It was many years ago, I was already seventeen years old. This is a long story about my Trans life. But for beautiful lingerie, I was interested much earlier from an early age. Unfortunately, the lingerie that was available to me, that is, my mother’s and my two years older sister’s, was much too large and looked rather ridiculous on me. But now my sister was nineteen and had finally acquired some enchanting underwear a year ago. The photo is from live Trans Nadija.

But also her outerwear was quite attractive. Furthermore, my mother’s clothes also fit me in the meantime. So I could borrow one or the other part when I was alone in the house. Everything always happened under time pressure. But today I was alone for a longer time. I wanted to make the most of it. I came from school shortly afternoon. Today was supposed to be it. I went upstairs to my sister’s room and put her most beautiful lace panties and bra on her bed for later, still the summery mini dress. Shivers of expectation came over me.

Then I went to my room and undressed. To increase the tension even more and to enjoy it properly, I now took a full bath, to which I added some fragrances that the women used. I took my time and enjoyed the bath. When I climbed out of the bath, I smelled like my sister Hanna. I didn’t care at all if you could still smell that in the evening. Naked, I now went into Hanna’s room and began to put on the clothes I had laid out.

First the panties, then the bra. I opened the closet door and looked at myself in the large mirror inside. A soft moan escaped my lips. I would have loved to lay my hands on myself right now, but I could still control myself because I wanted to savor it all in peace; go through our house as a girl for once, etc. I now reached for the mini dress to put it on.

How my trans life started

A soft noise made me look at the door, and then came the shock. In the doorway stood my mother, who had come home early. In shock, the dress fell out of my hand. I quickly bent down, picked it up, and bashfully held the dress in front of my body. My mother smiled and said: put it on quietly, then please come downstairs to the living room like this, then we can finally talk about your inclination. With soft knees I followed my mother downstairs, a thousand fears roared through my head, I could no longer think normally.

My mother asked me to take a seat on the couch and served us a cup of coffee first. She sat next to me and said that she had suspected for some time that I would borrow her laundry. There was no bad word, no accusation: why only, no, she stroked me lovingly over the head. Slowly I relaxed. I was really glad that it was now out. I hoped that I would no longer have to hide in the future. But now I was getting restless because Hanna had to come home any moment. My mother said: sit tight, we’ll sort this out and finish it now. Would she know about my now secret trans life?

After a short time, I heard Hanna unlock the front door. My heart dropped into my pants, my blood pressure certainly reached maximum value. Hanna entered the living room. She stopped in astonishment, but had herself under control very quickly. She stepped towards me, kissed me on the forehead, and said: my dress looks good on you; Jessie. Furthermore, she had given me a new name. Let’s see what you’re wearing underneath.

Please stand up for a moment. She stepped behind me as a matter of course, unzipped the dress and let it slide to the ground. Respect, you have good taste. She put the dress back on and asked me to sit down again. My inner tension slowly dissolved suddenly all symptoms disappeared, I let myself fall. Hanna was also the first to translate this new situation into pragmatic life help. She chided me for not coming out sooner. Your trans life should be so much easier. She would have supported me at any time. Then she also teased me a bit: Jessie, sit down properly, I can look at your knickers.

We all giggled and the ice was finally broken

We all giggled and the ice was finally broken. Mother and Hanna asked about the reasons for my inclination and what my intention was with the underwear/clothes, whether I would rather be a girl, etc. No, I didn’t want to be a girl, I just wanted to enjoy these beautiful clothes on my body.

I admitted that I would already be aroused when I put them on, but that after wearing them for a longer time, my body would also calm down. It is also true that the materials of women’s clothing are simply more pleasant to feel on the skin. Somewhat more quietly, I also admitted that I would probably be quite happy to walk around as a girl all the time, so at the weekend or on vacation. Both women wanted to help me be a pretty girl in my free time. I was blissful, it was the fulfillment of my dream.

The rest of the evening went as usual, dinner, some TV, playing cards together and so incidentally discussing my new life situation. Suddenly, Hanna jumped up and answered the phone. Mother and I followed the conversation. Hello Lena, tomorrow evening we have a comfortable meeting with the other 2 girls with you at home. I got a visit from my cousin Jessie today. Would you mind if I brought her with me? Yes? You’re looking forward to it?

Okay, see you tomorrow. I almost fainted, Hanna couldn’t do that to me. My mother was also a bit skeptical about whether it would work. Hanna convinced us that it would be really unproblematic, Lena was also only 17, very quiet, a bit of a wallflower, but very sweet to deal with. The other two girls would also be uncritical. Hanna recommended that I hold back a bit on the chatter in addition to the card games, since I couldn’t contribute anything to girls’ topics yet and my gestures and speech still needed some training. Hanna regarded this as a dress rehearsal for my self-chosen role as a leisure girl.

And if it should go wrong, she would already save the whole situation in the direction of a concluded bet with me, her brother. Hanna grinned meanly at that, such a representation of her brother in girl’s clothes, and to expose him to the girls would please her also. I could have strangled her! Then we decided to go to bed. The mother also mentioned that she had some shopping to do then, in view of tomorrow’s venture.

On the way to our bedrooms, Hanna said to me: surely you would like to have a nightgown from me now? Yes, I would. We entered Hanna’s room, and she started looking in her linen closet for something suitable. She then held something pretty out to me. But I didn’t look at it at all, but in the direction of her bed. Hanna’s gaze followed mine and said: but that’s my nightwear from yesterday! I remained silent and looked at her begging. Okay, take the nightgown. What? The panties too?

She gave me both and grinned: I didn’t know you could or wanted to smell me so well. Happy, I went away, the after-called sentence do not mess up everything, I had already not really perceived. How right she was, without relaxation; meanwhile my balls hurt tremendously; I could not have fallen asleep. Mindful of the reminder, I had taken the precaution of getting a towel. Lying in bed, I now very slowly pushed the nightgown up to my stomach, the panties I pushed just as slowly up to my thighs. This procedure alone was enough to give a first quick shot.

After that, my athletic hands had two more uses. Comfortably and contentedly, I then fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up and heard Hanna leaving the bathroom. It was time to get up and take a shower. Hanna had left her bathrobe hanging in the bathroom, so I put it on and went to her room to get some new underwear and some rules of conduct. On the way there I heard mother calling from downstairs: Children, I have prepared your breakfast, the coffee is in the thermos, I now go to town to do the said shopping. I entered Hanna’s room after knocking.

