An erotic story of a ladyboy who has a date with a German bartender in Thailand. Pictured Angelica, no wonder the bartender is unstoppable!

I had gone to a bar, again, now I had been to the same bar 2 weekends in a row. But tonight wasn’t going to be about drinking, I was going to take the bartender home! I had put on my naughtiest dress, a beige dress with black lace, not too low cut but highlighted my already large ladyboy breasts, it went to just above my knees and was tight-fitting, no bra and some thin g-strings on.

Mark, the guy from Germany, as the bartender was called, had flirted with me the last few times and tonight was it! But I’m not sure of he knows about my special body. My friend and I found a seat at the bar, as soon as we sat down Mark came over, “two sexy babes and two mojitos” he said, I must have made a good impression as he remembered what we were drinking, I nodded and smiled at him, the evening went on and it became difficult to flirt with Mark, there were many guests tonight and there were others besides me who wanted his attention. My friend and I went to the dance floor, here came a cute guy who wanted to dance, I put on my naughtiest dance moves and tried to keep an eye on Mark, but he didn’t seem to see me, shit!

I sat back, and we ordered drinks from one of the other bartenders, but Mark came with the drinks and a small napkin under, with his phone number on it, fuck yeah I felt like shouting. I immediately sent him a text saying “what’s up” stupidly I thought afterward! He immediately replied, “new guy you’re dancing with?” “No, just kidding, there are others I’d rather dance with ;-)” “Sure, and who would that be?” “You” I just wrote, “I have a break now, come” he walked out of the bar and I followed him, we went to the back of a small private courtyard that belonged to the bar, there was a bench and a table, luckily it was summer.

De bartender grabs and touches my ladyboy breast

Mark grabs me and kisses me, he touches my breasts, I can feel how horny I get from his touches. I open his pants and pulled them down while kneeling down, I took his cock in my mouth and could feel how it was already growing in my mouth, his stiff cock was bigger than what I could have in my mouth. I was going to show him what was in store if he came home with me!

He pulled me up and laid me across the table so I was standing with my ass against him, he pulled my panties aside and felt my ladyboy cunt and cock. He was a bit surprised. But not too long, I can feel his cock hitting my opening and he slowly pushes it up into me, oh god his cock is big, it fills my tight wet cunt out well, it’s nice to be filled out, I moan louder and louder as he fucks me hard and hard, Mark grabs my hair and pulls my head up so he can hold me to his mouth, I can hardly help but moan with pleasure, feeling his hard cock up me. “So, you are a sexy ladyboy”. Das liebe ich, mein Schatz.. And start to fuck me hard.

I want him home! So he can through fuck me and I can moan as much as I want. We hear some voices getting closer and we stop, quickly put our clothes on and listen for them… They walk past and Mark wants to pick up where we left off, but I stop him “my girlfriend is waiting for me, we can continue at my place when you are free” I said, it was more of an order than a question, I could see an annoyance in Mark’s eyes that he wasn’t allowed to come “Fine, I am free at 03. 00, send me your address” I send him my address and stay an hour longer at the bar before my friend and I go home.

When I get home, I quickly rinse my body and wash my cunt and cock. And soon a puss., I’m going to have a handmade female sex organ. It’s going to be quite an operation. But Mark will be here in 1 1/2 hours. I find some clean underwear, my black bra, and black lace panties, I keep my jewelry on and the shoes I wore last night. Mark is definitely getting the full ride tonight, I think.

I’ve texted Mark that the door is open and that he’ll just go in, drop his clothes, all the clothes in the living room and then just follow the light. I lie in my bed, with my good ass up, my legs are up still with stilettos on, Mark comes in completely naked like I asked him to, I can see his already horny face, Mark has the most muscular upper body, and a naughty cock. He stands in front of me, proud, straight and horny.

He grabs under my chin and lifts my head upwards, puts his thumb on my lower lip, and opens my mouth as he looks at me horny, I open my mouth, and he sticks his cock into my open mouth, he fucks my mouth and then pushes his stiff cock all the way down my throat, I can hardly breathe, and he pulls his cock to him, I hurry to pull him down in bed so he ends up on top of me, I can feel his hard stiff cock lying between my thighs, I want that cock up me now!

I flip him over so I’m on top, I slowly sit down over his cock and can feel it slowly getting further and further up me, oh it feels great to feel how I’m being filled out in my ass again, I’m all the way down sitting on him I slowly start riding him with little hard jerks, it feels great, almost so it hurts my abdomen, I ride him hard and hard and I’m getting hornier and hornier and so is he!

He grabs me and flips me over on the bed so I’m on all fours, he drags my legs apart so my legs and my ass come out over the edge of the bed, he fucks me hard and deep, I can feel it tingling, my cock tingling, everything tingling on me and it feels like an orgasm is coming, oh yes, I can feel myself coming and so can Mark, he keeps his rhythm, with long deep thrusts, right up into me, I almost come in screams and Mark comes at the same time.

Fuck that was amazing! I’d never done that before, this is by far the best one-night stand I’ve ever had! So what now? Does he stay or does he leave? Please don’t run after fucking a ladyboy, I think! I love him..