Since my childhood, I have been raised strictly by my stepparents. I have no friends, no sports, no hobbies and therefore no social life of my own. During my strict upbringing, which I think is normal, I am not allowed to decide anything for myself and have to do what my parents say. I am even told to call them Master and Mistress (she is two years older than me), which I do meekly for fear of punishment. Photo ladyboy Tata.

My life consists of daily chores like cleaning, cooking and serving my master and mistress. To give you an insight into my life, I will call them Mr. and Mrs. in this story.

Like every day, I start my day by preparing breakfast and setting the table with sandwiches and side dishes. I fill the glasses with fresh sauce and sit in my basket to watch them eat. As they eat, they deliberately drop some pieces on the floor, which I get to eat the moment they yell at me. This happens when they are finished and I crawl to the table and eat the scraps off the floor. As I eat my breakfast, I feel a hand slide over my naked body and squeeze my bottom. This startles me again, even though it is a regular thing, and I raise my head. Immediately, I am grabbed by my hair and pushed back to the floor to lick up the crumbs. When the floor is clean, I am told that I have done a good job and may now clean up and get my medication. I follow my instructions and after about half an hour everything is washed and ready.

I go to the medicine cabinet and take my medications, which I do not know what they are for. I only know that I have to take them and that if I don’t, I will receive a punishment that is unprecedented. I swallow a total of 3 different types of pills with a glass of water and continue my morning routine. I was born a man but became a woman. I am always allowed to clean myself after breakfast, so I take a shower and make sure everything is clean and shaved. Not a hair is left behind and my ass is rinsed thoroughly, just like Mr. and Mrs. like it. After the shower I dry off and put on my clothes, which Mrs. has prepared in the meantime. It is not much, but it is something.

I put on the stockings and fasten them, then I put on a thong with an open crotch.

There are also nipple clamps that I put on my nipples. It hurts for a moment but soon turns into a kind of pleasure. Mrs. has also put down a collar that I wear every day and there is also a butt plug ready. I lubricate it and push the rather thick plug in. With a little force I feel how it slides all the way in and fills me well. I look at myself in the mirror and see that I am still missing my latex gloves and my hand and wrist cuffs. I quickly grab them from the bed and put them on, which I manage with a little effort. Then I go into the living room and let myself be inspected by the couple, who are satisfied. I thank them and tell them that I will be busy with my chores and get their permission to do so.

Time flies and soon I have finished my chores to my great satisfaction. I know that if I finish everything on time, I can earn time for myself, and I like that. After I have put everything away, I am about to report that I am finished, but before I can go into the living room, I hear the doorbell, so I go to the door and open it. Dressed in my outfit, I stand in the doorway and see 4 dark gentlemen standing in front of the door, looking rather angry. Without saying anything, they push me aside and go into the living room. There 1 of the gentlemen starts to shout at Mr. who tries to calm them down, but the discussion continues. After half an hour they leave, saying that they have to find a solution and slam the door. Petrified, I don’t know what just happened, but I continue on my way to the living room. There I saw Mr. and Mrs. furiously discussing how to solve the problem, and then they looked at me with crossed eyes, as if they suddenly had a solution. Without saying a word, they get up and take me to the game room.

Between them I walk up the stairs and let them lead me into the game room. Here I am placed on a buck in the middle of the room and my arms and legs are attached to cuffs. So I lie here bent over and free to do whatever they want. I notice that Mr. comes to stand in front of me and grabs me by my hair. This lifts my head and the jolt of pain causes my mouth to open. Before I can even make a sound he pushes his cock into my mouth and immediately starts fucking my throat. His cock quickly grows to its full size and an impressive 22 cm. Meanwhile Mrs. has grabbed a whip and gives me several strokes on my bottom, but I can’t make a sound because of the cock in my throat. After about 20 strokes, I feel her squirt lube between my buttocks and smear it with her fingers.

