So, a long story. The man falls in love with a ladyboy. Of course, that’s very easy! In the picture, Mocha. 27 years old and oh man, how pretty she is. But that name, hey wait! Is that me? 😁

It was on a Saturday night, I had to go to a birthday. To avoid the crowds I took a quiet route. On a quiet and dark section, I saw a car on the side of the road in the distance. It was winter and cold. I got the impression that the person in the car was unlucky. As it passed, I saw that there was only a woman in it. It was already dark and a woman alone on this quiet road. I turned and drove back. In the light of my headlights I saw that the woman was crying. I stopped and asked, “what”s wrong? She looked at me anxiously and said in a hoarse soft voice, “It doesn”t work anymore, it won”t start and now the battery is dead. I don’t know what to do anymore, how to get home”.

I felt sorry for her. “Where do you have to go”, I asked. I couldn’t leave her alone, she looked so needy and scared. “I’ll take you home, come with me”. As we got out of the car, her long black coat slid open and I saw under her short skirt a pair of very sexy legs with black stockings. Her appearance and husky voice made a mysterious impression on me. She grabbed her bag and got in with me. The car filled up with her perfume, it gave an erotic atmosphere. I couldn”t help but look at her and her whole aura made me a little horny. “Where were you heading?” I asked. “To a party,” she said, “once a month I go there. Otherwise there”s always a friend who goes with me, but nobody could and I was so looking forward to it. And now that rotten car broke down.”

She was silent for a moment, then she continued. “I didn’t know what to do anymore and I don’t dare take the bus home like that. I was so scared, I didn’t know how to get home”. A speech waterfall came out of her mouth. Her voice had a husky erotic sound, I enjoyed hearing her talk. “Oh, honey, I”m so grateful you want to help me”, she put her hand on me leg and squeezed it. I immediately got a stiff cock. “Where is this party, is it far away, I want to take you there too”. I found her attractive and got horny of her, I wanted to take her everywhere. Oh, what a sweetheart you are,” she said. She squeezed my leg again and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Driving straight through, it”s not so far”. I felt very excited now. I was already starting to fantasize about stroking her.

While driving I couldn’t help but peek at her through the corner of my eye, what nice legs went through me. What a nice horny broad. She grabbed her makeup bag and began to comb her hair and get ready. The puffing of her mouth and the movement of the red lipstick almost made me drive off the road. I felt tremendously aroused, such a delicious piece with me in the car. In my mind I was contemplating how to decorate her because I did want more with her. She put her hand on my leg again and looked at me. “Am I so pretty again?” she asked. I turned to the side to look at her. The light from a store window shone in her face. My breath caught in my throat. I see a very attractive sexy female face, beautifully made up. Perfect. Curly dark hair down to her shoulders and very pretty red lips. To what, I don’t know, but I knew right away that it was a transvestite. “And am I beautiful again?” she asked again. “Yes, yes, very beautiful, I could barely pronounce”. She started talking to me again, her voice was not masculine at all, but sexy. I could hear her but it didn’t penetrate me properly anymore. In the corner of my eye, I sneaked a look at her legs again. They looked so amazing under her open jacket, so feminine. She was totally, so feminine. From the excitement, I got a hot feeling. Me, a real straight man sitting in a car with a made-up guy and getting horny from his legs and his look. The idea of it being a guy somehow wound me up anyway. I felt very let down and I had a huge stiff cock.

She squeezed my leg again, startling me. “Here it is,” I heard her say just in time. With a sharp turn I turned into the parking lot and stopped along the side. She looked at me and said, “maybe it”s too much to ask of you, but I”m going to ask you anyway. I like you so much too. You must have figured out what I am and what kind of party this is”. I nodded although I didn’t quite understand. From the nerves I could not utter a word and dared not look at her. She smiled and I couldn”t help but find her cute and attractive, she turned me on terribly. Would you like to come with me? I”d love to have a real male partner with me. I want to show you off.

How jealous the girls will be when they see me with a real man and not with such a sissy”. I couldn”t think anymore and didn’t know what to say, I just stared in front of me. I wanted to go with her somewhere but I didn’t dare, I couldn”t get her out of the car and drive away either, I felt paralyzed. Like a zombie I sat there. Please come with me, I won”t eat you, I won”t do anything to you and I’ll treat you all evening. Please come with me, you won”t regret it”. I heard her say all kinds of things. I couldn”t remember, but somehow I still wanted to be with her. My heart was pounding with excitement, my head was getting a little light, I felt cramped and needed fresh air. In a reflex I got out of the car.

