She’s a very beautiful woman, Karina. She’s very pretty. You don’t have to be a blonde-haired, blue-eyed kind of guy to find her beautiful. She usually works at the service counter of the local supermarket in our village. Every time I come in, I quickly look around the corner to see if I can catch a glimpse of her. She’s also very spontaneous.

She’s always up for a chat or a bit of banter. And she always has a kind smile. We’ve often discussed going for a ride in the truck. I don’t take it too seriously because I put it off. I’m married, so I don’t go out with a woman I don’t know. Just to add, my wife can be quite jealous, but she’s fine with the Karina situation. She’s always there too, because we usually go shopping together. As it happens, we’ve been living in my wife’s hometown for four years now. She obviously knows the community there quite well, while I’m less familiar with it. One Saturday afternoon, we were sitting at the kitchen table and the conversation turned to transgenders and shemales. My wife says she’s like Karina too. I ask Karina, who… Yes, just Karina T. from the service desk.

Who was born as Gerard T… My mouth falls open in amazement. That father and he are wealthy and paid for his change all the way. He’ll be around 30 now. As soon as he was 18, he started it. This is crazy. So my wife sees her as a man and I don’t know any better than that she is a stunningly beautiful woman. Oh, but then she can come with me sometime. “Yes, of course,” my wife says. “He’ll like that.” She sees no danger in Gerard going with me once. While my imagination starts to run wild when I think of beautiful Karina sitting in the cabin with me.

Will my dream come true after all? “No, probably nothing will happen,” she says. “She comes here from the village.” Something no one knows is that I’m totally fascinated by cock. Even my wife doesn’t know that. But it’s always just been a dream until today. I’d love to take a limp cock in my hand and feel it get stiff. I’d like to jerk off a hard cock. To take it in my mouth and suck it for a long time. I’d like to taste hot semen and swallow it. I’d also love to be anally deflowered by a real cock.

I want this cock not to be attached to a man. My imagination is running wild! Do you need anything else from the store? We already went to the store, didn’t we?

Yes, but I’m going to wash my car and then I’ll stop by the store anyway. Maybe you still need something. I get in the car and first straighten my cock. It was already growing, but I couldn’t move. Quickly to the store.

Hey Karina,

I’m leaving for Italy on Monday for a few days. So if you feel like it, I’d love to have you come along. I’m leaving at 9 o’clock, which I think would be early enough, taking into account some extra stops and possible delays due to traffic jams.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Karina had to make some arrangements in that short time, but she was eager to come along. It was already around 20 degrees on this summer day. You arrived at my truck at the appointed time. I went to my truck much earlier to have everything arranged for you. You were wearing a short summer dress with open shoes and a semi-high heel. I was wearing short sweatpants and a short-sleeved t-shirt.

This morning, I briefly hesitated to put on underwear to cover up a possible spontaneous erection. But on those long distances, I prefer to wear as little as possible, so I left those on. How lovely you look, Karina, I say as you walk hip-wiggling in front of me. A first erection is a fact. What an incredibly hot chick she is. Hands above the covers, a colleague whispers to me just before we leave. I give him my most innocent look and start the engine. Even though we’ll be together for quite a while this week, I don’t want to waste any time and I want to know what kind of meat I’m getting. I want to explore my possibilities and what I can expect sexually. Whether I can finally see my fantasy come true. Karina is 29 years old. She knew from childhood that she should really be a girl. She started her transition at the age of 18. She feels like a woman, she acts like a woman, and she looks super feminine!

I’m a woman, but I still have a penis. I really don’t want to lose it, you say while putting a hand on your crotch. Phew, lucky! That’s exactly what it’s all about for me, I think. And does that still work, I ask totally unaware. With a sweet, mischievous smile you look at me and say, you’d like to know, wouldn’t you? You’ll have to find out this week, you say in a sultry voice and with a horny look in your eyes. That’s pretty direct! It’s a good start. You say that from the first time you saw me in the store, you knew there was a sexual connection. You sensed that. But since I’m always with my gorgeous wife (my wife is really very attractive, she’s a woman’s woman), you never thought anything could happen between us.

Then I tell you that I only found out about your transition last Saturday. I tell you about my fantasy about a real cock. I tell you how I would love to feel a flaccid cock in my hand grow into a hard cock once in my life. I tell you how I would then love to kiss, lick, and take that swollen glans into my mouth. I tell you how I would love to grasp a soft, warm sack containing two big, hard balls. I tell you how I would love to knead it. I’d love to bury my nose in it and deeply inhale the masculine scent. If I can, I’d also love to feel a cock deep in my throat. How I’d love to taste the seed of another cock. To feel large amounts of semen, squirting into my mouth in jets.

The warm, male fluid, rushing into my mouth and down my throat. And how I would love to be fucked in the ass. It would be wonderful, with your glans along my prostate. And then jerking me off in the meantime… Hey, you say, are you going to involve me now? My imagination does indeed run wild. As I tell you, my cock has become rock-hard and stands out well in my shorts. Sorry, I say with a red face… Nothing, you say. Why do you think I wanted to come with you so badly? Well, besides the ice having already been broken, now everything has really melted away. It’s not even noon, and all the bumps and obstacles have been taken care of. On to a week of discovery. You got hard good, huh? You say as you put a hand on my cock.