While smearing it between my buttocks and around my butt plug, she grabs it and pulls it out very slowly. With a plop it comes out and I feel my butt is completely open. Then Mrs. smears the rest of the lubricant into my butt and without apology pushes 4 fingers into my open butt and starts to fuck me with them. Mr. rams his dick even deeper into my throat at the sight of all this and also holds my nose closed from time to time. Because of this I cannot breathe and feel like I am going to faint, but every time this threatens he lets me catch my breath. Meanwhile I feel the drool coming out of my mouth and smearing his cock with it. Then Mr. takes his cock out of my mouth and walks over to Mrs. who is still ramming 4 fingers deep into my ass. Mr. makes her stop and she now walks over to my head. She takes out a stool and puts her pussy in front of my mouth and grabs my head so I start licking it. I taste how horny she is and her sweet taste fills my mouth. Soon I find her clit which I start to pamper with my tongue. This alternates with my tongue deep in her pussy to lick out all the juices. Mrs. begins to moan deliciously and I am completely absorbed in my task of licking her ready.

Even before I can make a final sprint to lick Mrs.

I feel Mr. push his cock deep into my ass in 1 thrust. With a choked moan I receive his cock inside me and feel him take me with deep and hard thrusts. At this pace I know he is going to come soon and so I try to squeeze my sphincter together to milk him deliciously. He thrusts like his life depends on it and the moment I lick Mrs. he also comes and squirts his sperm deep into my bowels. After a few more thrusts he pulls his cock out of me and puts the plug back in to keep the cum inside. Mrs. has come so hard that she has sprayed my face with her pussy fluid. I lick her pussy a little clean before I lick Mr. Cock clean too. Then I am untied and told to get ready for a special occasion.

No questions asked I know what that means and go back into the shower and make sure everything is fresh and fruity and the semen has been removed. Then I go to my vanity and do the necessary makeup and hair. Then I go to the closet and grab the only clothes hanging in the closet and put them on. I am now wearing a black open crotch latex catsuit with a matching necklace and 10cm heels. When I have everything on, I go downstairs and report to the living room. Mr. and Mrs. are also ready for this special occasion, which doesn’t happen very often. I wonder what will happen. Mr. gets up and feels if everything is satisfactory. He gropes me and says the little bitch is ready for the plan, but first he gives me my medicine again. Of course I swallow them and then I am told to put on a blindfold. Mrs. puts it on me and leads me outside and lets me get into the car. There she puts some more handcuffs on me, which she says will come in handy.

She sits down next to me and Mr. starts the car and starts to drive. There is little conversation on the way and I hear Mrs. lighting a cigarette. At least I thought so, but judging by the smell, this is a very special occasion and I know it when she lets me take a few puffs. I know that this will make me very relaxed but also mega horny and to make it worse she lets me take a few more puffs. I know that normally she only gives me 1 or 2 puffs, but now she lets me take 6 puffs. Because of this, I immediately feel the effect going through my body and just like that, I start moaning. Mrs. now knows that I am ready for it and tells Mr. who says that it is okay since we are here. He parks the car and I feel them take me out of the car. As if carried on a cloud, I suddenly realize that I am tied up somewhere in a room. Once I am tied down, my legs are taken apart and also tied down.

I’m lying on a gynecologist’s chair, but I don’t have much time to think before I hear several footsteps. I recognize one of the heavy voices of the men who were at the door this morning. The voice says that Mr. has made a good choice and if the bitch does a good job, he will be absolved of all blame. All sorts of things go through my head, but what exactly is going on does not come to mind. This is partly due to the medication I’ve been given and the pulls in the car. Nevertheless, I feel a warm and horny sensation in my body and know that something is about to happen. Then I feel 4 pairs of hands gliding over my body and murmuring approvingly. My hands are freed so that I get a cock in each hand and can jerk off. Soon I realize that these must be monster cocks because they don’t even fit in my hand. By feeling them I estimate that they are up to 26 cm long and 8 cm thick, but my lust makes me start moaning and licking my lips with my tongue.

