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Recently it was Carnival time again. My comrades advised me to check it out with our eastern neighbors. For this reason, I traveled to Cologne. I stayed in a simple hotel near the center. That was very practical, because the whole event mainly takes place there because of the presence of numerous cafes and other drinking places. And of course I could see the big parade from there. The first evening I decided to have dinner in the hotel itself, as I didn’t feel like searching for a restaurant after the trip.

The dining room was already very busy with other guests, who, judging by their brightly colored clothes, were obviously going to celebrate Carnival. As there was no table left, I decided to join someone. When I looked around, I saw a pretty young lady sitting all alone at a table. She looked particularly attractive with her sweet face adorned by a pair of large brown eyes, a sultry mouth with thick lips and framed by a beautifully wavy brown hair that reached far down her back. I decided to take the plunge and stepped up to her. I cleared my throat, bent down slightly and asked her as politely as I could,” Can I sit here or will you wait for other table mates?” She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said smiling in fluent Dutch:” Provided there are no invisible people sitting on these chairs, you can sit down as far as I am concerned.” I took a seat opposite her and introduced myself. “My name is Henk, I’m from Amsterdam and probably have the same travel destination as you: the Carnival.” I extended my hand to her and as we shook hands, she replied,”

My name is Marie Zimmermann, I’m from Aachen and am indeed also here because of Carnival.” “Judging from your name, you are a real German and yet you speak good Dutch,” I asked somewhat surprised. “My mother is of Dutch origin and taught me her language through play,” she explained.” But let’s tutor each other, so feel free to call me Marie. In everyday life, I’m never very formal either. “Fine Marie,” I replied to her, ” because when you say you and sir to me, I feel ancient and I’m only 29.”

During our meal we exchanged some personal information. It turned out that she was fond of ice skating and had even been European all-round champion more than once. All I could say in return was that I had won a talent contest and now had a fat record deal in my pocket. “Maybe you would like to sing your national anthem for me later? I love that and it’s only 16 verses, I’ve heard,” she said, smiling. “As soon as Easter and Christmas fall on the same date, I’ll do it for you right away,” I replied.

At that, we both burst into laughter. After the meal we went to the bar to have some more drinks. So we chatted pleasantly practically all evening. I found out that she, like me, did not have a steady relationship with whom she could celebrate Carnival together. She gratefully accepted my proposal to celebrate Carnival together. We agreed to go and see the parade the next day. We met again the next day in the dining room around nine o’clock. After a leisurely breakfast, we walked together towards the large shopping center to explore the neighborhood a bit. At 11:11 a.m. the parade started and a colorful procession of beautiful floats passed us by, one more beautiful than the other. After the parade, which had lasted all afternoon, we went to a party hall and made our way among the Carnival celebrities. Late in the evening, tired and quite tipsy, we returned to our hotel with a lot of foaming beer in our mouths.

Once there, I had to support her to her room, because she was no longer able to climb the stairs to the second floor on her own. When she arrived at her room, she gave me her handbag and asked me to take out the key to her room and open the door. I did and after we were inside, I carefully laid her down on the bed. As I was about to get up, she suddenly grabbed my head with both hands and then pressed our lips together. A passionate kiss followed, and soon our mouths opened and our tongues found each other. Her tongue kiss immediately put me in a supreme state of arousal and my penis became rock hard and stiff at lightning speed and pressed against her thigh.

Of course, Marie noticed this immediately and began rubbing the growing bulge. Her nimble fingers found my jeans, unzipped it and took my steel-hard cock in her hand. A loud moan escaped my throat as she pulled incredibly nicely. Since I find romping without clothes much more pleasurable, I gave her a hand by quickly stripping me of my squishy clothing. After I was completely naked, I began to undress her while kissing her. Her jacket was followed by her velvet blouse and her short skirt. In black lingerie with high pumps on her elegant feet, she looked stunningly sexy. She then helped me unhook the clasp of her bra and two large, heavy tits with pink nipples protruded proudly forward. I took them in my hands, kneading them and licking her nipples until they became hard with excitement.

She was truly drop-dead gorgeous, and I was fantasizing to take her. She raised her pelvis while lying down and so I could easily remove her panties. To my great surprise, a cock appeared, which was even bigger than mine. Annie saw my surprised look and said smiling: “Sorry if this has scared you. I should have told you earlier, but never really expected us to get intimate so soon. If it bothers you, let’s just call it quits, because I don’t want you to be disgusted with me.” When I had somewhat recovered from my surprise, I replied, “Rest assured, darling, I will not abandon you. I admit that on the one hand you have completely overwhelmed me with this, but on the other you have pleasantly surprised me. Because it has always been a silent wish to be able to play with someone else’s penis. But being bisexual and not a pure homosexual, I never sought searching in gay bars and the like. But with you, this secret wish is finally fulfilled because you are not only a woman, but you also have something masculine which I love. So you can safely assume that you are the ideal partner for me, at least sexually.’

Pleased with my answer, Marie said,” And I’m so happy to have a guy like you who is totally into a shemale like me, because I liked you from the moment I saw you and it would have made me very sad if you had left. At that she hugged me and pressed her full breasts against me. Our stiff cocks also touched each other and they both became rock hard at lightning speed. She gestured me to lie down and then lay on top of me in position 69. While I was caressing her balls, she did the same with mine and when she started licking my cock, I did the same with hers. Our horniness increased by minutes as a result, and both of us started moaning louder and louder. After we had sucked each other for over fifteen minutes, she asked me if I wanted to ass fuck as well. Although I had never done that before, I was of course open to it. She gestured me to get down on my knees and hardly was I in that position or I felt her dick rubbing along my anus. Very gently, she pushed his cock against my asshole until it disappeared all the way in.

Then she thrust deeper into me until she could go no further, and I felt her balls sloshing against my ass. With slow movements, Marie thrust into me again and again. She grabbed my stiff pole with one hand and started to jerk on it deliciously, which made the initial slight pain I felt when she penetrated my ass almost disappear. It felt more and more delicious and our excitement increased by the minute. We both did our utmost to postpone our climax as long as possible in order to enjoy this penetration as long as possible. Finally, Annie could not control herself anymore. I felt her thrust into my ass faster and faster and as she held me tightly around my waist, she reached her orgasm, supporting herself loudly. I felt her penis contract and a moment later she was squirting her warm cum deep into my tight ass. Shaking with pleasure, she continued to hold me intimately for minutes. After kissing me on the cheek, she goes of me, lay down with her legs up and whispered: “I want you to fuck me now with that hard cock of yours. I didn’t want to be told twice. Supporting myself with my arms, I lay down on top of her.

She grabbed my rock-hard rod and guided it to her asshole. It slid in automatically and my balls hit her shapely ass with the first thrust. She holds on my waist and I thrust deeply into her ass over and over again. After I had done that for half an hour straight, she looked deep into my eyes and said, “I want your cum. All that you have in you.” Hardly had she spoken those words or I lost my self-control. With powerful jets I squirted warm semen deep into her delicious round ass.

Exhausted, I then fell on top of her. She clasped me tightly, kissed me full on the mouth and with my penis still in her ass we fell asleep like a happy couple that night. It goes without saying that nothing came of celebrating Carnival in the days that followed. We couldn’t get enough of sex with each other and both reached countless highs. At the moment, I am waiting for her to come home. For we have decided to live together, for we know we are meant for each other.