We all know them, the forgotten women, those whose husbands are totally devoted to their work, the secretary replaced by a younger one, the widow without children, the mistress languishing in the rented flat, and the divorced woman too old to find a new partner quickly. Photo femboy Nessa.

All by men who are getting older, thinking they will stay young and vital themselves. Several times a year, a club of these ladies meets at the countess’s estate to spend a weekend together. Everything is allowed and possible during that weekend and if they have wishes, they are taken care of by the countess.

Except for men who are not allowed on the estate and everything that is provided comes from female suppliers or is taken care of by women. Hairdressers, masseuses in short, all body care departments are present. The inner man is also taken care of, and that’s where I come in.

My employer is the supplier for food and drink and also provides staff who prepare and serve it. As a barmaid, I, together with Alice, am responsible for the drink, Renata and Inga do the dry and manage the kitchen and Fiona cooks and makes snacks.

Forgotten women party starts on Thursday evening.

It starts for us on Thursday evening when all the stuff is brought and ends on Tuesday morning when everything is picked up. We sleep in the cottage by the pool, and we make short nights. The cleaning up, dish washing and cleaning is done by others in the service of the countess. Basically, we only have to take care of the guests.

The only thing is that we, the serving staff have a dress code and that consists of a white short skirt with a white thong and a white short shirt which is tight around the body all this of course without a bra. I knew Alice for a while and I knew she was a tease, if she got the chance she would caress you when no one saw or secretly squeeze your buttocks and breasts.

It had become a game of ours because later I started doing it with her too, see there the reason we made a good team and had fun in the process.

Thursday night, we were busy everything was delivered, unpacked washed, the fridges filled and everything we could get ready we did. At ten o’clock we were ready and retreated to the cottage, actually too small for five people, but we adapted. The big house contains two swimming pools, one inside and one outside, and since it is going to be beautiful weather this weekend, the women’s party will be mainly an outdoor event.

In the course of Friday all the women come trickling in and it becomes a full but cozy lot, we serve champagne when the Countess opens with a welcome ‘s word, dinner is served and then it is our business that no one gets dry. At eleven o’clock the guests disappear into their sleeping quarters and our first evening is over. Tomorrow will start at ten with breakfast and then it will run around the pool until late for the rest of the day.

She is still fully dressed she makes my blood run faster.

They may be older ladies, but when some take off their tops in the warm afternoon sun they suddenly become a lot more attractive. Big, small, fat and everything is present, they swim, dance and especially have a lot of fun, and sometimes I see couples disappear upstairs to return later with red faces. One woman stands out in terms of beauty and that is the Countess herself, and although she is still fully dressed, she makes my blood run faster.

It is cozy, we share drinks around and pick up empty glasses also from the rooms that are used by some. When it is my turn to pick up glasses, I come to the floor for the first time and understand why the women come back with red cheeks. In each room there are toys for sexual pleasure and behind closed doors I hear panting and moaning, the last room is ajar and when I want to enter I hear pleasure cries here too. I sneak a peek around the corner and see the Countess with an artificial cock in her ass, indulging herself.

I pull back and gently close the door but because of what I have seen my nipples are stiff, Alice sees that and as she asks what I am thinking of she gently pinches my nipples, a shiver goes through me. The party continues until Sunday afternoon, everyone disappears, and we clean up. I am the only one of our team who stays behind to help load our mess tomorrow.

Monday, when everything is ready for pickup, I walk around the pool and through the house one last time to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything. I still walk in my servants outfit because my bag accidentally stayed in the car with Alice, on the top floor everything is also cleaned up and nothing reminds of the many toys that were here.

The last room with the door open is that of the Countess I have not seen today. When I look around the corner again, I see her looking at me lying on her side and beckoning me closer. I can sit on the edge of her bed, and suddenly she asks “did you like what you saw here yesterday”. I was shocked because I didn’t think she had seen me, she sat up, and her tits came out above the sheet and were beautiful to see.