This is the sign for the 3rd to push his cock into my mouth and I willingly open my mouth as well when I get his glans against my lips. With slow fucking movements his cock comes deeper and deeper into my throat and I feel how stiff it gets. This one is the size of Mr. and knows that I can have it too and lets it slide deeper into my throat. He begins to moan with pleasure and increases his movements, causing more and more drool to come over his cock. While I am busy with these 3 cocks the 4th one takes care of my ass. He sprays some big globs of lube on it and lubricates my ass with it. He is so generous that he pushes the rest in with 2 fingers.

Then I feel his hot breath over my clit which is locked in a cage. His tongue finds its way over my clit which reacts immediately but also makes me moan. Then I feel my clit erect and hurt. This is because it is trapped, but I cannot moan for a long time because I feel his fingers sliding into my ass again. Without much effort he slides 4 fingers deep into me and I start to moan suffocating. As he fucks me with his fingers I feel the cock in my mouth start to pulse and that he is about to come which makes me try even harder to make him come. Before he starts to squirt I hear him sniff deeply and then I feel how he holds a tube under my nose and closes my nostril so that I automatically start to sniff. 6 times he makes me do this and I feel a wave of pure lust and pleasure take over me. My body relaxes completely and so his cock enters my throat even deeper.

He thrusts 5 more times deep into my throat and then he comes with a roar and squirts his cum down my throat with 6 strong jets. It’s so much that I can’t swallow it all so I gag some out of my mouth. This is immediately followed by a slap on my cheeks and a stern tone that this is not the intention. Everything is smeared on my face and I am allowed to lick my fingers. While I still have that feeling, 1 of the samples is pushed into my mouth. These are so big and thick that I don’t even get halfway through. So I get the tube pushed into my nose again and I immediately feel the relaxation and the warm rush taking over me. As if I was lying on a cloud, he slides it deeper into my throat until I start to moan and he pulls it back a little. Now that he knows how far he can go, he begins to fuck my throat, pushing it a little deeper each time.

The man between my legs also notices that I am now completely relaxed and presses his thumb to his fingers and then without a doubt pushes his whole fist into my ass. I try to scream, but the thick cock in my throat stops me. Soon I am used to his fist and feel how he starts to fuck me with it. This to the great applause of the gentlemen that I can have this. Meanwhile, the man I am still jerking off to opens my catsuit and exposes my breasts, on which my B cup jumps freely. Soon he takes a nipple between his fingers and increases the pressure. The man who just came takes the other nipple between his lips and starts sucking on it. While I am lying here enjoying how filled I am getting, the man I am sucking takes his cock out of my mouth, to which I immediately let out a loud moan of pleasure.

The cock I just sucked is put back in my hand and I pull it out again. Now it is the other monster cock’s turn to be in my throat and without pardon he rams his cock as deep as he can. As a result of all the gagging a lot of slime comes out which he smears on my face. I soon realize that he can’t hold out for long and to his own disappointment he feels his climax approaching and squirts his cum down my throat. Then, disappointed, he pulls his cock out of my mouth and slaps it against my cheeks. Then I come to my senses and realize that my fist fucker is still fucking me deep. He does this with very slow movements, which makes him come deeper and deeper into me. I don’t know how deep he is, but I know that it makes me incredibly horny and satisfied. I get so horny that my clit starts to leak to my fucker’s delight, but no matter how much I enjoy it, he abruptly stops and removes his hand from my ass and then everyone in the room, including Mr. and Mrs., admires how my ass stays open. The men need a break and sit me upright in the chair for a while.

Sitting upright I get a sip of drink and can catch my breath. At least I thought so. When my blindfold is taken off I see that Mr. takes a fuck machine and puts it under me with a big dildo on it. He lubricates it and puts it against my already open ass and turns it on. With alternating thrusts I am now fucked by this machine while the gentleman catches his breath. While I am being fucked I fall back into my trance and do not hear what Mr. and Mrs. are talking about. While I am being fucked by the machine, Mrs. comes up next to me and gives me a tongue kiss, which I eagerly return. As she gives me the tongue kiss, she lets the fluid she has in her mouth slide into my mouth and I willingly swallow it, but I realize it is not semen. I do not know what it is, only that it is somewhat bitter.

