It is Saturday afternoon. Matthew has just finished a bouncer when he decides to go to the park. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Too nice to stay indoors, he thinks. He packs a few things. After everything is packed, he takes the elevator down to get his bike. He recently moved into this apartment because of his work as a journalist. A little later, he rides his bike to the park.

When he arrives at the park, it is very crowded. It seems that all of them come to the park to enjoy the weather. After wandering around for a while, Matthew has found a spot. It is a quiet, sheltered spot by the pond. A carpet is spread out on the grass. The beach chair is unfolded. He takes a bottle of water and his notebook out of his bag. In the notebook he writes down his ideas for a new book. Hopefully I will be inspired, he thinks. He looks around, but is completely lost in thought. Suddenly a hoarse voice says, “Excuse me, can I ask you something?” Matthew is startled and looks up. Sitting next to him is a woman he hadn’t noticed before. She is a beautiful woman with black hair and a dark complexion. She is wearing a light blue bikini that goes well with her athletic body.

He says, “That’s okay. “Would you like to rub my back?” Matthew would like to. “Let me introduce myself,” she says, “My name is Harlena.

“Hello Harlena, my name is Matthew,” he says. “Do you live right here, in this apartment on Brewery Avenue?” she asks.
“Yes. Do you live nearby?” is his counter question. “Yes, my apartment is across the street,” she says, “A few times there has been a handsome man on my street. And now I finally get to see him up close. Matthew blushes and says, “Thanks for the compliment. And now I am lucky enough to have a beautiful woman with beautiful brown eyes sitting next to me. What kind of work do you do?” “I have my own hair salon and make-up. My business is called Sab Allure. You can drop in anytime,” says Harlena, “and you?” “I am a journalist for the newspaper Current, but also a poet. Just not as successful”. “Let’s hear something,” she interrupts him. “No, not right now. Um… what kind of music do you like?” he asks, changing the subject.

“Coldplay. But not changing the subject, huh?” she says, poking him teasingly. “Okay, stop,” he laughs, picking up his phone to text a poem. They look at each other and the tension builds. Matthew reads aloud. “The poem is called Lay Me Down.” “Lay me down, my beloved, take off every article of clothing. Let the game begin. Feel the softness of skin. Lay me down, my lover. Fingers will dance caressingly. Lips and tongues will join in this sensual dance. Taste the sweetness of the body Lay me down, my lover. A high visitation is coming. It brings much turmoil. Let it go. Lay me down beside you, my beloved. Together close to each other. Enjoy the moment.

The sun continues to sink behind the trees. The park is almost empty. “So beautiful,” Harlena says in surprise. “Thank you, dear.” The crowd is big by now. Matthew kisses Harlena. Her tongue enters his mouth. The clothes come off. He licks her dark nipples and rubs her bottom. By now there is a considerable bulge in his shorts. “Something needs to be released,” Harlena says. She frees his penis. Her lips close around his head. Her tongue swirls around and she makes sucking movements with her mouth. Meanwhile, her hand makes twisting and pulling movements.

Suddenly, he feels a finger at his anus. “Oh, how delicious that is. Really the next level,” he says to her. She inserts her finger. Matthew moans. The wind touching his skin excites him even more. Then he can’t hold it any longer and squirts into her mouth. She goes to his mouth and gives him a tongue kiss. Together they swallow his cum. “Oh, this is the most delicious sex I’ve ever had!” says Matthew. Harlena smiles and says, “I have to tell you something.” “Shhh,” he says with his finger against her lips, “now it’s your turn to enjoy. Just lie back.” She complies with his request. He kisses her on her beautiful shiny chocolate brown belly. His fingers caress her legs, moving slowly to her bikini bottom. The panties come off.

A beautiful hard stiff penis appears. Matthew was expecting a vagina, of course. He looks surprised but also horny. Before she can react, he takes her cock and starts sucking it. His tongue does the same thing he just learned. Occasionally he uses his teeth. Harlena moans with pleasure. He moves his tongue to her anus and pulls it out. Harlena is surprised by his action and enjoys it even more. Before she cums, she stops him. She pushes Matthew onto his back. He feels her glans pressing against his anus. “I’ll give it to you, babe,” Harlena says. Her glans disappears into his pleasure tunnel. The penis goes up and down nicely. Meanwhile, Matthew’s penis is hard again.

Harlena squirts him full of cum. Matthew licks her penis clean. What a lust! By now they have little light from the lampposts. They get dressed and pack their things because it is getting late. They decide to continue their wonderful evening in the city and go out for dinner. On their way out, they meet two policemen. One of the officers asks if they have met the troublemakers. Harlena says, “Over there by the pond.” “Thank you.” They wish each other a good evening.

As soon as the officers are gone, Harlena starts to laugh out loud. “Come on, let’s get out of here quick,” Matthew says.