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I also sometimes go to hop parking lots for delicious quick sex. But this time I will make my first trans experience. This time it was Tgirl Day on Friday and when I read about it, I thought how hot it would be if I went here as a trans woman. I had been thinking about it the whole week. I bought an erotic garter suit with a short skirt. Then it was finally Friday. First, I introduced myself in the app as Sandra with long blonde hair and two pigtails, who likes to taste and feel delicious cock. I made up nicely with make up and the pigtails in suspenders and a short skirt and a top.

Then I rinsed thoroughly and shaved intimately. Wow, that made me very horny. I looked like a woman, put on a long black coat and walked that way. Finally, I was there. I was very happy that I had dared to do this because it was very exciting to walk down the street as a transsexual. Once inside I went to the basement, there was a man about 35 years old who had a delicious body. He immediately asked me into a locked room. I was so horny and so was the man. I lay on my back and we kissed, then I blew him. Yeah, what a great cock he has. This one was as much as 20cm! After that, he fucked me pretty fast. I was still on my back, I couldn’t move. God, how delicious that was.

The thrusts got harder and harder and deeper and I screamed with pleasure! After a while he came and went home. I was still horny and sat down on the bed in a public room. Then a man of about 45 came to me. I started sucking him right away! Hmm delicious cock #2. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me too, but he didn’t. Then I gave him a delicious deep throat and after a while he came.

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