First, a little about me. I am a German man and working in the Philippines. Sorry for the little language mistakes, This is my story, oh man that this could happen to me. The names have been changed, as a trans model I have chosen trans Rhian, she looks exactly like my love. Oh well, I still support her via webcam. 😁

I had been divorced for a while and met a young beautiful woman, at least that’s what I thought at the time. She was exactly my type, very slim with small firm tits, a flat stomach, and a tight, ass-shaped butt. I met her in a bar and instantly fell in love. We didn’t end up in bed right away that night and agreed to go out together. Sometimes we went to the movies, sometimes out to dinner, just friendly contact. I liked her very much, and so we planned a trip together to the beach in the summer. She took me to a very remote place because I wanted more and I thought it could happen today. It was a beautiful little unknown bay where we could be very undisturbed. I had planned everything and so I had a blanket and picnic stuff with me. It was all very innocent.

I was sitting there in a swimsuit and you in a bikini. Very nice to look at, and I still couldn’t see through it. We ate and drank what I had brought for us. In retrospect, it seemed to me that she finally wanted to show me her little secret. She took off her bikini top and asked me if I could put some lotion on her back. She gave me her sunscreen and lay down on her stomach. I started to slowly rub it on her, I didn’t stop at her back, I also worked her arms and legs. I also enjoyed touching the inside of her thighs. I also touched her buttocks. She turned around and asked me not to ignore this side either. I was really excited. My heartbeat was pounding in my throat and I was touching these small firm tits. Very slowly and almost like a massage. The nipples were standing up and I was enjoying them like never before.

I massaged her beautiful Trans body with oil

I wanted to go a little deeper, but she stopped me. I just thought she was shy and wanted to be considerate because I liked her so much. But she just said she didn’t want to scare me. Which made me even more curious. What’s wrong with you? I have something you don’t expect. I immediately asked a former acquaintance of yours, who was also embarrassed because she had very long labia if that was it. She then said very directly that she was not 100% a woman. I just said very flippantly, what I see is already. And then it dawned on me. Somehow, that didn’t put me off. Before I knew Rhian, I would have sworn I would run away or be repelled. But I liked Rhian so much that I somehow reacted in the opposite way. I asked her to show me everything.

I liked her the way she was and told her so. If you want it, show me what you mean, if not, it’s okay. But I think she wanted me as I wanted her. She stood up and slowly took off her panties in front of me. I couldn’t see anything yet because everything was still between her buttocks. I stroked her thighs and nodded at her confidingly. Then she opened her leg and a small cock came out. It was fully formed, but still a little small. Of course, there were balls, which were very firm and small. Barely noticeable. But still visible. I don’t know why, but the sight excited me more than it repelled me. My cock even began to swell. I smiled at her and somehow she seemed relieved. She was a beautiful Trans. I reached for the sunscreen and asked, can I cream the rest now, which immediately broke the ice between us.

Rhian nodded at me and so I began to treat her belly, leg, and cock. She was still standing in front of me and I could see how that little flaccid cock developed into something more and stuck out of her semi-rigidly. I think you like it too, I said to her. Yes, but now I want to suck you, and so we switched positions. Somehow everything was as always as if I were here with one of my friends. It didn’t bother me anymore, and somehow I was braver now than with a woman. I was ready, just as naked as Rhian and just as horny. I took Rhian and carried her to the lake and threw her into the water. We joked and teased each other. But suddenly we were face to face and our first kiss came with the knowledge of what she really was.

Somehow I was not inhibited or put off that she was a Trans, and we kissed very intensely and utterly passionately. I felt her hand on my buttocks and the other moved to my cock. She pulled me out of the water behind her. Hand in hand, I went behind her to our blanket and lay down on it. We kissed and groped at each other. Rhian pushed me back and slowly licked across my belly to my cock. Her wet, dripping hair tickled my belly. Now she licked my shaft and slowly bared my glans. Her tongue was amazing and licked my glans like never before. She didn’t suck me, but she licked so expertly that I had no desire to put my cock in her mouth.

She slowly came back to me and I felt her cock touch mine. Her breasts and ass felt wonderful, and I was enjoying this passionate play. Now I gathered all my courage and pushed her off me and laid her on her back next to me. I smiled at her face and did exactly what she had done earlier. I licked her nipples, sucked on them, and felt my way down her belly to her cock. Furthermore, I couldn’t help but massage the tight little balls. I wanted it now too and licked a stranger’s cock, I had never imagined anything like it before, and now I had my new friend’s little cock in my mouth. It made me horny and I sucked her as so great. Rhian liked it and the cock got bigger and bigger in my mouth. It was impressive how big it had gotten. I wouldn’t have thought it before. But now I found it all the hornier. Perfectly feminine Trans body and then this cock. Somewhere horny and very exciting. Who would have thought? I was a lover of anal sex and anal play, so I had no problem giving Rhian’s ass more attention. She seemed to notice what I was up to and rolled over onto her stomach. Kneeling on top of everyone with her legs spread. I was with my face between her ass cheeks. I licked her trans clit and kissed her. I drilled the tip of my tongue into the asshole and enjoyed how it opened up a little.

With every movement Rhian made, her cock jiggled, causing me to hold it and pull on it a little. She moaned softly to herself, and the secluded bay allowed us to drift unhindered. It was brilliant, and then her question. Do you want to fuck me? I was a little surprised at first, but before I could answer, she asked me to be slow and careful. I put my glans on her ass and she pushed herself on my cock. It went very well and this way I could fuck her. I could hear not only me slamming against her but also her cock against her body during the thrusts. It was a nice feeling and we did it for a while. She pulled away from me and lay down on her back, pulling her legs up and presenting herself to me. I took her like this now and fucked her.

She jerked off and asked me to tell her when I was going to ejaculate. I was almost ready. I’m about to come. She nodded at me and asked me to squirt on her sack. I had to come now and pull my cock out and jerk the cream out. When my hot sperm reached her sack, Rhian came too and squirted it all over her belly. Our two loads of cum mixed on her body. Some of my cum even ran into her still open ass. She started rubbing it all over herself and with her other hand grabbed my cock and tried to milk out the last drops. We both lay down on the blanket and kissed passionately. I was completely in love with this beautiful Trans!