She had only panties and bra on and was working on herself. Aha, I think, so don’t just shower and get dressed if I want to behave properly as a girl: shower, makeup and then get dressed, lesson one learned. Hanna and I always liked each other very much as siblings, but since yesterday I looked at her with completely different eyes, somehow dearer and with even more closeness, but in no way incestuous.

She looked at me questioningly. I stammered at her: I was going to get new laundry, and then after great overcoming: I have never consciously seen a naked girl, whether she would show herself to me once. She considered for a brief moment and then stripped naked and lay belly down on her bed. I breathed a little heavily and said softly: you are very beautiful, Hanna. She turned over on her back with a smile.

Girls really are more beautiful than boys

I looked at her for a long time and had to admit half aloud: Girls really are more beautiful than boys. I stood at the foot of her bed and looked at her sweet pubic mound. I looked Hanna in the eyes and said softly only: please. She hesitated briefly, but then she showed me her full femininity. I was overcome by unknown feelings. I knew I didn’t want to have sex with her, but I loved her dearly. Hanna could probably read minds, she spoke to me, take off the bathrobe and lie down with me. Naked, I lay down with Hanna. She took me in her arms and pulled me close to her.

This feeling to have close skin contact, I did not know in my life yet. When she kissed me gently but intimately, I almost lost my senses. Then she stood up abruptly and said: it is very nice to cuddle with your brother, but further we should not go, because then we cross a border. I fully agreed with her. This lesson had pleased me, we would certainly kiss again occasionally, but it should remain so. We now faced each other naked, and Hanna spoke to me again about my new life situation: do you really want to enter the world of women temporarily? Without compromise?

I clearly said YES. Hanna said: then let yourself fall completely and trust me blindly. I will not expose you to the ridicule of other people. I will now educate you to be a girl for your free time. A comforting shiver ran down my spine, I couldn’t talk at the moment, my throat was happily constricted. I kissed her gratefully. We were now getting dressed. Hanna gave me new underwear, the great bra from yesterday she did not give out I need tonight itself, she said with a grin.

But the replacement underwear wasn’t bad either. A nice dress and all was right with the world. Wait, you should put on some pantyhose now, so you can learn to put them on and get used to the feeling without getting a hard-on, she said again with a grin. Well-dressed, we went downstairs to have breakfast. We had a good and comfortable breakfast, mother had prepared everything, and read the local cheese paper over the last cup of tea. Mother came back heavily packed.

You should have become a girl right away, Jessie

She growled: “You should have become a girl right away, Jessie, then I wouldn’t have had to buy and carry all this in one go. And you can forget about your pocket money for the next week. And as a girl, you can let the boys invite you, The benefit of your trans life haha. Hm, now I’m being made fun of too. But I’m happy to pay the price. Then she unpacked. Besides a basic set of underwear, stockings, etc. and a cute dress; I shouldn’t rob Hanna every day; she put a pair of pumps, about 5 cm high, on the table and explained, Hanna’s shoes would be too small for me and mother’s shoes didn’t fit a 17-year-old girl.

Then she unpacked something that made even Hanna speechless. It was two artificial breasts, size B, from a medical supply store plus an adhesive cream. Mother grinned at our speechlessness and explained again: if Jessie’s stuffed bosom slips or is unevenly padded here in the house, it may not bother the three of us, but since I was to make my grand entrance tonight, Mother wanted to help me get a proper bosom that would last the whole evening.

Hanna and I were amazed at Mother’s foresight. Really top-notch. But at the same time, I remembered what was in store for me tonight, I had suppressed it. Hanna ended my uncertain negative clamor with a reference to my promise of this morning and my unconditional submission to the topic. I gave up, let them do with me what they wanted. I admit this feeling of being at their mercy excited me strongly, and I was now really looking forward to the evening, no matter what.

The whole day the two practiced with me. Walking with pumps so that I don’t stagger around and do a somersault with every third step, sitting down, standing up, movements when greeting, muffling my speech a bit, etc. Damn, it’s not that easy to move and behave as a girl without everyone noticing right away. After a while, Hanna scoffed, well, it works to some extent if you close your eyes or don’t look too closely. I was much too stressed and tired to protest. Then from 15:00 o’clock, the final spurt began.

I had my hair washed, mini curlers, blow dry, hair spray and who knows what else they used. After that, both my toenails and fingernails were painted, and last but not least, a light makeup. While it was now time for Hanna to dress herself up, I had a chance to look at the work of my transformation. I was amazed. The girl I saw in the mirror; I did not know. It was really well done. I became really self-confident and fooled around a bit. Hanna grinned and admonished me to girlish restraint. Then she teased me again: wait until you’re facing three strange girls later.

You’ll probably wet your panties with excitement

You’ll probably wet your panties with excitement. Reality brought me back down to earth; that was probably true. But no matter, I wanted to get through it now. So around 19:00 I drove with Hanna, she had a small car, to the appointment. Lena opened the door, greeted us, smiled at me and gave me a special welcome, and introduced me to Kerstin and Mina. So far everything worked out wonderfully, none of the three girls had noticed anything. BUT, which I had not expected at all, at the sight of Lena a jolt ran through me; this is the girl of my dreams. What a bummer, why had Hanna kept this dream girl from me until now? Now I was standing here as a girl myself and could do NOTHING. But next week, after school, maybe I could try to hit on her in a new and neutral way.

The evening was really fun and harmonious. Lena was very reserved, I as instructed of course. It continued not to be noticed, because Hanna, Kerstin, and Mina literally chatted us to the wall. Lena sometimes looked at me with a quiet smile, sometimes put her hand on my arm, sometimes briefly on my leg. I was blissful, but then had to move very close to the table so that the girls did not see my rising dress. At 17, I had an easily excitable jumping latte. I wasn’t ashamed of it, but here in the girls’ circle and in the dress it was a bit inappropriate.

The evening dragged on, but at some point, every beautiful evening comes to an end. The parents of both Kerstin and Mina had already arrived to bring their daughters home safe and sound. Lena, Hanna, and I sat together for a while and reviewed the evening. We should do that again in this composition. Then Lena called her mother over and asked: “Mom, it was such a nice evening and I met Jessie today, whom I like very much, and we still have so much to tell each other.

I want Jessie to stay with us tonight and sleep with me; do you mind? I almost fell off my chair in shock, not that I minded, but I wasn’t prepared for such a situation mentally or practically. Lena’s mother looked at me for a moment and turned to her daughter. I know you’re very reserved, and that you’ve only had a girl spend the night with you once before.