Can I see you without a shirt for once too

My nipples respond again, and the Countess asks “can I see you without a shirt for once too”. I feel a seduction trick coming on and take off my top over my head. “Nice” she says, “may I feel” and holds out her hands, I sit closer, and she takes my tits in her hand, kneading them gently. “How do you like mine” she asks as she lifts hers up a little and offers them to me, “would you like to feel those too”. I sit even closer to her and grab her tits as well. Her nipples also grow into hard buds, “nice one” I say as I turn the knobs. “Come stand next to me” she says, and I stand up while she undoes the button and zipper of my skirt, which immediately slides down.

Only in thong I am now standing next to her, she shifts up and pats the vacant spot next to her, I sit down next to her and also pull the sheet over my lower body. She crawls up against me and with her free hand she grabs my tit again and plays with the nipple. I close my eyes and enjoy, her hand slides down and passes the elastic of my thong, playing with my toe and finding my bud. “You don’t mind Eva doing this” as she runs a finger through my wet slit. I decide to give her the same, but on the way down, she grabs my hand and stops me. “I am different from other women” she says, “do you dare”.

I didn’t understand what she meant and when she let go of my hand I slipped further into her boxer and found a surprise in the form of a real cock. I look at her as I hold it, she smiles at me and asks if I am not shocked, I shake my head no and notice that I have become curious before. “Does he really work” I ask, the Countess nods and says “you’re going to find out if you keep going like this”. I throw the sheet away from us, take off her boxer and go to investigate.

Taking a beautiful specimen of a cock that is slowly getting stiffer in my hands and with my face close by, I kiss the glans. A little jump made her cock, and I bite the glans inside, sucking gently and licking all around with my tongue. The Countess moans and gently thrusts her hips upward. I leave the marvel alone and crawl back up beside her until I’m at eye level again and ask what she is. “A freak of nature only incomplete” she says, “I can’t squirt like a man, though I do cum tremendously and can maintain the stiff state for quite a long time”.

Her cock presses against my labia.

Then it is her turn to strip me of my last covering, spread my legs and take a seat between them, lick my slit, touch my clit and come up while kissing. At my tits she stops for a moment and sucks the hard nipples inside, “this is how I imagined them” she says “when I saw you yesterday afternoon busy with Alice”. As she rises further, her cock presses against my labia and passes the first hurdle. When she kisses my chin the cock slides an inch inside, at my mouth there are already a few more and when she kisses my forehead the whole thing is inside me.

I wrap my legs around her and pull her a little tighter against me, when she wants to move I give her all the freedom again. She follows the same path back and the cock disappears from me again, too bad, but when her mouth takes possession of my clit again this is quickly forgotten. A few times she goes up and down like this until finally she really starts fucking me and my orgasm rolls over me.

She stays inside me and looks deep into my eyes as I slowly settle back down. “That was one” she says as she plays with my tits again. I grab her buttocks and gently squeeze them. When she kisses me I also feel right away that she starts moving again and after a few minutes I get to experience the next orgasm. Then she comes and lays down next to me and caresses my body.

I lay on the side and also caress her body and play on her tits, I suck a nipple in and lie on top of her and also start kissing her all over her body. “Does it make sense to suck your cock even though nothing comes out” I ask. “Sure” she says “I do cum so go ahead and spoil me”. I sink down and gasp the cock in, pulling, sucking, licking and spoiling her in every way until she cums shockingly her way without me having to swallow.

She is exhausted for a moment and I lie back on my side next to her and look at her. Still strange such a body with tits of a real woman and the genitals of a man, she fucks great but doesn’t give a mess, almost perfect you would say. “Can you do another one” I ask whispering in her ear when she is back in the world, she nods and starts stroking me again.

When she puts me on my knees and hands, we move on to my favorites position, and she fucks me for a long time along the back until I too plop down from fatigue.

Only the next morning I say goodbye to the Countess and drive to my house together with the pickup tired but very satisfied, take a shower and go back to bed to finally sleep.