The fresh air made me regain my senses a little. He”s coming with me, I heard her shout jubilantly. She came up to me, grabbed my hand and pulled me along to the entrance. “Come darling, come with me”, she said enthusiastically, “Oh, I”m so happy”. I had no strength to resist her, she was so happy. I couldn”t disappoint her anymore and let myself be led inside. I was actually glad she took the initiative, I couldn”t decide. I didn’t dare. But in my heart I wanted to, but I was too afraid. Inside it was a not too big room, on the left was a long bar and there were several seats with benches. It was pleasantly crowded. I was introduced to all kinds of friends and acquaintances of hers. Most of them were transvestites or transsexuals, I don’t know so well. They gave me a kiss or kissed me on the mouth. I thought it was dead scary. It was like a dream. I couldn”t resist, it was like it wasn”t real. There was an erotic atmosphere, a little whorish. At the bar and on the bench there were many transvestites, but there were also many normally dressed men.

Many of the transvestites were dressed a bit extreme. But most of them were very feminine. Some a little too feminine. Somehow I found it a little scary, if I had been alone I really wouldn’t have dared go in. The music was sultry and erotic. There were some people standing at the bar, but everyone could sit. On the small dance floor there was a couple dancing very intimately. It was a bit of a crazy sight, clearly, it could be seen that one, was a dressed-up guy. At the head of the bar there were seats available and we sat down. After a few big gulps of Bacardi cola, I felt myself regain a bit of consciousness. I looked aside, she just took a sip of wine from her glass with a graceful motion. The way she did it came across very erotic and maybe too feminine to me, but I loved watching it. She looked at me and said smiling, “don’t look so anxious, I’ll eat you later”. When she put the wine glass down she made caressing movements over the glass, as if she was jerking off a cock. The movements of her hands over the glass were beautiful to see. Her slender hands with red long nails caressed the glass. I longed to be the glass. Smiling mischievously, she looked at me. I smiled back and began to desire her more and more.

I looked into her eyes, I found them stunningly beautiful. Her wavy dark hair, dark eyes and fire red lips were also amazing. In the light her big gold earrings glistened, how attractive she was. The more I looked at her, the more I liked her. I heard her talking and answered. Everything she said I liked. I enjoyed her presence. Her wonderful perfume, the way she moved. I felt in love. I wanted to be with her forever. She grabbed her bag and said, “Hold me place, I’ll be right back, I”m going to make myself extra beautiful for you. She rested a hand on my leg to step off the barstool. The slow sliding motion of her hand down my leg drove me absolutely wild, my cock was throbbing in my pants. I kept watching her until she disappeared through the restroom door. I was now sitting a little lost at the bar. She was gone for half a minute and already I missed her. The imprint of her red lipstick on the wine glass looked stunning. I wanted to kiss the wine glass. The wait was taking me a long time. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t dare look around me very well either, I was afraid that a transvestite was talking to me. Some of them were still really a man, I found them a bit scary. If only they wouldn”t come up to me, I thought. Still some ladies addressed me, it made me nervous and longing for her return.

I kept an eye on the toilet door hoping she would come back out soon. Finally the toilet door opened and I saw her coming towards me. It was only now that I really got a good look at her. She was wearing a dark red short sexy dress, with all gold buttons in the front and a gold belt. Her legs are very beautiful, many women would envy them. The black shiny stockings with her red open shoes with stiletto heels and of those straps around her ankles made her appearance divine. The bottom buttons of her dress were loose. With each step, her skirt slid open and I could see a bit of the top of her black stockings. Great to see, sexy and so horny. I watched it so intensely that it seemed her movements had slowed down. To my mind it was, the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. I longed to hold her and rub my stiff cock against her. She came to stand against me and put an arm around my waist. “I don’t even know your name” she whispered in my ear, biting it gently. I sniffed the scent of her wonderful perfume and felt like I was in seventh heaven. “John”, I said “and you”. “Joyce” she said softly in a horny husky voice. I thought her name was brilliant, everything about her I thought was brilliant. I thought even if she has 5 cocks I must have her.