If you like Jessie so much, even though you only met today, your affection must be really great, and so I see no reason to forbid you this wish. Then Hanna also interfered. That’s a great thing. Jessie is also as reserved as Lena. Maybe the two of them can inspire each other a bit. I just want to call my mother to tell her about it. Hanna made the call and explained the situation to her. Yes, yes, she reassured my mother, it’s all good, Lena’s mother also agrees, but I’ll give her to you, then you can talk to her yourself and passed the phone on.

The two mothers were talking. Yes, said Lena’s mother, I have the impression that the two of them get along well. Missing linen? Oh, no problem, a nightgown and a new pair of panties for tomorrow, Jessie got from Lena. We also have a toothbrush. Everything will work out. Let’s allow our two wallflowers their pleasure. I will also admonish the two that they should not chat all night, etc. Nobody had asked ME! I was so torn with insecurity and desire to sleep in the same bed with Lena. I prayed silently; hopefully, this would go well.

The desire had won, and I beamed over my painted girl face. Hanna grinned really diabolically; you are happy, aren’t you? I was about to kick my sister in the shins. Hanna drove home. Then I heard the voice of Lena’s mother: “Girls, go to bed and don’t talk all night. It went upstairs to the sleeping area. I should start with the evening toilet. I was all excited and could hardly hold the toothbrush cup, for example. I put on the nightgown of Lena. Before nervousness was with me thank God dead trousers.

Then I entered Lena’s room, put down my undressed clothes and went to Lena’s bed. After Lena had now also made herself ready for bed, she also lay down in bed. A little unsteadily we lay both, in each case at the outer edge of the bed. There was a short knock, Lena’s mother came in to wish us a good night and once again to warn us not to talk too long. Then she noticed our marginal position and laughed, if the bed were even wider, you would surely have to talk by phone. Lena now moved to the middle of the bed, wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me to her. I was left breathless. Lena asked her mother mischievously: Well, is that close enough?

With a laugh, Lena’s mother disappeared. Lena had her arm around me the whole time. Now she pulled me even closer and kissed me. Even today, I can’t describe what I felt and how. I was simply off the roll. In addition, a 17-year-old girl had taken control of our togetherness (male remains male, that also changes no female clothing!). After Lena’s intense kiss, she leaned her head back a bit, looked at me with a grin, and asked: do you always wear panties and a bra in bed? My heart almost stopped. Now you’re discovered, there’s about to be a big scream, and I’ll be kicked out.

But then there was a magical turn. Lena got up from the bed and asked me to do the same. Lena took off her nightgown and stood – like a magical elf – naked in front of me. In my eyes, she was indescribably beautiful and desirable. She stood behind me and took off my nightgown. My throat became more and more constricted. She took off my panties. Then she unclasped my bra and also loosened my artificial breasts. Then she turned me around again, looked me in the eyes, and said: when I saw you, I was immediately in love with you. I was very confused, was I a lesbian?

But then I realized very quickly that you were a boy. I was amused then when I put my hand on your leg that you immediately sought rescue under the table to hide your rising excitement. Admittedly, I was a wallflower until now. But when I saw you: it was love at first sight. That’s why I wanted you for this night and hopefully many nights. I have now revealed myself to you very much, how do you feel about this situation?

I could only stammer: I felt the same as you. I also love you very much. Now that we had confessed our youthful first love to each other, I could also slowly think normally again. We went back to bed; naked, clinging tightly to each other and kissing intimately, intimately, intimately. We were both absolutely inexperienced, but I think a certain natural talent is inherent in everyone.

Just the skin contact and the stroking

Fancy techniques were not necessary. Just the skin contact and the stroking lifted us emotionally into seventh heaven. Finally, that led us to the first time. I was so nervous that Lena had to help me guide my already dripping member into the right opening, which also literally leaked. Then Lena asked me to be gentle since it was the first time. I really tried, but Lena cried out briefly when I penetrated. Startled, I stopped.

But Lena clung tightly to me and slowly pulled me deeper into her by my bottom. We lingered briefly in resting position, while Lena breathed her love to me. I was sure this was the climax of my life. Then we gently rocked our pelvises to climax, whether Lena also had one, I could not determine at that time because of lack of experience, in any case she moaned contentedly. When I squirted my semen into Lena, we never wanted to let go of each other again.

Closely entwined, we fell asleep naked. In time, Lena woke up in the morning so that we could quickly put on our nightgowns. We pulled them up to our armpits so that our bodies still had loving skin contact. Later, when Lena’s mother knocked and entered the room, we lay peacefully slumbering under the covers. We yawned and promised to keep the morning toilet short and then come downstairs for breakfast. Lena helped me get dressed and put on the minimum amount of makeup so I wouldn’t immediately stand out as a boy. Happy and exuberant, we showed up for breakfast. Mother Lena was quite amazed. What did you tell each other during the night? I have never seen you so exuberant, Lena. Lena boldly replied, “It’s fun to sleep with a girl. Don’t talk such nonsense, mother growled, have breakfast now. Then please tell me your weekend program.

Lena and I looked at each other questioningly

Lena and I looked at each other questioningly. I reacted quickly and said, we want to spend Sunday together. We’ll have my cousin pick us up later, then drive to my aunt’s, can change my dress there then, etc. In the evening, we will bring Lena back safe and sound. Well, said Lena’s mother, later my father will come back from his bowling tour, then I will have enough time for him. So have fun. Hanna picked us up. When we arrived at our house, I introduced Lena to my mother.

My mother looked at me because she could not believe that everything had gone well. A little provocatively, I spoke to my sister Hanna. I’m just visiting you and don’t have that many clothes with me, can you help me out? Now Hanna was so taken aback that she looked downright stupid. After she recovered from that, she turned around and snorted loudly; then excusing that with a coughing fit. Hanna and I went up to her room and I changed the dress. Hanna was laughing the whole time, from the time we went upstairs until we were back downstairs. This was now my weekend world.

My mother now set the table to drink a cup of coffee together. Then suddenly Lena blurted out: I don’t really want to know what Jessie’s real name is. I love HIM as HE is, and we have become a couple of tonight. My mother dropped two complete coffee tablecloths from her hand. I helped her sweep them up. My sister sat there with her mouth wide open and couldn’t get herself together. I pulled Lena up from the chair and kissed her gently, I admire your courage, and it was good that way. Here in the house we don’t need to hide anymore, at your house I’ll continue to play the girl; otherwise,

I can’t spend the night with you. Mother had regained her composure. She took us both in her arms and wished us good luck. Thinking practically, she urged us to be careful about certain darlings, as she put it. Yes, yes, Lena said confidently, I am familiar with the subject of contraception. Hanna was amazed: what has become of my wallflower, that is more self-confident than I am; I’ll come to you for an assessment.

