A man travels to Majorca for his first-time sex with a Trans. The photo is from the beautiful LaColorina

For a long time, I have been engaged in the topic of anal sex and first-time sex with a trans. Also have various toys, even for advanced. I can not imagine sex with men, which is why I have often looked in known forums and advertising portals for appropriate contacts of the 3rd sex. Unfortunately, I could never muster the courage to actually pull it through, which is why my only experiences always had to do with toys and masturbation, even if this became harder and more intense over time.

Already in the run-up to this year’s trip to Majorca, I looked on the Internet for possible contacts in order not to start the trip completely unprepared. Unfortunately, you could hardly find relevant ads especially for the area, and accordingly, I was disappointed because I assumed to find the courage when I am a little further away from home and already have a certain alcohol level. In addition, you can see in the forums that the Latina Trans usually have much larger cocks than most TS living here in Germany. Well, then just booze and party, I thought to myself …

On the third evening, for whatever reason, I was then alone without my group on the road and already the alcohol limit clearly exceeded. No wonder if you start the day at 10:00 in the morning in the brewery. When I was then again on the road and meanwhile took my way beer to me I saw in a rather dark side street which I had to pass, about 1.85 m tall tanned woman with huge tits. Immediately it was clear that things can not be real. Drunk as I was I could not deny myself several looks whereupon the lady immediately felt addressed. €15 blow! Yes?”

Normally, I just run on with such offers and react as if I had not heard anything. Since the attraction to pay once for a blowjob also turns me on longer, I ran even closer to the lady and asked: €15? Where?” She pointed down a garage driveway, in which it was even darker. At that moment I realized that the action could also backfire and it could just be a trick to rob me. Due to the desire, I suppressed the thought and said “OK”. On the way down the garage driveway, I handed her the €30 as agreed. Arrived at the end, it went another meter to the left so that you could not see the hustle and bustle from the street. The lady pushed me against the wall and opened my belt and pulled down pants including shorts with a jerk.

First-time blowjob with a Trans

She started to squat and lick with her tongue from the balls to the glans and then let my still flaccid cock disappear completely in her mouth. With her two hands, she grabbed both my butt cheeks and started to work on my cock only with the movement of her head and mouth. 2-3 times back and forth and my cock already stood like one. She let off with her mouth briefly, looked up at me, grinned and pushed it back in completely. Already at this point, I was sure that the €15 was well spent, and it would be the best blowjob of my life even if I already had some of them, for free. I now took my hands and held her head to support both movements. If I had nothing or not so much to drink, the fun would probably have been over after 3-4 minutes. So I stood at the house wall and enjoyed extensively my first paid blowjob….

After about 5 minutes, she let my cock slip out of her mouth without warning and got rid of her hands from my ass cheeks. Slightly confused, I looked down at her to watch her at that moment as she pushed up her skirt with one hand and made her panties aside with the other. At this moment I thought I could not believe my eyes. Under her skirt now looked out a tail, which was in the floppy state, at least 16×5 cm. It took me a few seconds to realize that some facial features and the general physique could have suggested that this was not a real woman. Before I could say anything, she asked me if I would like to fuck her for another €100. As I mentioned in the beginning, I’m not into men and wanted to be only the passive part myself, so I tried to make it clear to her with a mixture of German, English, and Spanish as well as hand signals that I’m willing to pay, but only want to be the passive part… Agreeing, she nodded without hesitating for long and asked for the money. Unfortunately, I had instead of the said €100 only another €60 with me what I tried to make clear to her.

Surprisingly for me, she thought about it briefly and then took the money and told me, “come with me”… I put on my pants, she took me by the hand and we walked 2-3 minutes to a house that was already very respectable from the outside. She opened the door and we entered a very nicely furnished apartment on the ground floor with an oversized bed whereupon she immediately put me down. Fortunately, she had already learned the common France words for her “job” and told me to “undress and lie down” which I did immediately. Now stark naked I lay on her bed and waited until she appeared again from the bathroom. She stood in front of me in her panties and bra and I noticed that in the light her tits and the hints of her cock seemed even bigger than in the dark. When she wanted to take my cock again I prevented her from doing so and tried to explain to her that from now on I only want to be the active part when blowing and the passive part when fucking which she respected.