She sat down on the stool next to me, her skirt slid up the front all the way open. I saw the inside of her thigh and the top of her black stockings with red shawls. The white piece of leg and the black stockings drove me crazy. It felt like my dick was exploding. I was so terribly horny, I had to control myself to not spontaneously cum. I took a quick sip of my Bacardi. I looked at her and couldn”t imagine that she had a dick. Would she really be a man. Everything was so feminine about her. She didn’t have a manly face at all. So why did I feel she was a guy, I wondered. Maybe she was just too made up, too feminine. I didn’t know. I couldn”t help but look at her shawls again, she sees it and asked,” Do you like seeing me like this? I felt caught and replied a little shyly, “I really like seeing that”. “Okay”, she said “then I’ll stay like this for you but I have to get a reward”. I looked at her and asked what kind of reward. “A kiss,” she said. With pursed lips she came forward, I couldn’t hold back any longer and gave her a kiss.

Those delicious red lips were finally mine, delicious. The taste of her lipstick was irresistible. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth and tasted her saliva. It flashed through me I am standing kissing a man, which is not correct, she’s a woman now. And her saliva didn’t taste like a man at all, it tasted like a woman. A delicious woman. However, the idea that it was possibly a man-made me even wilder. I was so horny I couldn’t stop. I sucked on her tongue and licked her mouth from bottom to top. I swallowed her saliva, I loved it. I felt completely drunk with horniness. The thrill of making love to a transsexual, someone with a dick, drove me crazy. She tasted so good too. How long it lasted I don’t remember, but I loved it. She felt more delicious than the most delicious woman. She let go of me and said “slow down or we”ll be sent away”. She took another sip of wine, I enjoyed the way she curled her lips to take a sip. We smiled mischievously at each other.

Nothing reminded her of a man, she is so feminine. Yet I knew it was a guy. It went through me, that tonight I might be holding a cock, maybe sucking it. Whether she could guess my thoughts, she said, “You’re finding it a little scary here, do you actually dare sit with me. I looked at her and said, “I”m falling in love with you. Obviously, I couldn”t have given a better answer because I saw her eyes glisten with joy. “Come, darling then we”ll dance” and she pulled me with her onto the dance floor. While shuffling, she gently bit my ear and whispered, “I like you so much, I want to do everything with you and if you give me the chance I”m going to do it with you”. The idea that she wanted to do everything with me and was going to do it drove me crazy. I gave her a kiss and while shuffling my stiff cock weaved against her. It was delicious.

Suddenly I realized that I didn’t feel a stiff cock on her, it surprised me and I even felt a little disappointed. Could she not be horny or maybe she has no dick at all. The idea that maybe she didn’t have a dick felt as crazy as it was, like a huge disappointment. Whether she noticed my surprise I don’t know, but she said, “I need to loosen up a bit, I need some space from below. She looked at me mischievously and laughed. “I’ll be right back, just take something off”. Wiggling her hips, she walked to the restroom next to the dance floor. Within minute she was back. She had now closed the bottom buttons of her dress and that was just as well. At her crotch I could see her skirt coming forward, there was clearly something stiff underneath. She came up to me, put her arms around me and kissed me. With my cock I rubbed her legs again and then felt her stiff cock against me. I was so horny, I found it so delicious and exciting. I just longed to grab her cock, but I didn’t dare. I rubbed my hands first over her derrière, then under her skirt. Slowly I moved my hand forward, wanting to grab her cock.

She stopped me. “You”re not allowed to do that here, in the bar you”re only allowed to have drinks, no sex”. “We’ve actually gone way too far already, watch out or we”ll be sent away. We have to wait”. Waiting, I couldn”t wait anymore. “Come”, she said, “let”s sit down”. Our spot at the bar was taken. But on one of the benches, there were still spots available. We ordered drinks and she leaned against me. I put my arm around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I liked her so much. My gaze went to her crotch and saw that she still had a stiff cock. I put my hand on the bulge in her skirt and squeezed her cock. It felt like a victory, I dared. “You shouldn’t squeeze but rub,” she said, laughing. She rubbed her hand over the bulge in my pants. It felt wonderful to have her in my arms like that, I kissed her neck gently. “It”s 1 o”clock, the basement is opening,” was the announcement. The bartender opened a door at the side. A few couples went right in. “What”s that,” I asked Joyce. She looked at me mischievously and said, “in the little basement, you can have a little more than just sex”. She gave me a wink said, “Now you”re mine” and pulled me into the little basement. We went down a flight of stairs. Downstairs was another small bar area with a dance floor. Along the side were alcoves with mattresses on the floor. Several couples immediately lay down on the mattresses and began to suck each other right away. I grabbed Joyce and started stroking and kissing her.