We spent a nice time in the next few weeks. We slept alternately with Lena or with me. The two mothers had also met in the meantime, and so everything went well. However, my mother had a very bad conscience towards Lena’s mother. She had not yet realized that Jessie (me) was a boy. Lena’s father also found me sympathetic, I sometimes even had the impression that his looks towards me were not quite boyish.

One Saturday, Lena’s house was completely parents-free. Father two days on the hunt, mother to the coffee chat with girlfriends. Today we wanted to make true what Lena and I had sworn to each other in great love. We were going to get married symbolically. Lena had found her parents’ wedding clothes in the attic. I was -of course-designated as the bride and was to wear the white wedding dress, Lena the black suit.

While I looked very good in the dress, Lena reminded me more of an elegant scarecrow in her father’s much too-large suit. But I held back with comments. We lit a few candles and opened a small bottle of champagne. During the following ceremony with the lifelong promise and eternal love, we both got weak on the knees. We were indescribably happy. After we finished the champagne, we loosened up. We decided, as we were, to have our wedding night here.

Lena led me to the big couch and pushed me on my back

Lena led me to the big couch and pushed me on my back. Slowly, she pushed up my wedding dress and pulled off my white lace panties. Lena let her father’s suit slide loosely off her and took off her panties as well. Then she sat down on me. I penetrated her to the hilt. Lena moaned lightly. It was beautiful. Slowly we swayed our bodies to climax. Then Lena lay down on my chest, exhausted. I took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly – now we are married forever. Suddenly we heard a clearing of the throat.

Lena’s mother stood in the doorway and said in an emotionally charged voice: I have never seen so much love and happiness. When I came in the door, I was shocked at first, but I could feel your emotional state and I let you go. By the way, I must confess that somehow the story with Jessie seemed to me for a long time not quite clear and I already had a suspicion, but I also did not want to know. Before Father, though, we have to keep playing like this, okay? As we were, I in the wedding dress, Lena almost naked, we took mother relieved in the arms. We had expected the biggest gosh of the century. We hadn’t expected so much understanding, and it doesn’t really exist. Mother grinned, “Now put your clothes back on properly, you’re not girls anymore.

Of course, trans life was not all sunshine. Lena and I continued to go to school with determination, I did my sports intensively during the week, judo, karate and swimming, Lena also had her hobbies and so on. But the leisure life of Lena and me was fulfilled in the next period. We loved each other, slept sometimes at my place, sometimes at Lena’s – as it came. We also made fun of it, I dressed as a girl and made up, to drive together to the next district town, to go for a walk there hooked, to go shopping for nice clothes, etc. Sometimes, boys called behind us: look at the two lesbians. We laughed our heads off. In retrospect,

I must say it was the most carefree and beautiful time of my life. On Friday, I came straight from sports to Lena’s house. I knew her father was not there yet. When I entered the house, Lena’s mother said. But now quickly change, the father will come later. I have prepared something special for you today in my bedroom, I bought it especially for you.

Wow, I was amazed when I entered my mother’s bedroom. I had never seen such sinfully beautiful and probably expensive lingerie. Everything black, satin or silk, bra, French, shirt skirt, stockings, red pumps – I was gone. You can’t put that on sweaty like that, so first I showered. Then I put on everything. Although I had been wearing girl’s clothes for a long time, this was something special – I was really getting in heat. Now I was looking for outerwear. I saw nothing. Had she forgotten or what? Bravely and provocatively, I decided to go downstairs like this. No sooner said than done. Lena and her mother were just starting to prepare dinner. They both turned to me. Lena was amazed and thrilled, Lena’s mother grinned broadly and also gave me compliments and instructed me to place myself visibly on a chair so that she could look at me while setting the table, it would also please her – so without dress; very much. Inwardly slightly excited, I did as instructed.

Suddenly Lena said, Mom, I think I heard Dad’s car, Jessie has to go. No, no, said Lena’s mother, he should sit here like this. You can’t do that, Mom. Lena’s mother took her daughter aside and whispered something in her ear. Lena’s facial expression was the first protest, then disbelief, then she grinned so broadly that you could have stuck a banana across her mouth. I was now completely bewildered. At that moment, Lena’s father entered the room. He put his briefcase aside, took off his jacket, and greeted his wife and Lena. Then he greeted me – me still in really horny underwear.

He took me in his arms, gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead and said: the way you look, you are the purest seduction. I thought I had misheard and misheard. Lena’s mother then turned to her husband and interfered: take Jessie upstairs and choose a nice dress for her. We walked slowly up the stairs. As we did so, I noticed his hand gently stroking my bottom. I was paralyzed and totally insecure, but let it happen. Upstairs in the bedroom, Lena’s father turned me to him, took my head in both hands and kissed me softly on the mouth.

At the same time, he stroked my whole body

What should I do now? I thought about it only briefly, on the one hand, his tenderness was not unpleasant to me, on the other hand I had been living as a girl in his household for some time. Decision: I live here like a girl, so let me take you like a girl. I kissed him back with my tongue. Surprised, he pulled his head back briefly and then said, it will be much nicer that way for both of them. He kissed me harder now, really eager and passionate. At the same time, he stroked my whole body. I became really horny and moaned: I’m yours, take me. His latte became even harder. He took off the sensitive shirt and the French and put me on the bed. He grabbed a seemingly randomly waiting box of lube and anointed my butt hole.

Then it slowly inserted his rather large cock into my butt hole. It hurt quite a bit at first, but after some time an even greater lust spread through me. I could only moan: please fuck me. He then did that with great gentleness. Lena’s father had become so horny that our union did not last very long. He was also breathing very hard, and suddenly he poured into my ass. I imagined that I could feel his sperm thrusts. After that, we cuddled together for a bit. I lay in his arms and we looked at each other. A little embarrassed and very quietly, he said: I would like to experience that again.

