The wind is blowing around the house, and it’s raining outside. It’s the perfect day for a woman to walk around the house. It’s great to hear the heels clicking on the wooden floor, the rustle of the skirt, and the firm feel of the corset around my body. I occasionally wipe my hair from my face and the wonderful smell of a perfume I’ve put on. Photo from transwoman Isabel.

I’m upstairs when I hear the doorbell ring. It must be the mailman coming to deliver a package. In fact, another new dress was ordered this week and can be brought today. I don’t open the door dressed like that, so I wait upstairs for the mailman to leave. She’ll probably put a bill in the door where I can pick it up. Maybe with the neighbor a few doors down. She always looks super-feminine. Beautiful clothes, a fantastic hairdo, and the curves in the right place.

Halfway through this thought, I hear the back door open. I get a little nervous because no one knows I’m dressed as a woman. I hear someone call out or say they’re home. It’s the neighbor I told you about. She’s seen the car, so she knows I’m nearby. She calls again, but I cover my mouth. I hear the back door open again, and then I slowly walk downstairs to close it. Halfway down the stairs, the back door opens again, and there’s no way to escape. I look straight into Isabella’s surprised eyes.

“So, are you going out?” she asks, her surprise only lasting a few moments. I don’t really know what to say, so I stammer out a few words that are almost unintelligible. She looks at me, waiting for me to speak.

“Why this dress-up party?” she asks. What do I feel about it? Is this transvestism or transgender? I’m still speechless. Then she grabs my hand and takes me to the couch. “Sit,” she says, and we sit on the couch together.

I notice she’s still holding my hand and looking at me intently. “I actually came to deliver your package, but I’m ready for a big glass of wine now, are you?” She knows the way around the house, so she gets up and heads to the kitchen to get glasses and a bottle of red wine. As she walks to the kitchen, I notice she looks super feminine again. She’s wearing a satin dress with a heeled shoe and her hair is in a tight bun. What a lovely woman.

By now I’ve recovered from the initial shock and just try to make the best of it. I sit down a little more feminine on the couch and ask why she came to see me. “Well,” she said, “I actually wanted to ask you if you had time tomorrow to go with me as a date to that company outing I told you about last week, and I came to bring you this package.” I didn’t hear anything, so I thought you weren’t there, but as I walked away, I heard your heels on the stairs and figured you were home after all. “Which was so true, but I didn’t know about this costume party,” she says with a twinkle in her eye.

As she pours the wine, she takes another good look at me. “Stand up,” says Isabella. I stand up. “Turn around and let me take a good look at you,” she asks. I slowly turn around and sweep a lock of hair out of my face. She looks at me from head to toe, then she grabs my hand and slowly lets me spin around again like a dance partner. My dress fans out, and it feels wonderful—the soft fabric over my legs, my breasts tucked into the corset under my dress, the heels clicking on the floor, and my hair fans around my neck.

“Yes, that’ll do. Just a few tweaks here and there, and we’ll have a lot of fun together.” Isabella gives me a kiss on the cheek and whispers in my ear, “Will you join me later for coffee in your new outfit? You’re invited to that company outing.” She hands me the package she’d come by in the first place. Hip-wiggling and with a wink, she looks back as she walks through the kitchen door to the house. I’m left behind, bedazzled, while her perfume lingers in the house.

I walk upstairs with the package brought by Isabella in my hands. At the office, I start unpacking my new outfit. The box had already been opened. So Isabella had already seen a sneak preview of my outfit. I got together the following set at a well-known online store. An ankle-length dress, sandals with stiletto heels, a corset, lingerie, and seam stockings. Everything you need for a night out. It’s the kind of outfit I hope Isabella would wear. Elegant, sexy, and super feminine. Before I try it on, I decide to take a shower and pamper my whole body. The warm water glides deliciously over my smooth body as I rub it with a fragrant soap. As I daydream about this afternoon and visiting my neighbor, I notice that my penis automatically becomes big, fat, and stiff. I leave it for what it is, quickly dry myself off, and slowly start putting on the new clothes.

