My ladyboy Emily and I have been together for six months now. Still, I give Emily all the freedom she had before we were in a relationship. Emily is still often fucked by strangers, and we both enjoy it when an aroused man fucks her anally. Emily often enjoys feeling other people’s cocks in her new genitals. It makes me extremely horny when Emily comes to me after an encounter with her pussy full of cum. The surgery cost a lot, so hefty tips or money as you like, she gladly takes it for sex. She also works as a webcam transgirl.

About 4 weeks ago she met a man in a café with whom she has fucked 15 times. After their last encounter, she came home in the middle of the night totally stained. Like every time, she woke me up, so I could enjoy myself with her. This time her clothes were adorned in some places with obvious traces of cum. Even on her feet, which were in black stiletto heels, were traces of cum. Her jeans were completely soaked at the crotch. To me, it was a totally horny sight, I stood up and kissed her passionately.

She full of cum from a stranger.

During the subsequent intense tongue kiss, I noticed the taste of cum on her tongue. Then I began to take off her blouse and bra. Her breasts were slippery and also smeared with cum. Then I took off her stiletto heels and then her jeans. Her panties were all wet and extremely smeared. Then I took them off too and her dirty clit, which was a little stiff, hung freshly jerked off in front of me. And there were marks that could not have come only from someone else’s cum. I immediately explored with my fingers and discovered that the horny cunt was filled not only with a lot of strange semen, but also with a banana. This keeps it nice and open, there is always the chance of growing dense and frankly, I find her ass makes it feel tighter.

However, due to the movements during her way home, this was completely flattened by her panties and tight jeans. Emily was still horny despite the obviously intense treatment, and immediately told me that her boyfriend had pushed the banana into her horny hole after the last fuck. Now, of course, I wanted to test the stuffed cunt and get my due as well. I lay down on the bed and asked Emily to push her filled cunt onto my hard-on, which she did immediately. I was able to lower my cock into Emily’s cunt without any difficulty, which was partly due to the already good semen lubrication, but also because the banana was already completely mushy. It was an absolutely horny feeling to push my cock into this sticky, slippery sauce. Emily apparently liked it too, because she orgasmed after a few minutes. I then also emptied my cock deep inside her.

The next morning I woke up as Emily was in the shower removing the traces of the night from her body, or rather from her orifices. I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. After about 30 minutes Emily came to me in the kitchen, dressed only in her white platform mules, hugged me, kissed me and thanked me for last night. I took the opportunity to test her pussy with my finger. Unfortunately, I found out that she had cleaned it very well, because nothing was left of the banana and semen.

Banana and semen from a stranger in her ladyboy pussy.

During breakfast, she asked me if I would mind if she went out again in the evening and if I wanted to drive her to the appointed meeting place. I agreed and so we devoted ourselves to the usual daily routine.

At about 8 p.m. Emily slowly began to get ready because I would drop her off at the meeting place at 9:30. She dressed very defiantly, not to say slutty. She had chosen black stockings and a black thong to go with her black corsage. Over that she put on a black stretch mini dress. Now she retrieved a pair of black boots from her shoe closet. Around 8:30 p.m. she came to me and said she was ready, that I could drive her.

Before I went to get the key, however, I asked her if her boyfriend liked bananas and if she wanted to have a pair filled for him. At first she refused, as the two were not alone and wanted to go through a few bars together. After a brief discussion, however, she agreed to my horny plan. I went to the kitchen to get the bananas I had bought especially today. Together we went to our bedroom, I pulled down her panties, fingered and licked her already wet pussy and after a few minutes pushed a rather large and already well ripened banana into her pussy.

With my fingers, I pushed the banana deep into her hole, up to her uterus. Emily was so horny that she wanted to have my cock pushed inside immediately. I refused, she put her panties back on and we left. We arrived at the meeting point around 9:40 pm. Before I let her out of the car, we kissed passionately again, I feel her wet pussy with my finger. Already after about 40 minutes I noticed that the banana was turning into mush due to the body heat and Emily’s movements. Emily was already completely horny, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she needed a good fuck. We said goodbye and I drove back home.

Around 3 o’clock the phone rang, it was Emily asking if I would mind if she didn’t want to be picked up until early in the morning. I said no, to which she informed me that she was totally horny and had already been fucked several times by her boyfriend and two companions. She also mentioned that the banana had been very well received by the threesome. I wished her well and told her to call back if she wanted to be picked up.

Emily looked totally exhausted and soaked wet.

It was already 8 o’clock, I was eating breakfast when Emily called. It was clear in her voice that she was totally exhausted. I drove off and around nine o’clock I was at the appointed meeting point. Emily looked totally exhausted, her mini-dress was soaked from top to bottom, her black stiletto heels were also covered in dried semen residue. When she got into the car with me, a distinct smell of semen immediately spread. I noticed that she was wearing neither a corsage nor panties. After an intense tongue kiss, she opened her thighs, pulled up her dress and presented me with her totally soaked pussy, from which the cum was still running on the car seat. I must admit that we had had many an orgy with as many as 15 men, but what I saw now was by far the filthiest cunt I have ever seen.

And Emily was still horny, by now I too had a hard-on and wanted to relieve myself in Emily. After about 15 minutes of driving, we passed a parking lot in the woods. I stopped there, asked Emily to undress and come with me to a bench that stood there. Now Emily was completely naked except for her Buffalo platform boots. You could see more or less dried cum all over her body,. I pushed her onto the grass, climbed over her and sank my cock into her slippery hole. Emily told me that the three had each cum four or five times in or on her. She also reported that by now, the flesh of three bananas filled her new pussy. I was so horny and so in love with her that after only a few thrusts, I also squirted into the full pussy. Then we drove home, Emily went to bed as she was and slept until evening.