Now I took the initiative. I pulled his face closer and kissed him with a loving French kiss. But I was still super horny, he had not given me any relaxation. He saw that in my eyes, grinned; you may do that next time with me, but I think you would like to take revenge on Lena, who left you to me so easily to fuck ? The man was right. Had the two slut-women simply bartered me away, that was a set-up. Sweaty as I was and also almost naked I ran downstairs. I took Lena by the hand and pulled her upstairs into our bedroom. Revenge, I muttered. Lena resisted a little, but then gave up her resistance. I threw Lena on our bed to punish her, penetrating her directly and hard without foreplay. Lena also willingly spread her sweet legs. I now wanted to penetrate hard into her – but poof I was inside!!!

The nasty bitch was totally wet! Had she made the mental image of what was happening up there with me and her father so horny. I pushed back and forth a few times, then pulled out my love stick. Then Lena begged: please go on, stopping now is a mean punishment. Unbelievable. Now I had to come up with a new variation. I turned Lena onto her stomach. She willingly held her butt out to me. Now I pushed her a few times from behind, then I had an epiphany. I reached under myself. My butt was still smeared by the lubricating cream and the semen of her father. I anointed Lena’s bottom with this mixture. Lena moaned pleasantly, we had not done anything like that before. But that I then fucked her in the ass without warning – I must now express this so vulgar – she had not expected. She also cried out briefly. So unexpended that had been a short problem for me too. She wanted to escape me, but I held her with both hands on the hips. I continued to fuck her.

She pushed her little ass towards me and started moaning

Suddenly, she pushed her little ass really towards me and started moaning. I had to state, this was no longer a punishment, this was the hottest fuck we had so far. After we lay tired next to each other and grinned at us, we suddenly heard the banal call of Lena’s mother from downstairs: the food is ready. We almost got a laughing fit. Let’s go downstairs, we already had a good appetizer… When we were then properly cleaned and dressed downstairs, all sitting at the dining table, Lena’s mother remarked somewhat pointedly: these are almost brothel-like conditions here – and then grinning: and who will take care of me? Lena’s father smiled: the evening and the night are still very long. We enjoyed the evening meal and Lena and I also drank some white wine. It was a harmonious atmosphere all around.

Then Lena’s father rummaged in his pocket and took out a key, and gave a little speech. Dear Jessie, that’s what I’ll call you in the future, I’ve been watching our new family life together for a few weeks now. I am downright grateful to you for bringing my little daughter, a real wallflower at the time, into life like this. The circumstances were certainly not as one normally imagines, you so as a girl, and I also mean our dear experience from earlier. If someone had predicted that to me a few weeks ago, I think I would have given him one.

But even I, with my 42 years, am still capable of learning. I would like to give you the master key for our house. You may and shall, whenever you wish, enter and occupy this house, even if no one is there. I looked at Lena’s father with a big smile, which was an extraordinary sign of trust for me. Lena’s mother was also a bit astonished, then added mischievously: you may walk around here as you like. My linen and clothes closet is at your disposal without restriction. I was a bit moved, but then also realized that this will be the most beautiful and coolest time of my remaining teenage years. It was clear to me anyway, with 19-20, when I have developed physically, the laundry and clothing time is only possible in their own private rooms. In addition, after my high school graduation certainly begins the seriousness of life, Armed Forces, study, etc.. But until then, Lena and I still wanted to enjoy life and being together very much.

One good thing had this new open situation, namely that Lena’s father now also knew that I was a boy, (probably Lena’s mother had already initiated him long ago, otherwise it would not have come to this bi-erotic scene probably), That was sometimes really annoying to me, lingerie and clothes yes, that was always a wonderful feeling on the skin, because these materials are simply feeling-friendlier. So we spent a nice time together. In the meantime, my mother had also become friends with Lena’s mother. Both complete families met frequently, sometimes at our place, sometimes at Lena’s, or even went to a restaurant together.

One day, the two mothers had the idea to go on vacation to Bavaria for ten days. Hanna, Lena and I looked at each other. Did we feel like it? Suddenly, my sister Hanna grinned broadly. Oh yes, Jessie is going as a girl, of course, and she’s not taking any male clothes. I would like to experience that again, my dear brother, uh, little sister so totally dependent on us other four women. Lena also decided to grin maliciously.

I was no longer in control of the situation. I admit that this idea of living exclusively as a girl for ten days excited me a lot. I mumbled humbly, okay, but you can’t leave me hanging if things get tough. Hanna was still teasing me: if you break a leg, I’ll take you to the hospital in suspenders. I could have strangled Hanna, but you don’t hit and strangle girls – even though they need it from time to time. The vacation preparations began.

While the mothers took care of the essential darlings, Hanna and Lena diabolically planned my vacation clothes. Jeans and all only halfway masculine clothes were forbidden, even normal hiking boots were sorted out. Three-quarter-length pants with colored sports shoes were intended for the walks, otherwise only dresses, skirts, blouses and shirts. Nightgowns, horny underwear – horny from my point of view – was a matter of course. After I had overcome a certain inhibition inwardly, I was now looking forward to the vacation after all – there was a permanent tingling in the belly. More than I could not embarrass me.

The trip began. Both mothers in front, Hanna, Lena and I in the back. I had put on a comfortable wide skirt and a wide shirt and hoped for some inconspicuous caresses from Lena during the ride, which Lena also made good use of. Lena knew exactly how to arouse me, so that I was no longer capable of any no and was devoted to her almost willingly. One method was to pull down my skirt a little in the waistband and pull up my panties a little, so that about 2 cm of my lace panties were visible. Sometimes she also pulled the panties into my butt crack. The shirt pushed up a little, some belly, the panties and the skirt to see – I was then always completely gone. I then saw myself as a girl. Hanna and Lena always grinned uncomprehendingly. Another safe method was to stroke along the bra contours on the skin. About the resulting distance of the skirt, I certainly do not need to tell more.

After two hours of driving, we took a short break

After two hours of driving, we took a short break. Nobody was interested in me in the rest house or in the ladies’ room. I must note at this point, however, that the many months as a girl at Lena’s side made me quite confident in public life, I often forgot that I was wearing women’s clothing, it was normal for me. As we boarded the train for the onward journey, my sister Hanna squeezed in between Lena and me, grinning, and said quietly: so that the groping wouldn’t get out of hand. Lena and I looked at each other and understood each other without words. After about 15 minutes of driving on, Lena and I began to caress Hanna slowly and carefully. Hanna didn’t dare resist or squeal, I think she even enjoyed it, so we slowly stroked her to the brink of erotic madness. Hanna’s heated redhead could well have served as a warning light. Even without getting to Hanna’s pleasure center, we brought Hanna to a certain limit, the transgression of which would certainly have brought moaning sounds. After the next break, Hanna sat down again on the outside and muttered, I can’t stand another treatment like that.