First, the corset with the suspender attached, then the stockings with a seam along the entire length of my leg. It’s a little tricky, but I manage to get it to run right down the back of the calf. Then the lace panties. I put on an elegant necklace and a pair of silver bracelets. Finally, the new dress, which falls smoothly over my body and comes just over the calves. I tie the belt with a butterfly knot on my belly. I let my long hair down and put on mascara, lip gloss, and a pair of long earrings. I put on my heels last and look in the mirror at the result. I’m very satisfied with it. This is the look I’m going for, and this is how I’d confidently go out without anyone looking at me funny. Rather, I hope they’d see me as desirable.

I realize that this is how I’m going to go with her to that company outing. In this outfit. That does win me over immensely, and my penis starts to get stiff. Again, I let this feeling go. With ease, I walk down the stairs in my new heels and take a quick look in the mirror to see the result. It looks great. This is how I’d like to look as a woman. This is how I’d like to be desired. I’ve got beautiful breasts, lovely hips, long legs, and beautiful long hair. I just put on a nice-smelling perfume, and we’re ready to go. On to the neighbor. I decide to take a little detour and ring her front doorbell. As I walk through the back gate, I hear some murmuring in the gate behind the houses. Normally I’m not bothered by this, but dressed as a woman, I’m a bit wary. It’s just a couple of tipsy guys clumping together.

I walk past them and turn the corner toward the street. I’m only a few steps away when I hear the boys whistling at me and talking tough to each other. I slowly turn around and walk back to them as feminine as possible. I don’t know them and they seem no older than about twenty. The talk immediately hushes when they see me walking back. “Have you forgotten something, ma’am?” says one of the boys. “Yes, I say, and walk over to him. I stand right in front of him, grab him gently by the chin, and press a sultry kiss to his cheek. “Thank you for whistling.” I turn and walk away, hip-swaying.

When I get to the neighbor’s door, I see that the curtains are closed. I ring the bell, and I hear Aisabella walk to the door. Before she opens it, she asks who is there. I tell her it’s me. She opens the door with a smile and lets me in. Now it’s my turn to get a good look at her. She’s wearing a black lace gown with a tight sheer bodice and thin spaghetti straps. She’s got a simple but elegant necklace, matching bracelet, and earrings. To be honest, she looks like she’s been devoured. Her breasts come out nicely, and her curly hair lies loose on her shoulders. It’s a different look from the somewhat businesslike one she had this afternoon. But even that one was one to envy.

As she grabs my hand and takes me into the living room, I notice her silver stiletto-heeled sandals. The slit in her dress shows off her beautiful legs.

I don’t recognize the perfume she’s wearing, but it smells great and is very different from what she was wearing last afternoon. “So?” she asks. “What do you think of my outfit? Can I go with you like this?” I look at her questioningly. I would go with her, right? She walks over to the living room, cradling me to her, while holding my hand. There are candles lit and a bottle of wine with two glasses on the table. For the third time this day, I get a thrusting penis. Luckily, it’s well hidden in my panties because otherwise it would be obvious.

Aisabella turns around and pulls me toward her. “You look great, baby,” she says seductively. “You don’t need any more tips to shine.” She kisses me and immediately I feel a tongue intrude, which I eagerly answer. Her hands go to my ass and gently knead my buttocks. While kissing me, she slowly pushes me to the couch. I can’t help but sort of plop down on the couch inelegantly. Before I know it, she slides up my dress and looks for the increasingly stiffening penis. “Not so fast,” I want to say, but AIsabella gags me. “Now it’s my turn, slut,” she says meanly.

She sits on her haunches in front of me, her hands slowly sliding up my legs. “Hmm, a bare pussy, I like that,” she says, as she pulls down the lace panties and frees my jutting penis. She gently tickles my testicles and strokes my penis. One hand caresses and the other tickles, what a pleasure. My penis gets stiffer and stiffer as she kisses and licks it tenderly.

Then she stops, stands up, pulls me up, and turns me over roughly. She stands behind me and I feel her firm breasts on my back.

Once more, she slides up my dress. My hand goes back between her legs, but she removes it firmly. “It’s my turn,” she says. “I told you.” She guides me forward, exposing my buttocks, and spreads my legs apart, inserting a finger into my vagina. Standing on my stiletto heels and with that finger inside me makes my penis stiffer than it’s ever been. As Isabella notices, “So, you like that? Well, I know what else.” She takes her finger out of my pussy and helps me up. She puts her finger in her mouth and walks to the closet in the living room. I’m not really sure what to do, so I take my dress down a bit, smooth it, wipe my hair out of my face, and tuck my penis back into the lace panties. “Not so fast, baby. You’re not ready yet, and neither am I.

