How it goes. A man gets an appointment and loses his virginity with force to a Transvestite. That’s too bad, next chance are four gorgeous ladyboys who take him big time also with a machine! In short, he got what he asked for. The ladies in the picture all have a big clit. ๐Ÿ˜˜

For a long time, I have fantasized about sex with a ladyboy, a nice body but still something different. And I also wondered how my girlfriend experiences being taken anally. Through a site, I came in contact with a ladyboy. I told her that I was not looking for a relationship or anything, but just sex because I wanted to be taken like a woman for once. After getting acquainted via webcam, I was sent the address. I was instructed to come as clean as possible, so no armpit hair, no pubic hair and no ass hair either. She wanted to see me do it, but had to do so in a public chat.

Oh well, I was super horny and really wanted to get fucked, so I did. After I was shaved I still had to rinse. How was I supposed to do that??? Totally have no experience with that. She said I had to take the showerhead off and shove the hose up my ass. Via Skype, I had to show her. What a lot of junk came out of it. After I had done everything I went to her, once I was there it turned out to be just a drag, not a handsome Asian beauty. But hey I’m here now so yes go ahead. He started out quiet and once it was all in he went all out on me. My head was pressed into the pillow as soon as I couldn’t say stop. He suddenly pulled his cock out and told me to turn around. Dazed, I turned around and suddenly got a load of cum in my face which he also smeared. He said now you are officially my bitch. I felt submissive at that point and frankly a little bad too.

Once I got home I quickly took a shower, couldn’t believe that I was fucked in my ass and even then against my will. But anyway, I got what I wanted. After the shower, I logged on to where I had contact with ladyboy who guaranteed that she would fuck me along with 3 other friends. Well I wasn’t really maintaining contact with her, she didn’t like that much because she really wanted to give me 4 cocks. I sent her another message and did get a message back immediately. I also told her that I had my first anal experience that day. She asked all about it and suggested we meet as soon as possible. That Friday we had set the date. I had to come to her place.

That Friday, I had traveled there by train. Once I arrived at her house, a single-family home, I was warmly welcomed by her. I walked into the living room and there sat the three others. All four of them were hot, and what am I trying to say, they were damn hot, four Asian ladyboys. Nice round breasts, nice buttocks, groomed and so feminine. You wouldn’t say they were ladyboys. I settled down on the couch and actually wanted sex right away. Fortunately, one already started leaning against me right away. She grabbed my balls and felt that my cock was already half-hard. She said to the rest “ooh I think we don’t have to do much to get him horny”. And she was right about that. Just being around these girls and the fantasy I get then already made me very horny.

She unbuttoned my pants and another took off my shirt. I sat there in my boxer while she was still fully dressed. The girl I had contact with through the site said that the boxer was unnecessary, and within a second it was taken off by one of the others as if she could do magic. There I was with a now stiff dick between four nice ladyboys. The first girl that came up to me started sucking me, while the other played with my ass. I moaned in pleasure, but apparently, they didn’t want to hear anything because suddenly I had a cock in my mouth. Before I knew it I was cumming and all four of them were standing in front of me naked. All four of them with a hard-on. The smallest was 20 cm, I did not know what I saw. And I thought that Asian was small, but could you imagine, a beautiful woman with big tits and a big dick. I open my mouth!

The ladyboy I had contact with through the site said, because you made us wait so long and then once again give away your virginity to someone else, you will get your punishment today. I thought to myself, being here is no punishment. We went to the attic, and to my surprise it looked like a sm room, all of those devices and whips and such. I was put over a kind of cage, the handcuffs were attached to the ground with a chain and my legs were spread. I felt a cock against my anus, pushing. I heard her say mmmm I thought you were already nice and open. Suddenly something was pushed up my nose, I thought heh what is this but then I thought about it and then I knew it was poppers.

She started pushing again and suddenly it was in. She didn’t really slow down, she went pretty fast and deep, I moaned really hard, and again to get me quiet I got a cock in my mouth. This time it went all the way to my throat. I hardly got any air but she kept fucking my throat while the other one fucked my ass. It seemed like hours that those 2 were busy and then I felt that hot seed squirt into my ass and maybe a minute into my throat. She said and you are going to swallow it. My first time swallowing seed. I could just barely breathe and then I got another cock in my mouth, whose it was I don’t know. The same thing happened to my ass. This went on until all four of them had been in my mouth and ass.

My asshole was really hurting now. I wondered after how many days the pain would be over. I heard one of them say ‘we are going to take a break we will be right back’, and I heard some shuffling and sort of plug sounds. One of them said, ‘but in the meantime, your ass will still be pampered’. To be honest, I couldn’t take it anymore, but I couldn’t fight it either. I felt something against my asshole, it felt different than the penises I had, and it felt much bigger. She pushed it into my asshole like that, and suddenly I heard a machine sound. It was one of those fuck machines. That one started slow and when they saw it was going in well, they increased the pace. I couldn’t move my body, that dildo was going straight into my ass, and so deep too. I wondered what my ass would look like now. I really don’t know how long this went on, but it was allowed to stop now.

Suddenly the machine stopped, they were back. I was so dazed that I couldn’t perceive anything of my surroundings at all. The blindfold was removed and I was untied. I had to walk behind them to the bedroom. I thought yes we are going to sleep now. That was not true. I had to get in Doggystyle position on the bed. 1 came behind me and one in front of me. Again, the same actions! I couldn’t believe I’m having sex with four ladyboys, but I’m busted now. The girl who was behind me took a slightly higher position but kept fucking me and stopped for a moment while I was still being fucked in my mouth. I felt some movement on the bed, and then I felt an extra cock at my ass, trying to get at it.

And then I knew, they are going to double penetrate me. I was shaking my head no, and all I was told was that I had nothing to say and that it was my punishment. With one thrust the 2nd cock joined in. I wanted to scream in pain, but I couldn’t, I grabbed the sheets. They saw me pulling the sheets and just started fucking even harder. The one fucking my mouth came shoved up a little. There came the 4th! She just stuffed her cock in my mouth. Two in my mouth and two in my ass. The two in my ass came at the same time and switched places with the other two. After all four of them cumming in my ass again, we lay down on the bed. And fell asleep. I woke up first and thought okay it’s been fun I’m leaving, it’s morning anyway. So I walked to the living room to get my clothes. Suddenly I was grabbed by my neck and arms. The three of them held me down. They said ‘no-no morning sex is the best and we are going to get it’. And the whole thing repeated itself.

When I came home, I got a message that I had to report the following week or the movie would be on the internet. I did not even know they had filmed, but they had a camera in the attic, so I was blindfolded. I had to come to their place every week for at least 6 months to sex out my punishment, which sometimes included a gangbang with at least ten penises or sometimes out in the open. Oh wellโ€ฆI was not short of sex.