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You have to watch out for such a beautiful girl alone. I wanted to see if I could let him fuck me. I was still a virgin, but I wanted a big cock inside me. I said yes and smiled. He said I would never rape anyone, but if you let me fuck you I would like that. I thought maybe he would be willing to do that and asked how much you would give me. He looked happy and said 150 and don’t tell my girlfriend. I said no. I do better with webcam.

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He was resting and I asked him if he regretted it now. He said this was the first time with a boy but can I fuck you again? I said yes and we had a lot of sex with each other that week and said I was still the horniest thing he had ever fucked. I was still on holiday but now the man had told some other men and they knew I was a boy. But I was walking and came across this man and two other men and I knew them by sight, they were also with their girlfriend and children. The two new men said we heard you like something else and we want to fuck you too. One man had a son around my age and the other a daughter. They said don’t talk about it with our children and we will pay you 300 euros. I thought that is a lot of money and I said yes and the one I had done it with first started filming. One of them pulled down his trousers and asked me to suck him. I started licking his big dick and slowly pushed his dick deeper into my mouth. The other pulled my cock. I did get hard and watched what they were going to do.

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The man I was sucking also went deeper and deeper into my mouth, and I gagged while he pushed my head forward. Slime ran out of my mouth and I got tears in my eyes. I almost came, and the man went deeper and deeper until his whole cock was inside me. It hurt a little, but I almost came, and I think he did too. He pushed his cock a few more times all the way in and I felt him jerk and his warm seed flow into me. I almost came too but the man I was sucking and the man who was fucking me anally switched. I had to lick the cum and the cock he had just had in my ass, which I did obediently. The other man said he also wanted to fill my ass and fuck me while the other man started sucking me. I felt the man jerk and blow me full as well, and I came in the man’s mouth. The man asked me to lick his cock too and my arsehole felt wide and I felt their sperm dripping out. They caught it and let me lick it off my hand.

After this, a few things happened. I’ll tell you about that later.