I had always been happy to be fucked, and the pleasure and excitement I got from being fucked was incomparable. I had always come off strong afterwards, caressing myself.

Sir, I am very tight and intercourse can be difficult…. I mumbled desperately as he continued his finger work.

Little bitch, it doesn’t matter, he growled. – Your butt gives me pleasure, and you can’t stop that. It’s time you satisfied me the way a girl satisfies a man. Tonight, I’m going to come deep inside you, all the way.

I cried out as he placed his cock in my asshole and began to press into my anus. At first, my opening was tight and didn’t let her in, but she guided her hand over my cock and pushed hard. I parried as the head of his cock penetrated the narrow channel. He paused for a moment and then began to move himself in short movements, thrust after thrust deeper into me, my moans accompanying his steady rhythm.

AAAAA…! I cried out as he finally pushed past the sphincter into my bowels. Tears streamed down my cheeks. He stopped his movements, his cock largely inside me.

Does it hurt you, bitch?

I moaned, my mouth against the car window.

That’s right, fucking hurts. You can’t help it. It’s just something a girl has to put up with. He has to get his pleasure, and she has to give it to him. You’ll get used to the fact that your dick hurts. But afterwards it feels so good, knowing how well you served my desires.

Yes, sir, I parried as he began to move inside me again.

Fuck me, fuck my ass, I panted as his strong hands took my hips in a firm grip and as he began to fuck me with force. His moans could be heard over the interlude of my own moans and groans, his cock now moving powerfully inside me, his hips slapping rhythmically against my buttocks.

I sank into a trance-like state where all I felt was a lingering pain, a dizzyingly intense sense of lust, an unusual desire to please, a desire to give him this pleasure, a pleasure he was taking from me without caring about my discomfort.

I writhed beneath him to the rhythm of his thrusts, accompanied by my rhythmic moans. The rhythm quickened, his panting and groaning filled my ears. Then he began to scream, a low final scream as he fucked the hole in his grip, all else forgotten, the hole that was me, his fuck toy, and I screamed just as loud, higher as he fucked deep into me one last time, pressing me against the car with all his weight as his testicles finally flew their seed into me, deep.

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