You pull out the refrigerator a bit and come and sit next to me. My cock is nice and hard, and I can feel it throbbing under the pressure of your hand. You move your hand. With your fingers, you find space under the elastic band of my shorts. Then I feel your fingertips against my glans. I get a shock. Very carefully, with your long nails, you grope my sensitive bud. Precum is oozing out, which you take advantage of. With your fingertips, you make my head of the penis nice and smooth. Then you grasp my hard pole firmly. “Sorry, darling, but I’m not very big-bodied,” I say. “Mmmmmmm, another advantage, you say! A man with a small cock definitely has its advantages.

Because of the guilt, or call it inferiority, a guy with a small one has a range of techniques and opportunities to indulge his bed partner.” A guy with a big cock only has his dick to show for it. And by the way, he’s not that small at all, I think it’s a big dick! During these sweet words, you wiggle your fingers between my groin and the warm, soft skin of my scrotum. Because of what I tell you about the size of my penis, it slackens a little.

But when you grab my balls and give them a gentle squeeze, they get nice and hard again. You say you think it’s a big cock, so you wrap your fingers around it. You want to see it, you say… Like a kid who’s just been promised ice cream, I respond, excited. I move my seat back a bit, the steering wheel a little forward, and lower the air suspension on my seat. Then I lift my buttocks a little and let the shorts fall to the floor. My cock is standing proud and erect. There’s a generous amount of pre-cum making my swollen glans shine. My balls are clearly visible in my shaved sack. You say approvingly that I don’t have a small cock! With the tips of your fingers and your thumb, you grab my glans. From your middle finger and thumb, you make a little circle and begin to gently jerk my glans. “Mmm, this is so good! It’s one of my fantasies come true.

Being jerked off while driving. I can’t close my eyes, of course, but it’s almost automatic. If you’ve never been jerked off while driving, I’m sure you’ve never been sucked off while driving either. You say, putting your loose hair to one side and looking at me tellingly. You slide into the refrigerator and get down on your knees beside me.” Then you bend over and take my glans between your lips. You hold still for a moment, and I can feel all the sensory points and nerve endings of my purple bud registering the softness and warmth of your moist lips. Then you take my cock a little further into your mouth. You suck on it gently, and now your tongue also gets moving.

You’re licking my sensitive triangle with small, vicious licks. When your hand goes to my scrotum, I spread my legs a little. With your thumb and index finger around the stem of my hard cock and with the rest of your hand around my sack, you gently move up and down. My glans you spoil with your lips and tongue. Because of the whole situation and because of how incredibly delicious you suck me, I soon feel my seed bubbling up. Karina, I have to tell you, this is not going to last much longer. You squeeze my balls, and then I squirt into your mouth. You squeeze my balls again, and then I squirt into your mouth. My glutes squeeze together, and I press my back into the backrest. I close my eyes for a moment as my seed squirts out and my orgasm overwhelms me.

My cock is still in your mouth. I’ve never seen cum before. Your mouth keeps sucking on my pole, and it seems like my orgasm continues. My glans is so sensitive. Then you let my sensitive bud escape your lips. My cock, which is still hard, is completely clean. You now take it in your hand and gently pull me off. Your blond hair hangs nicely tousled in your face. By this sight and your massaging fingers, you make sure he stays nice and hard. I think it’s a shame to put it away. But since we’re about to stop for a 30-minute break, I pull on my panties for just a moment. You get back in the passenger seat and say, “So, your seed I have already tasted… It was delicious! It tastes like more…” While you’re saying this, I feel that my cock is still hard.

Once we’ve found a parking spot, it’s time to go. There’s no toilet in this lot, so you can come and stand next to me just as easily. I see you fish your cock out of your panties, hold your dress a little, and then I see a jet of pee coming out from under your dress. You finished a little earlier, so I see you shake it back and forth a little and squeeze it once before putting it away again. I brought a damp cloth, which I use to clean my glans. In my fantasy, I usually pipe a cock that is just barely clean. Because of the smell and the taste! I don’t know if I would really want this, but I fantasize about a tasty cock. It’s not dirty, just shiny and healthy, but it’s not been washed for about five minutes. I have the same thing with my wife. I prefer to stroke her when she’s just come from work, for example, just before she showers.