Then she interrupts the tongue kiss and asks if I still want to smoke. Difficultly, I bring a “yes” to my lips and notice that the machine is turned off for a moment. Meanwhile Mrs. has lit another one of those strange smelling things and soon I get a few puffs of it. Soon I feel that everything on my cloud is getting stronger again and I notice that I am getting even hornier than I already was. Mr. comes over to me and whispers in my ear that now it’s time for the real thing and that I should really start using my body like a slut should. I nod that I understand him and get a kiss on the mouth from him. Then they both leave me and I can already hear Mrs. moaning as she is being pampered by Mr..

The gentlemen have had enough break now and take care of me again and untie me from the chair and lift me up and take me to a bed that is in the room. I am laid down on the bed and in the meantime I am stripped of my latex catsuit. This leaves me completely naked on the bed and soon I feel their hands glide over my now naked body again. There are 2 who take my nipples in their mouths and suck on them vigorously, making me moan. The man who fisted me earlier grabs my head and starts kissing me with his thick lips. The kiss soon turns into a passionate tongue kiss, which I eagerly return. The last man pushes 3 fingers into my ass and licks my horns up to my clit and so the room fills with more and more moans. The tongue kiss is now interrupted and exchanged for his cock which slides deep into my throat without any effort. Meanwhile, a pair of clamps have been attached to my nipples and I moan with pleasure. While I am sucking, I hear Mrs. moaning and know that Mr. is fucking her in the live show that is taking place in front of their eyes.

The man who is fingering me is pulled aside by 1 of the monster cocks and he sits down next to me on his knees and grabs my hand and guides it to his cock. I gently jerk him off and then feel 1 monster cock being placed in the other hand and I jerk that one off as well. With 1 cock in my throat and 2 in my hands, 1 is still doing nothing. This soon changes as he puts his monster cock against my fuck hole and slowly slides it in. Without any resistance he slides in up to his balls and then quickly picks up the pace and rams his cock into me with hard and deep thrusts. I want to moan and scream with pleasure, but I cannot because of the cock in my throat. I enjoy the cock in my fucking hole and try to absorb his thrusts. After a while the cock in my mouth is done and takes it out and is immediately replaced by monstercock number 2.

This one comes through my relaxed cloud on which I lie quite deep. The cock I just sucked also looks for a place between my legs and lets the monster cock rest for a while. I groan in disappointment, but soon I realize why he is resting as a little more pressure is put on my sphincter. As I feel the pressure, the tube is pushed back into my nose and I feel the warm relaxation take hold of me again. The gentlemen notice this too and so a 2nd cock slides into my fucking hole. Slowly they find a rhythm and take turns thrusting their cocks into my fuck hole. I willingly try to encourage them by moaning with my mouth full. Then I notice that the movements become uncontrolled and they start to thrust. And with about 6 more deep thrusts I hear them both roar with pleasure and they empty their cocks into my bowels. When they have finished spurting, they take their cocks out and my throat is free of a cock as well as my hand. I think I can catch my breath, but I was wrong.

Monster Cock 2 lies down on his back and pulls me over him so that I lie on my stomach on top of his. I feel his hands sliding down my back and his lips searching for mine. Automatically we get into a tongue kiss and I feel his tongue taking possession of my mouth. He kisses even more deliciously than the other man and I fully enjoy his tongue kiss. Then I feel his stiff cock slide between my cheeks and automatically I tilt my hips slightly to let his glans slide into me. Aided by the lubricant and the two ejaculations from a moment ago, it slides in smoothly. I knew I had a wide ass, but this one is very wide because of everything today. Smoothly I feel this monster cock take possession of my fuck hole and begin to rock up and down to let it slide deeper into me.

Deeper and deeper he enters me and then takes over the pace. With hard thrusts he rams his cock into me while we are still tonguing. Then I notice someone joining me and it turns out to be the 4th man. He has just seen how Eik was taken DP and wants to do the same. While I am still rocking up and down he places his cock next to the monster cock and without any warning he slides right in. With a deep moan I take him in, interrupt the tongue kiss and sit up a little straighter. I feel both cocks sliding in and out of my fuck hole and I grab my own breasts and knead them hard. I can’t stimulate my nipples because of the clamps, but it happens because of the power of the clamps. I start to rock up and down harder and harder, filling my fuck hole completely. Mr. and Mrs. also notice this and join us on the bed, encouraging me to let the cocks squirt.