Arrived at the vacation resort, we moved into our rooms in a pretty little guesthouse. Generously, Lena and I were allowed to occupy ONE room! I’m certainly not saying anything new, at 18 years old you are very, very potent. Lena and I fucked our souls out of our bodies during the nights. DWT is for me a fetish that can not be suppressed, but for sex occasions, I always took off my clothes. For me there is nothing more beautiful than the naked skin of my partner – hot and excited, sweaty. Of course, there were also quickies in lingerie, but more about that later. The vacation was normal, bourgeois and quiet. Sometimes I cursed my artificial breasts and bra. During strenuous walks, I always got soaking wet there. The girls laughed themselves half-dead then. But the evening before last had it in itself. Hanna, Lena and I decided to spend a nice evening in the village disco. We really dressed up. I also looked quite appealing, as a boy now really not to recognize.

The first part of the disco evening was also very nice. Since only very rhythmic music was played and no clamp blues, I also let myself be prompted from time to time – everyone jerked around on his own, without body contact. Hanna, Lena and I stood at the bar, had already paid and wanted to finish our drinks in peace and then leave. Suddenly the door of the disco opened and three young boys around 20 entered the room. In front of them walked the king of the village with his entourage. Suddenly it became a little quieter in the disco. Apparently, those present had not always had good experiences with them. We did not care any further, but emptied our drinks. The village king went to Hanna and bawled, hey, I’ve never seen you before, come here I want to dance with you. But Hanna did not want that at all. The guy was absolutely unsympathetic to her. After a very polite refusal, the village king became aggressive. If I want to dance with you, you have to dance with me – is that clear? and harassed Hanna. In the disco it became quiet. Now I intervened. Leave my sister in peace. What do you want then, huh? I asked you to leave my sister in peace.

I will show you who is the boss here and stormed towards me. At this point, I must explain that I had been doing both judo and karate for 6 years, in this double function not to the delight of my two coaches, who would have preferred to pull me completely to their sport. I didn’t have pronounced biceps, but I did have lean tough muscles. In addition, I had a lifted punch and grip technique. What the village king had in mind for me I don’t know, but I didn’t want to take any chances, so one grip, short spin and he was on the disco floor. It was dead silent in the disco. The guy stood up and yelled irascibly: I will drag you naked across the dance floor!!!

Now it became serious. The guy was certainly superior to me in terms of strength. that he wanted to undress and embarrass me, the dressed-up girl, that was going too far. I took off, in order to be more mobile, my pumps. When he came at me again, I forgot all consideration and admonitions of my sports teachers. I kicked and punched, forbidden things. It lasted only 15 seconds. But I was now afraid that his two companions would now pounce on me. But nothing happened. Hanna, Lena and I moved now to the exit. A wide alley was opened for us. On our way out, I heard one of the companions say: it serves him right. Finally, he got something on his face. And the fact that this happened through a girl, of all people, will considerably ruin his nimbus as the first village bully. I noticed that the make-up had held up well. In the disco there was a hoot and the music started again. Arrived in our pension, all the tension of my sister Hanna discharged. She cried without restraint.

I took her in my arms and kissed her reassuringly on the mouth. Still completely out of it, she kissed me back very intensely and relaxed. Lena stood smiling next to it and teased: hey Hanna, that’s your brother and he’s mine! We released ourselves from the embrace, Hanna smiled, the tension is over, I’m fine again. Turning to me she said: thank you for your help, as a reward you may wear my most beautiful dress tomorrow for the graduation evening. Wow, I was really looking forward to that. Hanna had always kept this dress from me until now. The next evening Hanna came to our room and brought the said dress, remarked – please don’t mess up and disappeared again. In view of this I had put on my most beautiful lingerie, all salmon-colored, push-up bra, panties made of elastic lace, suspenders and stockings with wide lace top. I was totally psyched. And then this dress! It was so sinfully transparent and silky that it could only be worn with a petticoat. When I had put on both, I turned to Lena. Lena grinned at my obviously very strong arousal, pulled up her skirt a bit and said, do you need a little relaxation or can you hold out until later? I pulled Lena close to me to force a quickie on her. But there wasn’t much to force. Lena turned around and willingly stuck her butt out at me, holding her thong aside. As charged up as I was it really became a quickie. I pulled up my dress and petticoat, pushed my panties aside and penetrated Lena directly.

My juice shot into her love grotto

After 30 seconds, it was all over. My juice shot into her love grotto. Crap said Lena, now I have to pick out a new panty that keeps panty liners secured, otherwise I’ll be sitting in your juice all evening. After a brief restoration on both sides, we went to dinner, goofy and happy. Every step in the dress and underwear made me really horny again. Once at the restaurant, the two moms and Hanna complimented me regarding my successful appearance. I felt really comfortable in this outfit. It became a successful farewell evening. Around 22:00 o’clock the two mothers and Hanna moved to their rooms.

Shortly thereafter, Lena also left. I just wanted to write a vacation card and then also go upstairs to Lena. While I was writing the card, the daughter of the house (Linda) was cleaning up the table. She suddenly came very close to me and said softly: I have never seen a boy dressed so beautifully!!! I was flabbergasted, she had noticed something after all. Her tone suggested a certain curiosity. After I finished writing the card, I said goodbye to Linda with a kiss, which was immediately reciprocated. She was allowed to see briefly what I wore under the dress and remarked hoarsely, please come back to our village. that I would actually see her again I would not have thought. More about that later.

I went upstairs to our room and spent a last hot vacation night with Lena – this lasted until 5 o’clock in the morning. At breakfast, I looked 30, but Lena’s appearance was also a bit damaged. I ignored the sardonic grin of my sister Hanna, I was all set. The two mothers pretended not to notice anything. After that, we left. Lena and I had a great time, nothing extraordinary to report, as far as our life can be classified as ordinary, with me as a friend of beautiful lingerie and dresses. We made our Abi at the same time. Then came the farewell with great crying on both sides. I had to go to the Armed Forces, near where we had spent our vacation, Lena started studying in another city. After my army time I also studied – also in another city, in addition, I was 1 year in the USA.

Our contact never broke off, 2-3 times a year we also met. We also always assured each other of our mutual love, etc. The sexual encounters that took place then were ecstatic and intimate. But let’s not fool ourselves, our love bond became thinner with time. And one day the time had come, Lena confessed to me a new love she was thinking of marrying. I also met her future husband, Andre. A really nice guy, and I noticed he liked me too. I was not jealous, no, I was happy for Lena and wished them both all the best. I told him about my trans life.