She took off her panties and lay down

She took off her panties and lay down still with a bra next to me on the bed. Since I have already made experiences with my toys at home with cocks in my mouth and have also placed value on getting the tail as far as possible in the mouth, I knew that I will not be too stupid. Without waiting any longer, I took the already huge cock in my hand and started to jerk it 3-4 times, which was a strange feeling at first. Based on the reaction of her tail I realized that she must also already be mega horny. This I took as an opportunity to move my head in the direction of her tail to lick with my tongue 2-3 times over her hard balls to do the same. I moved with my tongue to the head to take it in my mouth and immediately push it deep into my throat. Already in the non-hard state, I had my problems taking the cock fully in my mouth. With iron determination, I took it upon myself, no matter how big the darling still becomes, to pull through the deep throat what she visibly enjoyed.

After some time, she pulled her cock out of my mouth and turned me around and positioned me on all fours. With both her hands she pulled my ass cheeks apart and started to work on my asshole with her tongue which triggered a crazy feeling in me and my cock stood like a pole again. In between, she detached her tongue, first by a finger and then by 2 fingers. After a few minutes, she ordered me to stay like that and got up, went to her bag and came back with a semi-stiff member and a rubber in her hand. She stood sideways next to the bed and ordered me to “venga”. Quickly I knew that I had to open my mouth and before I could really look she fucked me in the throat. No idea why she tightened the pace. I can only assume that the deep blowing on my part has shown her what I really want. When her cock was ready again, she pulled it out of my mouth cunt to which she had made my mouth and pressed the rubber into my hand. Horny as I was I opened the package to put the rubber on your glans to push it over with my mouth which worked great for the first time.

Immediately, when the rubber was in place, she got back on the bed and knelt behind me. At this moment I knew that it is finally so far and I immediately get my first real cock in the ass. Already as the tip of the tail was pressed against my still soft rosette I felt a sense of inner lust like I had never experienced before. She fully understood what she was doing and let me feel the glans for the first time a few times to pull it out again immediately before her tail could be received in my hole. On the command “lock” I turned my head back to see that she had put her cock on my ass or back. Honestly, at that moment I was quite startled at the complete size when stiff. That was an estimated 22×6.5 cm lying there and accordingly, my facial expression must have looked for her. She laughed and put her cock to my asshole, to hesitate this time not long, but to spit once strongly on her tail.

Already after the first slow thrusts, my lust rose to the indescribable, whereupon I gave only “harder and deeper” from me. It seemed to me as if she had only waited for it because I had barely pronounced the tail was already up to the stop in me and the eggs slapped my ass. I clawed with my hands on the bedsheet and moaned to myself while she grabbed me with both hands and pushed hard from behind. So it went for a few minutes in which I became even hornier from push to push. When she wanted to edit my cock with her hand, I told her to please let it what she did. Thereupon she put me on the side to lie down behind me. This time she didn’t hesitate to push my cock in with a jerk up to the stop and fuck me hard… When I started to moan due to my lust she just said “shut up! I tried accordingly to be quiet what she took as a reason only more vigorous and jerky to bang me in the ass (otherwise you can not call it). Somehow, I also had the feeling that the lateral position was even more intense than the doggy position.

Accordingly, I could not stand to be quiet and moaned again to myself. With a jerk, she pulled her cock out of me to lay me on my back and join over me. She repeated her words “shut up” put her cock in my mouth up to my throat with one hand and lifted my nose with the other. At first, I didn’t know what to do with it until I noticed that she didn’t want to pull her cock out of my throat at all but wanted to leave it there, which led to breathing difficulties for me after short time… She repeated this a few times and always let me catch my breath in between. Funnily enough, this only made me hornier and wilder and made me fully forget the remaining inhibitions. She now turned around and stretched her ass towards me and used her hands to pull the quite handy ass cheeks apart. At first, I thought that can not be serious after I had said several times what I want and whatnot. Somehow I must have been already so out of control that I started to lick her rosette with my tongue without any further prompting or thinking about it.