We were panting with pleasure. Behind me I heard someone cumming loudly. Joyce went through her knees and unbuttoned my pants and I pulled them off. I stood there with my stiff cock right in front of her face. Her lovely mouth opened and her lips closed around my cock. The sight of her beautiful red lips around my white cock was, so exciting. Oh, how delicious it was. She started sucking my cock and stroking my legs and derrière. It was wonderful, she knew exactly what was good. I felt that if she continued like this I would ejaculate soon. I wanted to enjoy it even longer and said: “watch out or I’ll come already”. She came up and we kissed and licked each other’s mouths again. I loved her so much, her saliva tasted so good. The various couples and threesomes that were busy with each other made me even hornier with their moans and panting. Joyce took off her dress, she now stood before me in her black stockings and sexy red underwear.

She slowly approached me and pushed my head down. In front of me, I saw a pair of gorgeous legs. A nice belly with a red belt. The top of her black stockings and her crotch with a small lace panty in it where a stiff cock was trying to come out was stunning to see. I pulled her lace panties aside and her stiff cock came out. Her cock was completely bare and smooth. It looked nice and regular. The stockings and lace panties even gave her cock something feminine. It was now time to take her cock into my mouth. I was so horny and wanted to taste her cock. Yet I faltered and I got the urge to puke. Surely this was another step up and I got a little scared again. Before I had a chance to turn away, she grabbed my head and pushed her cock all the way into my mouth. I got nauseous and almost started gagging, but started sucking anyway. It felt different than I thought it would, such a cock in your mouth, but it started to get used quickly.

After a few minutes I began to like it. With my hand I caressed her legs and gently squeezed her derriere. She moaned, “Oh, honey how delicious. I grabbed her balls and started caressing them. With my tongue I went along her balls and bit into them gently. I took her cock in my mouth again and let it slide along the inside of my cheek. She could hardly stay still and wiggled back and forth. I caught myself exploring her cock with my tongue. With my tongue, I went along the underside of her cock to the head of her cock. Then along the edge of her glans and with the tip of my tongue into the little hole at the front. I was glad it was a little smaller than my cock. If it had been much bigger I would have felt dickish. She pulled me up, “watch out or I’ll cum too. She said. We started tonguing again and gently jerking each other off with our hands. I was getting harder and harder not to cum, she noticed and asked, “don’t you love it anymore”. I looked at her wistfully and nodded. “Do you want to fuck me”, she asked. I nodded yes, fucking I thought how should that be.

From her bag she took a tube of lubricant. She turned around and bent down. “Lubricate me,” she said. “Massage me hole”. I got behind her and smeared the lube into her anus. She moaned and wiggled back and forth. With my whole finger I went into her anus. It was like fingering a woman only much tighter. “A little more lube,” she said and two fingers. With two fingers I went into her anus and massaged her pussy. She liked it and clearly enjoyed it. “And now that one is for you, honey,” she said. I went behind her and put me dick between her smooth derriere, she bent down and my dick slid in her anus. It felt different from a pussy, tighter at the beginning. I believe 10 thrusts and I was already cumming. I almost fell through my knees and could only just stand. Everything was spinning around me. Joyce turned around and wanted to give me a kiss, all at once I was resisting.

The idea that I had fucked a guy in the ass, “hole dammit” I thought. I was disgusted with my own. “I need a drink,” I said. I pulled on my pants and without another word walked out, up the stairs. At the bar I ordered a large glass of brandy and slammed it down in one go. I sat down and thought, “what happens to me, be gone”. As I was about to get up I saw Joyce coming towards me. She had her dress back on, but it was all askew. With big steps, she came towards me. When she was standing right in front of me she looked at me forcibly and said in a loud harsh voice: “COME ON!!!, you don’t think you can dump me like that. I have to go too, FOLLOW ME!!!, NOW!!!”. All around us everyone was looking at us, the mouse went silent. Next to me I hear someone say, “well I”d better get back downstairs”. I didn’t dare say anything.