We continued to stay in touch by phone. We always arranged a visit, when I would be around. Some years passed. Lena had been married to Andre for three years. I had completed my training, including a stay abroad, and had already successfully completed a number of engineering projects, and now I wanted to treat myself to a few days’ vacations in my home country. Of course, I was going to visit Lena and Andre, but I also wanted to pay my respects to their parents, with whom I was allowed to experience a carefree time as a girl.

My fetish to wear lingerie and dresses had come too short in the last few years, nothing had come up. I had already bought some underwear and also worn, but otherwise had no special experiences with it. I smiled a bit at the memories of the pastime. I couldn’t live it out today the way I did then. I was a grown man, was athletic and looked the part. A problem-free appearance in public would have required extensive make-up measures. However, during my vacation, when I had plenty of time, I planned to devote more time to the DWT issue. It then became reality faster than I had thought.

When I arrived in my hometown, I called Lena directly. She was bubbling over with anticipation of the reunion and immediately determined the schedule for the next few days. Andre is still on a business trip and will be home in the evening. Tomorrow, all of us, including you, are invited to dinner at my parents’ house. But before that, I’d like to meet you alone this afternoon in the quiet restaurant, where the two of us used to spend many a cuddle hour as two girls – really wallowing in nostalgia. I had to smile, kiss, and feel up Lena again so properly, that would please me already.

All right, I’ll be waiting for you there in the parking lot at 3:00. Right on time, Lena appeared, jumped out of the car, ran towards me and kissed me deeply. I was a bit surprised because after all Lena was married. But Lena started chattering right away: Andre knows that we’re meeting – and assumes that we’ll kiss as a greeting. Well, if that’s the case – I pulled Lena close to me and kissed her passionately. My pants became very tight in the crotch. Lena grinned: not so fast, you’re still the old man. She went back to the car and came back with a big plastic bag. I wondered but didn’t give it another thought. Then we entered the restaurant. Except for a coterie of four ladies, about 60-70 years old, the restaurant was empty. Lena smugly remarked you are lucky. I understood nothing. We took our seats far enough away from the ladies and ordered our drinks from the waitress. Lena grinned at me: before we start to indulge in our nostalgic thoughts, will you please also return, at least partially, to the outfit state of that bygone era! What? I thought I had misheard.

Even before I could say anything, Lena pressed the bag into my hand and ordered me to go to the toilet, open the bag, there is a note inside and do what you read. I could guess what to do now and was curious what was waiting for me now. Only because it’s you, I said, pressed another kiss on her and disappeared smiling in the direction of the toilet. Once there, I opened the bag. A note with only one word lay on top of various items of clothing; Dress. What was it? Bra, panties, hold-up stockings and a shirt with short sleeves. Well, thank God Lena hadn’t included a dress. I put on the underwear. When I put on the shirt I held my breath. It had a neckline that against it a Dirndl blouse looked like a monastic covering. In addition, the neckline was so far from the neck that I could barely hide the bra straps, plus the bra cup with the lace peeked out the top. Ow shit, I thought, do I do it or don’t I do it? I felt again the exciting grumbling from the earlier years – I do.

I packed my laundry in the bag, put on my jeans and shoes, and headed toward the guest room. On the way there, I fell into the hands of the waitress, who looked at me in amazement and amazement. I turned to her and spoke of a bet/dare. Now she grinned and said I should go one better and go back to the table with skirt and pumps. Perky I remarked, I, unfortunately, did not. I can remedy that, she said. By the way, my name is Isabella and what is yours? Automatically, I said, Jessie. Then come with me, Jessie. I run this restaurant with my mother, who does the cooking, and I live here. I followed her to the first floor to her room. There I got a short service skirt and still sandals. Except for my male head, everything was now actually as before. Also, the exciting feeling which I always got when I put on the clothes was fully there again. Isabella came close to me, now go downstairs and enjoy yourself, but you have to promise me you’ll come back again –preferably on Mondays when we’re closed.

My sex address book in my head had remembered that

My sex address book in my head had remembered that and painted it red. Slowly I went down to the guest room. No more guests had arrived. I now walked slowly towards Lena, whose lower jaw dropped. She looked at me for a long time and said in an occupied voice, this is just like old times, and that you have the courage to appear here like this – I would like to fuck you right now. With mock reproach, I recommended not to do it here, but at least to go to the washroom. But then Lena had herself under control again. Unfortunately, we did not go to the washroom. On entering the guest room, one of the old ladies had happened to look in my direction. I could see how she was still wildly cleaning her glasses and constantly shaking her head. They probably couldn’t believe what she had supposedly seen and surely attributed it to a momentary visual disturbance. Lena and I had a great time. We chatted now for some time about the past, while I had this female clothing on the whole time. I had forgotten that I had them on. Criminal carelessness, because suddenly a group of young women, 6 girls between 20-30, came in and took a seat nearby. Lena was now grinning broadly, widely and maliciously. And what now, dear Jessie? I thought of the saying: is the reputation first ruined, then lives completely uninhibited.

Cheekily, I asked Lena, did you not want to draw my lips? She did so with dedication and clarity so that the young women took notice of me. First disbelieving silence, then snorting. Loosened by prosecco and wine, I began to enjoy the game. I just stood up, walked to the group of women, and asked innocently. Have they never seen a rustic girl? Everyone, and Lena too, burst out laughing – if they enjoy it, that’s okay. That settled the issue. Just before I went to change again, one of the young women joined us at the table. My name is Romy, and I’m a friend of Isabella’s. She told me that they will come back again. I’ll be there, too. Her eyes had a telltale gleam. Lena means smugly: well, your sex life I have pushed well, have fun (should I have heard there a little jealousy?). With regret, I took off the beautiful women’s clothing again. Two hours in lingerie and then a double date right away, that’s a good result. In the business suit, the success rate was significantly worse. Lena brought me home to my parents and we said goodbye with a kiss and anticipation of tomorrow evening in her family.

Greeting to Andre. I send out. The next evening I appeared, sporty jacket and appropriate pants, punctually by cab at Lena’s parents. Great reunion joy. I took Lena’s mother in my arms and kissed her lovingly on the mouth – I am glad to see you again after such a long time. I also took Lena’s father in my arms, we grinned at each other, our little sexual experience long ago was unforgettable. Then I cuddled Lena briefly and also greeted Andre very warmly.