She also began to moan out her pleasure

Now she also began to moan out her pleasure, which was increased by the fact that I began to stick my tongue tip as deep as I could in her ass. I tried completely out of control with my tongue tip to fuck the soft asshole hard and as deep as possible. She now grabbed my right hand and put first two and then three fingers in her mouth to cover them with their saliva. Finally, she ordered me to continue with the fingers and bent over my hard bolt to take this without resistance from me again deep in her mouth. So I began while my best piece was blown hard to edit her open pussy initially with one finger to use quite quickly fingers 2 and 3 with. The harder I went to work with my fingers, the more intense and harder my cock was processed by her.

When I made the decision for myself to push another finger in her, she let go of my cock and now went herself on all fours. “Fcuk me, i know you want it now…” was the most appropriate thing that could be said at that moment. I took a rubber from my pocket and pulled it over me, positioned myself behind her and pushed my cock in without warning to the stop to pull it right out again. This I repeated 8-9 times to pause after the last hard push in her. At this moment I realized what I was actually doing. I fuck and kiss a cock and it makes me horny and fun.

I now put my feet further forward to be able to penetrate even deeper. So I began to ram my hard cock over and over again as hard as I could. After some time, completely without thinking, I took my right hand and began to jerk her cock, to which she reacted with a laugh and only waved her index finger back and forth to show me that I should leave it alone. Accordingly, I fucked her further in the ass cunt and thought that I would also come to the end. When I noticed how the juice slowly came up in me, she grabbed my balls to stop me from thrusting. She slid forward causing my cock to slide out of the warm dwelling.

She now reached for the bag to get the rubber out again. Slightly taken aback, I was still kneeling on the bed, which she took as an opportunity to take my head in both hands and push her slowly reawakening giant cock down my throat another time without any consideration. It took only seconds until her device was ready to fuck again. This time she put the rubber on herself, took a pillow and put it in the middle of the bed. She grabbed me and put me on my belly on the pillow so my ass was slightly looking up. She put my cock backwards and then interlocked my hands behind my back. I already knew what she had in mind and couldn’t wait until the time came. Without using her hands, she put her cock on and used her entire weight to push me down and from the moment it went no further to push me her dick until it no longer goes in. So she began to bang me in the hardest way in this position without me being able to even begin to resist. I was getting louder and headed for the climax.

After 1.5 -2 hours of fucking also times at the time… But again, shortly before the orgasm, she pulled out her pleasure snake to put me but quite hard on the back. Now I was also slightly elevated by the pillow on the back and had to find out a short time later that there was still a more intense position at the moment. My feet were pushed behind my head and so she could penetrate me a little deeper and harder… So she fucked me for at least another 10 minutes until she let go of me and lay down next to me on the bed. She took my hand and put it around her cock, pulled down the rubber with my hand, and then used my hand to jerk her cock. At this moment I thought to myself now it doesn’t matter… I used my hand to massage the lower part of the cock and started to work on the glans with my lips and tongue. After a few seconds, I noticed how she took my head away to let her cum on herself. Hardly had I milked the last drop out of her, I now took my cock and began to jerk it next to her face.

I kneaded her fake tits again and decided not to squirt her in the face but on the tits, which I did a short time later with an unprecedented orgasm. Finally, she took my cock 2-3 times in her mouth to lick it completely clean and to pull the last bit of juice out of my pipe. Quickly I wanted to get dressed again which was interrupted by the fact that I was held off without being able to react with a fierce French kiss. Immediately I noticed that she still had the sperm of my cock in her mouth and was licking me with it. This was also one of my dislikes, where I realized at that moment that it is only a question of horniness.

Actually, I thought after living out this unfulfilled dream, the topic would be ticked off and a unique chapter closed. After this experience, however, has turned out exactly the opposite… I want it again, I want to be used harder and by an even bigger cock, I have no problem to actively fuck myself and have cum in my mouth and I could imagine it in the meantime also with men as long as not kissed… Great run…

First-time Sex With Trans