It doesn’t take much for me to reach a squirting orgasm myself, but I try to get them deeper inside me. To the delight of the gentlemen who moan loudly with pleasure. Mr. is also still stiff and has a plan and lets me sit still on these 2 cocks for a while and lets the gentlemen make some space so that he can reach them too. Some more lube is added and he tries to add his cock. I feel him adding his cock and this makes me moan in pain and pleasure. Mrs. notices that it is a bit painful and gives me the rod in the nose again, which makes me feel relaxed and warm again after 6 breaths. This relaxes me completely and then I feel how Mr. can also insert his cock. I give a moan of pleasure when he has inserted it completely. My owners are now looking for a rhythm to fuck me deeply 1 by 1 and they soon found it.

While 2 pull back the last one comes deep into my fucking hole and makes me moan more and more.

Then the other 2 gentlemen come around me again and in the meantime grab my head and ram their cocks as deep as possible into my throat. Meanwhile, Mrs. has sat down on the face of monster cock 2 and lets her lick her drifting wet pussy.The room fills with moans as I feel the 3 cocks rubbing my prostate.I feel a mega orgasm coming on.As if by agreement, all 5 of my fuckers start breathing harder and moaning.Then it becomes too much for them and 3 cocks fill my fuck hole with cum at the same time and the cocks that I suck also cum in turn.1 of them squirts my throat full of cum while the last one squirts his cum all over my face and breasts.While I get all the cum I deserve today Mrs. also cums on the tongue of monster cock 2 and she squirts all the pussy juice in his mouth.As she cums she pulls hard on the chain of the nipple clamps and they shoot off my nipples.This gives me the final push my body needs and an intense big orgasm takes possession of me.I scream and moan that I am coming and feel my clit completely empty.This orgasm is so intense that in addition to my horn, my bladder empties and flows out of my clit.

Because I am emptying my bladder, this is the starting signal for everyone that we are going to finish and they put me on my knees in the middle of the room.They come around me in a circle and take their dicks in their hands.Then I feel a warm stream go over my body, soon followed by the other 4 gentlemen.5 peeing cocks now empty their bladders over my body, which I willingly spread over my body.Here and there I catch some with my mouth and swallow it willingly. But Mrs. B. thinks I swallow too little and stands over my face and presses her wet cunt on my mouth.I start licking her out of automatism, but soon I have her pee down my throat.Greedily I swallow it all and try not to spill any more to the satisfaction of Mrs. who squeezes the last drops out of her wet cunt.Then she lets me lick her clean.When Mrs. is licked clean I get all 5 cocks again to lick clean.Greedily I lick and suck them clean to everyone’s satisfaction.

The gentlemen get dressed again and then go over to Mr. They tell him that the debt is paid and that he can be grateful to this special slut.The man says that he has had many sluts, but never such a special slut with such a delicious fuck hole and great breasts.He also says that in a year his daughter will be at his door to take over the bitch and that in the meantime they should continue to train me well because their daughter will not treat such sluts gently.She will get a full account of what happened now, but that means this is the bottom line.Mr. and Mrs. understand and indicate that the training will continue well.Mr. is grateful enough that his debts are gone and expresses that he will always make his bitch available for this.

They say goodbye to each other and go home.Mr. and Mrs. take a shower with me because I am completely exhausted and can barely stand on my feet.After the shower they dry me off and I get to sleep in their bed.I thank them and as I lie on the bed I ask if I may know exactly what the debt was.Mr. tells me that he made a bad investment and could lose everything he owns.He is grateful that I was able to make his debt disappear. He also asks if I enjoyed myself.I confess that all I did was enjoy myself.I have learned so many new things and I know that there is no Max on my fuck hole now.I never thought I could be filled so intensely, but it was more than delicious.I got a tongue kiss from both of them and fell asleep like a log dreaming about last night.