This was really a nice guy, I would like him and was probably based on reciprocity. There was an excellent dinner, appetizers ordered from the Italian, good wine and afterward sufficient Grappa. At an advanced hour, we talked about the past relationship of Lena and me (without talking about my fetish until then), Andre wanted to know everything, Lena’s mother then blurted out: Andre, you’re actually married to a bigamist!

Trans life with Jessie

Mother Lena now told fragments of the entire love life (Lena grinned at the same time) and then in particular of the played wedding between Lena and me. Andre got bigger and bigger and shiny eyes, the collar was tight. He literally gasped: I don’t believe it, I want to see it! Lena’s mother looked at me questioningly. Shall we? I grinned, though I saw something hidden in Andre, and said to Lena’s mother: I hope you have something nice there? We went upstairs. We chose carefully. A black corsage with suspenders, sinful silk panties, stockings with lace edge, a black silk sheath dress, pumps (a little small, but for the few meters went) and now a minimal make-up. I introduced myself now to Andre. Andre began to breathe heavily. I put now still another on it. With slightly prancing steps I turned and then dropped my dress. While Lena and her father followed the whole thing entertained, they knew it from past times, Andre was now completely off his rocker.

Everyone in the room felt – he wanted that too. But we said nothing. I stayed in the living room like this for a while. Andre said nothing more, he probably couldn’t get a word out. Then I changed again and we talked for another hour. Afterward, we wanted to drive home. Andre made the suggestion that I should spend the night with them, then we could drink a nightcap and talk a little more. When we left, there was a suitcase at the front door.

We looked at Lena’s mother questioningly. She said to Lena: so that the two girls will have something to wear later. Andre’s legs almost buckled. Lena sighed with a smile: “In my whole life, I always meet girls, but with pleasant abilities. Arrived at home, we first poured a glass of champagne and talked. Andre kept looking at the suitcase. Lena and I agreed with our eyes, yes Andre, now let’s see if we can make a pretty Andrea out of you.

So that you can enjoy it properly, we start with a fragrant oil bath. While you relax and enjoy your anticipation, Lena and I will take a quick shower. Andre lay in the bathtub with a huge latte and watched us shower together. In the process, Lena and I discussed the further course of action, whereby I of course did not forget what a beautiful body Lena had. I soaped her, tenderly I cleaned her breasts and also provided with my fingers for a wet pleasure grotto. Lena moaned pleasantly. Andre watched us do it. In anticipation of the things that were to come, his brain had probably adjusted to a joint horny evening, we could not see any jealousy in his features.

After this cleansing but also psychological preparation, we now took Andre before us. We dressed him: Bra, suspenders, panties, stockings and a dress. Lena’s mother had also included my plastic breasts from a bygone era, which we – now Andre/Andrea – put into the bra. Suspenders and hold-ups? Because with Andrea we wanted to a) increase the horny feeling even more, and b) with his expected wriggling the hold-ups should not slip so quickly.

A quick make-up, eyebrows, eye shadow, and plenty of lipstick completed his transformation. Then we put Andrea in front of a large mirror. With wide-open eyes, Andrea stammered something incomprehensible to himself. He was completely off his rocker. Lena and I still had our bathrobes on. Lena looked at me questioningly, but I only said: the girl role is played by Andre as Andrea, I want to have skin contact with you again after the many years of abstinence from you, and feel your hot skin intensely. We laid Andrea backwards on the bed and took off our bathrobes.

Then we began to pamper Andrea and ourselves

Then we began to pamper Andrea and ourselves. Lena knelt between Andrea’s legs and slowly pulled his dress-up to the tent pole. Then, agonizingly slow, she pulled his silk panties down to just above his knees. These slow actions brought Andrea to the brink of horny madness. Then Lena began to caress the almost exploding cock with her tongue and mouth. In this posture, she stretched her sweet ass towards me – as arranged. I penetrated her with pleasure. This horny threesome made us all moan lustfully.

When Andrea and Lena came, I couldn’t and didn’t really want to follow with my own hotness. I concentrated on filling Lena with my semen twice extensively. Exhausted, I let myself fall to the side and watched as Andre/Andrea also intensively pleasured his wife in standard position. In the process, the processing of Andreas’ butt seemed very pleasurable to me. He wagged at the beginning somewhat irritated and defensively with the butt, but after I penetrated with first one, then two fingers into his posterior and searched there for the prostate, his sexual primal screams signaled undivided consent. Further descriptions of this horny night I spare you, it repeated itself in different types of play as long as we men could still. Lena was fucked through and through in all three holes. At some point, we fell asleep. Andre had not taken off his female underwear.

The next morning Andre stroked his body and underwear with pleasure. Except for showering, he didn’t take off his underwear and dress the whole weekend. Lena smiled: I know this from before, if you enjoy it we can reinforce it – but I demand that I also come to my rights and always come first, not your newly awakened fetish. Andre looked his wife Lena very lovingly in the eyes. I now quickly said goodbye, because I had the feeling that the two now liked to have sex alone with each other. We repeated this brisk threesome again the next weekend. We were all carefree with each other, it gave us all a lot. New dimensions had opened up for Lena and Andre. My vacation came to an end, my next project took me to Spain.

We had agreed that if I was around again – by all means, get in touch, a third night was to follow. After four months, my cell phone rang in Spain. This is Andre, or should I rather say, Andrea? Hello, hello, great greeting. Andre: if you are in Germany again soon, please get in touch immediately, because we need to talk to you. I said that fits perfectly, in two weeks I’ll be in Frankfurt, then I’ll drop by your place. Curious, I asked what there was to discuss. No, we want to explain that in person. I was curious. After two weeks, I rang Lena and Andre’s doorbell with a large bouquet of flowers. The dining table was stylishly set, candles were burning, champagne was opened. Wow, what a loving welcome. I became more and more curious. Lena and Andre grinned to themselves. With an espresso, we then went into the living room.

Then it burst out of Andrea: WE are pregnant! How, please?

Now Lena interfered: yes, Jessie, at our sexual ecstasy four months ago you have pumped me so full of semen, and my time was also, it had to happen. Now both in unison: we are very happy. We decided not to have blood tests done, mentally you are both the fathers, especially since it will also be twins. It blew my mind, I was really touched. The birth went without a hitch. I later became the godfather. We continued to stay in close contact. I also didn’t look for characteristics later regarding the actual paternity. It was okay like that. The close bond, even though there were no more sexual events, was very strong. We celebrated many family events together – also with my later wife.

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