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With a loud bang she entered my life. I’m a Dutch guy in Thailand. Despite the fact that she is a handsome appearance, I overlooked her completely. While cycling I had to swerve to avoid hitting her. Fortunately, the shoulder was not on the hard side, so the fall was cushioned. Nicole, the beautiful Asian lady came to see how I was doing. She asked, “Are you okay? Well, I was okay and probably nothing was broken. With the racing bike it went a lot less. The complete saddle was broken off. Nicole offered to go home with her to take care of me. She lived around the corner, so within 2 minutes we were at her place.

She put my bike in her hallway and made a teasing comment that the bike is much sexier now without a saddle. I joked back that it was probably more fun for a woman than a man. Although of course there are exceptions. She looked at me with a sultry expression and said,” Then you must be one of the exceptions. I smiled away the awkwardness a little with an innocent look. Apparently, then, it was on my forehead.

She grabbed the first aid kit and started looking for some band-aids. Unfortunately, I had gotten some scrapes from the fall. She gave me a washcloth and escorted me to the bathroom. She had a nice little house. From the looks of the stuff, it was a real woman’s house. I suspected she was single. I took off my shirt so I could clean my injuries there too. At the moment I looked into my shorts to see if everything was still in one piece, Nicole entered.

With big eyes she looked at me and asked, “Is it still hanging there?” I laugh it off again a bit and say that I couldn’t see it quite right. ‘Then why don’t you take off your shorts for a while and you can see it better. I look at her and see that she is starting to get some red cheeks. I thought what the hell and pulled my pants down. She looked at me with longing and took a step forward. She dropped to her knees and began her inspection. I see no further injuries here. I had to turn around so she could inspect the back as well.

A beautiful lady inspecting me didn’t leave me unmoved. My 22 cm began to crawl out of its shell a bit. She was also very enthusiastic about my backside. Here too, everything still looked good. I turned around again and Nicole saw that my cock had already grown considerably. What is this? She said very innocently. Because Nicole was still on her knees, my cock was about 20 cm away from her head. I felt her breath go along my cock. She looked at me and our gazes crossed. Like being struck by lightning, I was on high alert. It was mutual. She didn’t think twice and opened her mouth.

Wow, what could this girl suck. Also, her hands did exactly what they had to do. My balls were massaged while she tried to take me as deep as possible. With her other hand, she started massaging my ass. Unbelievable what a fall could do. Slowly, her hand moved closer to my ass. She took my cock out of my mouth and said, “I’ll prepare you for your bike. I sang her praises because I was enjoying it. If she continued like that, it wouldn’t take long before I would shoot my seed deep into her throat.

Fortunately, she stopped for a moment by taking off her shirt. Clearly, she had real fake breasts. A double D came out. The fact that they were fake didn’t bother me at all. She took off her bra and stood up. She grabbed my head and planted it between her breasts. Delightfully, I began to give her kisses and went in search of her nipple. Such tight breasts as this I had never felt before. I was enjoying it to the fullest.

As I enjoyed her delicious double D she took off her skirt. My hands must dive into her panties. Then suddenly I felt something I wasn’t expecting. I expected delicious wet pussy, but I felt a cock. With a shock, I looked at Nicole. She looked at me and said, “Surprise!” then she immediately started kissing me. Nicole was a damn good-looking ladyboy, I saw them many times in real and here on this site. While kissing, I went to investigate further. My curiosity was also quite present. Secretly, this was my all-time deep fantasy. My ex-girlfriend had taken me a few times in the past with a strapon, but I had never felt a real cock.

I dropped to my knees to get a good look at her. My hands went to the edge of her panties and I pulled it down. Immediately a very nice cock of about 20 cm jumped out. Wet and creamy. I was afraid, thinking, “I’m gay?”. But Nicole, give me the answer, “you like my female body and appearance. Let’s fuck!!”

Her cock was quite large. Delighted, I looked at it. Slowly I saw the pre-cum drip off. I could no longer restrain myself and opened my mouth. For the first time in my life, the smell of another cock entered my nose. I brought my head forward and there the cock came sliding into my mouth. I tasted the delicious flavor of her pre-cum with my tongue. This definitely tasted like more. Slowly I made circles with my tongue around her glans. I heard someone above me sigh with pleasure. The pleasure came from both sides. Never thought I could enjoy someone else’s cock so much.

With my hand I grabbed her cock and started to pull her off while sucking. With my other hand I started massaging her balls. Just like she had done with me before. The sighing from her gave way to panting and moaning. Apparently she liked my first blowjob. I tried to take her deeper and deeper into my mouth. Because her glans was so big it didn’t come very deep. This required some practice in the future. Nicole asked me if she could squirt my mouth full. I didn’t respond because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not. I just kept sucking and waited to see which little voice in my head was going to prevail. Seemingly she asked so late since I was already getting the first jet of cum squirted deep into my throat. A wave of horniness shot through my body and I continued to suck. One jet after another filled my mouth. It was so much cum coming out of her balls. I couldn’t keep it down. Slowly it ran out the corners of my mouth. Man, how horny was this. I licked her cock all over while the cum ran down my chin.

I stood up and gave Nicole a wonderful French kiss. She said she had enjoyed my blowjob quite a bit and wanted to give me a reward. I had to come with her to the bedroom. With a finger she picked up the cum that was left on my chin. She brought her finger to her asshole and lubricated her hole with it hornily. ‘There is no better lubricant than fresh sperm’ she said. Then she lay down on her back and pulled her legs up. ‘Fuck me deep and hard’ were her words. I put my glans in front of her ass and slid in incredibly easily. Apparently she had had some in her ass before. I started fucking her while looking into her beautiful brown eyes.

While I was fucking her ass, I saw her breasts moving delightfully to the rhythm. Her cock also started to get back to war strength. She grabbed her cock and started to pull it hornily. At this sight it started to bubble up in me. I just didn’t want to cum yet. I also wanted to feel her cock in my ass. I took my cock out of her ass and spit on my hand. With that I lubed up my ass. I crawled over her and I put her glans in front of my entrance. Oh my, that juicy ladyboy cock was just a bit bigger than I thought. Slowly I lowered myself over her cock. Inch by inch her cock slid inside me. When it had slid all the way inside me I slowly increased the pace.
What a lovely tight ass you have Nicole said. With her hand she grabbed my cock and started pulling on it.

I increased the speed more and more, and I noticed that we both started breathing faster. Nicole indicated that she was about to squirt my ass full. I moaned that she could shoot. As she finished screaming, my cock began to squirt as well. The first jet landed on her breasts and the second landed on her head and partially in her screaming mouth. The rest landed on her breasts again. I fell forward on her and started kissing her. This was delicious and worth repeating. She looked at me and said I was the first for her. She had never dared to continue with other men, as she was ashamed of her cock. I indicated that my body was always available to her. This wonderful girl with extras I would never let go.