The pathetic, sweet little woman who was crying in the car had completely disappeared. In front of me stood a tigress who did not tolerate any contradiction. She pointed to the door of the cellar and said: “GET DOWN NOW”; Like a mistress she looked at me. I didn’t dare refuse. I was a little afraid of her. She snapped her fingers and said, “UP!!!, RUN!!!, NOW!!!. I had nothing more to say, I was her slave. I meekly walked in front of her down the stairs. She walked to one of the alcoves along the side and took off her dress. “OFF CLOTHING” she said in a commanding voice that would not tolerate any contradiction, “HOLY, ALL OFF”. She lay down her back with her knees up.

I quickly undressed, afraid she would get even angrier. “COME HERE” and she pushed me between her legs. She grabbed my head and resolutely put her cock in my mouth. “Suck” she said. I had nothing to say, that wound me back up anyway. The idea I have to suck, I only have to listen and have nothing to say. I didn’t have to feel guilty about sucking a dick either, it had to be from the mistress. She was my mistress. I found it very exciting. I started sucking with full conviction, first with big quick movements, then licking the tip of her cock with my tongue. I felt that she was enjoying it. “Oh, darling how nice, keep it up” from her voice I could hear that she was no longer angry, the sweet tender female was back. I was beginning to like it more and more. I licked her cock from front to back. My mouth was getting all wet. I don’t know if it was saliva or if it was coming from her cock, but I liked it. I was totally absorbed in it. I liked it so much that I wanted to lick everything from her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to her anus with my tongue or I would have licked that too.

I just put my fingers in her ass, it was still a little sticky from me being horny. With 2 fingers I massaged her anus, they went all the way in. I heard her moaning and crying. “Oh, honey, go on”, she panted, “go on”. I took her cock full in my mouth now and started sucking firmly. With my hands around her derriere I pulled her towards me. “Say something sweet to me, something horny” she called out. I didn’t know what to say. “Then say that you love me,” she cried. I was horny again, and also a little afraid that she would get angry again if I said something wrong. Now that I had seen her other side I knew I had better stay her friend. I shouted,” I love you, I want to make love to you forever, your cock is so delicious, I never want to miss it again”. I put her cock back in my mouth and she stroked her hands through my hair. She moaned “Oh, honey I”m so happy with you. You do it so well and I like you so much. I never want to miss you either.”

She started panting harder and harder. That she liked it so much encouraged me to suck even more intensely. “Her cock is all mine now” I thought. She started to jerk and held my head. I couldn”t turn my head away anymore and felt all her horniness squirting into my mouth. It felt warm and sticky. Although there was no real taste to it I liked it. With my hand I wanted to wipe the horniness out of my mouth, but she stopped me. She slowly pulled me up. When our faces were together she started kissing me gently. The horniness from my mouth ran over our lips. Her tongue was soft, I licked the horniness away from her with my tongue and kissed her gently. I let her recover quietly, but my dick was already jumping in the meantime. We turned around and she lay down on top of me. She kissed me and slowly went down my chin, through my neck, playing with her tongue. She bit my nipples and my skin along the way.

The tension rose in me is huge as she went further and further down. She was almost at my cock with her mouth as she held in. “Take it, shoot it, take it in your mouth,” I wanted to scream out. She looked at me mischievously and questioningly and she said,” do you really love me, do you want to stay with me always, do you want to never miss my cock”. I was so horny that I said “yes, forever you are mine”. I had promised her everything, as long as she took me cock. She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Oh, it was so good. With her nails she gently scratched my legs and belly. It felt so good. She put her hands under my derriere. I came up slightly. I felt her long nails prick my derrière as she squeezed them. It felt like the horniness was coming from my hands and toes and flowing through my arms and legs to my derriere. I felt my derrière tighten and I cum in her mouth with a huge explosion. Like a balloon being punctured. I could hardly breathe. My heart” shot through my head, “soon I’ll have hard paralysis”. I had never come so powerfully before.

After a while, I opened my eyes and see her face above me. She closed her mouth and slowly approached me. From her eyes I could see what she was up to. I didn’t want to but I had no choice. She gave me a full kiss with my horniness still in her mouth. I automatically opened my mouth and feel the horny, my horny, run into my mouth. Our tongues had no strength left for a kiss and we rubbed each other”s cheeks and lips. I was completely exhausted. If she hadn’t been lying half on top of me I would have fallen asleep. After a while she lifted her head, we were sticking together due to the horniness. I felt my skin pull. “That”s a good sign we’re already stuck together” I heard her say. She pulled me upright. “Shall we go and wash up?” she said smiling. We put on our clothes and went up the stairs towards the bar. I walked exhausted behind her through to the bathroom.