Then I lick her fragrant pussy all over first. Back in the cabin, I ask to sit on the middle of the bed. Meanwhile, I fold down the armrests of both chairs and put pillows behind your back. Then I get down on my knees in front of you and slide the thin fabric of your dress up a little. Your cock, visible through the lacy fabric of your panties, already looks delicious! I press my nose into your pocket and sniff your masculine scent deep inside. Mmmmmmmmm, blissful, I sigh… I can’t wait to see him all over. And to taste him! I play with your panties for a bit, but you quickly come to my rescue. You twist your cock and balls out of your panties in one go. A beautiful specimen comes out! It’s even more beautiful than in my fantasy. A nice, big sack with big balls, a nice, big penis, your glans half exposed…

I carefully slide your foreskin back, which makes your glans swell up nicely. With my lips, I enclose the tip of your glans. With my tongue, I lick your piss hole. I taste a delicious, slightly salty flavor. Then I take your glans in my mouth. The sensation and taste far exceed my imagination. In my mouth, your glans feels even bigger than it really is, and it is very flavorful, slightly spicy. I go over your triangle with my tongue. You say you know exactly what to do with a cock. That’s because you have one yourself. This is how a woman who is going to give a blowjob for the first time will never take a cock in her mouth. You know exactly what I like. What you’re doing is delicious! Lift your buttocks a little so I can take off your panties. You lift your buttocks a little, and I quickly take off your panties. “Come on, put your feet on the armrests,” I say. I take an easy position so that I can easily reach your delicious cock. I take your slightly sagging cock in my mouth and suck it nice and hard again.

Your triangle looks good on my tongue and lips, and I’m pleased to be able to pleasure your glans rim. My hand is wrapped around your full sack, and your hard balls are rolling between my fingers. You moan, saying how well I’m doing this…! Without letting your hard cock escape from my mouth, I shift slightly. This way I can reach the drawer where my lubricant is. When I’m installed again, I put some lubricant on my fingers. With this, I start looking for your starlet. Your buttocks are tucked away in the comforter, so I can’t see it and have to do it by feel. As soon as I feel the ridged structure of your sphincter, I know I’m in the right place. I put gentle pressure with the fingertip of my middle finger. In my search for your boy pussy, I did lose some lube, between your buttocks and on the quilt, but my finger slides in effortlessly. You moan and tilt your head back.

As I keep my mouth on your cock and lick and suck it, I now press my index finger into your tight little hole as well. When I have inserted my fingers a few inches into your warm hole, I make those “come here” motions with both my fingers. I’ve read about it. I’d love to give you a prostate massage, and I hope I’m right. Asking a woman like this is a bit out of the ordinary, but with Karina it’s different. I ask, “Do you like it?” With your eyes closed, you shake your head back and forth and moan, “Go on…!” I take your glans in my mouth again. Your approval encourages me to treat you even better. My fingers on one hand massage your prostate, while my other hand firmly grasps your hard pole. I alternate between sucking hard on your glans and taking your cock as deep as possible into my mouth.

Then I feel your body tense up. You press your buttocks even further into the bed. Your hard pole begins to jerk. Your glans swells, on my tongue. I feel a first jet of cum being squirted into my mouth. Followed by a few more big jets. Your cock keeps jerking… It’s tough to keep all your seed in my mouth and also to suck on your glans, but I manage to suck you empty. Your warm seed tastes delicious, and I swish it around in my mouth before swallowing it.

Then I see one very last drop come out of your urethra. Gratefully, I lick it up. You grab my head, look at me, and say, “It was delicious!” You absolutely succeeded. How well you can spoil a cock! Karina, with her natural beauty, her beautiful brown eyes, and her sparkling brown eyes. And she’s sultry, too. Your come out well in your fitted dress. We talk about what has happened in the meantime and what’s to come. I fantasize about what’s to come. I fantasize about you. I fantasize about us. I fantasize about us in a reclining 69 position. So that your delicious cock is close to my face all night long.

The dark spot in my shorts is getting bigger. It’s the same at home: the bedroom sometimes fills with a delicious sex smell after a nice fuck. Now the cabin fills with a sweet cock smell, too. It’s a mixture of semen, pre-cum, sweat and other body odors. Erotic smells have something possessive about them. They make you feel like you’re theirs, marking out a territory. In the animal world, of course, it works the same way. If a male has just mated, another male can smell it immediately. Those smells are very stimulating for me. They can make me completely wild, wonderfully horny…

We haven’t been riding for very long, but I am already getting very horny again. I ask you to raise your dress a little. You lift up your dress and I see that your glans is above your panties. You slide your panties down a bit so your balls are still covered but your whole pole is sticking out above them. With your fingertips, you grope your glans. Silver threads of pre-cum stick to your fingers. At this point, you put your fingers in your mouth and lick them sensually. I moan with horniness. Then you run two fingertips over the triangle at the base of your glans. You lay your head back and close your eyes. You move your fingertips over your sensitive spot in a way that’s similar to fingering a clitoris.

I quickly lower my chair and kick off my panties. With my bare ass in the driver’s seat, I’m ready to go. My thigh hairs stick to my skin from the pre-cum. I turn my buttocks slightly to the right and put my right leg on the center tunnel. Then I do what you did. I taste my own saliva and finger my triangle. I use one finger to go along the rim of my glans. With two fingers, you pull off your glans. This stimulates the extremely sensitive piece of glans rim at the front and the little triangle at the back. Then take your big, smooth glans in your full hand and spin around. It’s really quite deliciously horny! I’m not sure if it benefits traffic safety, though. When I feel an orgasm approaching, I stop and leave my cock alone for a moment. You look at me and laughingly say, already? I say, you make me so horny!