She stands in the middle of the room, smiling at me with a hand on her back. Her whole attitude tells me she’s up to something, and I’m eager to find out what it is by now.

“Now you’re going to do something for me. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while.” She pulls out a strapless double-sided dildo from behind her back. She extends her hand, beckoning me to take it. She playfully leads me out of the room and down the hallway, up the stairs, and through to the attic. She’s got the dildo in one hand and is holding up her dress as she climbs the stairs, like a lady should. She’s also leading me along with the other hand. She stops at the door of the attic room and kisses me passionately. “I hope you want all this,” she says between kisses. The door to the attic room opens, and I’m surprised to see it’s a big dressing room full of dresses, skirts, blouses, tops, shoes, and more. It’s like a women’s paradise. On one wall, mirrors go from floor to ceiling, with a king-size bed with satin sheets in the middle. There’s a dressing table and a cabinet with all kinds of sex toys.

She sits on the edge of the bed and pats the bed next to her with her hand. I take a seat and immediately she turns to me and begins to kiss and caress me tenderly. I reciprocate the kiss and slowly push her onto the bed. With one hand, I search between her dress for the slit so I can get my hand between her legs. There are no panties to be found. What a horny woman. I follow the stockings to the suspenders and put my fingers in her already wet cave and start fingering her slowly. Then I kneel in front of her, start licking her tenderly, and with my other hand I take the dildo from her and put it in her bare wet cunt. I hear her moan softly. Now I help her up, her dress falls around her body again as normal, and the dildo is not even noticeable this way. I bend over in front of her and put the dildo in my mouth to give her a nice suck. I feel her hands caressing my hair, and she pushes my head rhythmically over the dildo.

My hands go under her dress towards her buttocks and begin to gently knead them. They feel wonderfully firm. As Isabella begins to thrust along, I feel the dildo enter further down my throat. My cock meanwhile starts to jerk again in the panties. I am pulled up by my hair and kissed on the lips. She orders me to take off my panties. I do so, but I am still a bit shy.

She pushes me forward on the bed. I sit on my hands and knees with my buttocks facing her. She crouches behind me, lifts my dress, grabs my cock between my legs, and starts massaging it while she licks my pussy. It’s a nice feeling to be “taken” by a woman this way. Our clothes, her body, the stiff cock, my wet pussy. As a horny woman, in a beautiful dress in stiletto heels. Then, before I know it, the dildo penetrates me. My cock almost explodes. It’s incredible. Slowly at first, but soon, Isabella begins to drive faster and faster. Her hands slap my buttocks and she calls me her slut. Uncontrollably, we both cum. The fluid squirts out of my cock, and I feel Isabella trembling on her legs, standing behind me.

She puts the dildo on both of us, and I stand next to her. “Take off your dress,” she says. “But how are your heels?”

I listen and within moments I’m standing next to her in my lingerie. She turns around, puts her hair to the side, and asks me to help her take off her dress. It’s only now that I notice she’s wearing only suspenders and stockings. With such perfect breasts, a bra isn’t necessary. She leans back and starts sucking my cock, taking it in her mouth slowly and sensually. Before I know it, my cock is hard again, ready for another great experience like this. When she gets up, she offers me her ass, and it’s my turn to fuck her. I push my penis into her smoothly because her pussy is still very wet. What a great view of her beautiful buttocks, Jarretelle, and that wonderful body. When I look in the mirror, I see two women in lingerie touching each other in a sensual way.

Isabella moves her buttocks in a rhythmic motion. I grab her breasts and lift her up. Her long hair brushes against my face as I nibble on her earlobe. She starts to massage her clit and breasts, and after a few minutes, she has another orgasm.

She turns over on the bed and lies on her back, putting my still-stiff cock in her mouth. In the 69 position, she makes me cum in her mouth. What an experience! After this, we shower together and look upstairs among the clothes to find two sets of clothes with which we will go to a couples club later that evening, even though it’s raining and windy. If only the weather outside was always bad!