Even as a man, sometimes I just felt the need to feel a cock in my ass. Today it was once again so far. The horny feeling to be filled, while the own cock became harder and harder and exploded at some point. But this time it should be a never before tried gigantic dildo that filled me.

It was a hot summer and since I owned an energy efficient apartment, the heat piled up here early. I had often anal spoiled myself and imagined other lingerie wearers or crossdressers would then be here and we would get it so right to each other. Always only in my imagination, my courage did not allow more, but maybe there were others out there who also wanted to finally dare to take the first step, to touch a cock other than their own, maybe once a real glans. Which attaches itself bulging at the anus and then slides millimeter by millimeter into their own wet channel.

My asshole was already itching so pleasantly since I got up and I wanted to get in the mood a little more. I put on a pink minidress, which just barely covered my cock, then I sat down first on the bed and painted my toenails with a wine red. Shoes and feet also make me incredibly on and so I slipped into silver pumps and strutted through the apartment. Everywhere except in the kitchen and bathroom was a sand-colored deep carpet, the walls painted with light ocher and in addition a light wooden ceiling, everything seemed homey and warm.

Many plants and -as a special feature, everywhere mirrors, because I loved the excitement in women’s clothes. So now I always looked at myself in front of one, easily jerked my cock or even stretched my hole out. That got me going, and so I took off the dress again and strapped on the silicone tits that I had ordered from a mail order company. Man, how horny, everything already smelled slightly of sweat. I lay down sideways on the floor, legs spread in front of a mirror, took off one shoe and with the heel I started to fuck myself lightly, which made my cock fully awaken.

Today I wanted to get it so right.

Today I wanted to get it so right, everything in me wanted to be fucked mercilessly. Some dildos I already owned, but looking through none seemed big enough and so I decided to first take a stroll through town with a sex store visit. After morning toilette and breakfast we started. Short pants, short shirt, sandals front to, I threw me into the city life. I love the summer. All the women in their short skirts, mostly also with pantyhose and then with the feet in high pumps, high heels or with bare feet in sandals.

I n my dreams I accompanied them home, where I then spoiled their feet with my tongue, while they worked on my pipe with their shoes until my cream splashed on their kicks, whereupon they put them back on and everyone went on his way. I had already visited the sex store several times and therefore it was not difficult for me to find the suitable piece. The glans alone made me dream. She went with certainty barely in my mouth.

And behind it a shaft at least 20 centimeters long, constantly widening, decorated with lots of veins and at the end a suction button for attachment. My imagination was already doing somersaults and in my mind, I already saw myself licking the glans and enclosing it with my lips, when suddenly from the side the saleswoman approached me, which had never happened to me here before. And what was that for a hot part: maroon long hair, pink blouse (clearly without bra) black latex skirt to just above the knees and naked pink painted toes, which were in black open strap heels.

For testing the material, she took the dildo out of the package and with light jerk off movements she gave it to me in the hand. Isn’t that a great soft material? I didn’t answer but just continued to jerk off on the part and it was abundantly clear to see how her nipples pressed firmly into the material and in her mind, she would probably rather have seen this cock in her cunt than here on the counter.

With a nod, I gave my consent to the purchase and immediately left the store. I was not a woman, but nevertheless, after what I had just experienced, I had the feeling that I was about to leak, as if my ass were a pussy and all the juices would run down my thighs, as if my asshole would breathe and keep expanding and contracting, who finally pulls me through properly? Back home I immediately unpacked the dildo and put it on a stool in the middle of the living room. Then I slipped right into one of my favorite outfits:

A cream-colored satin robe, plus brown wooden mules. Dressed like this, I kept walking around the apartment, getting excited about my red toenails with the brown wooden mules, and kept getting down on all fours to look at myself in the mirrors. Then I pushed up the skirt and presented myself my naked ass, pulled apart with both hands my asshole, which had long since shimmered expectantly full of sweat. In my fantasy I then stepped behind me and stuck myself my hard pipe, which stood steeply forward in the robe, in my warm slimy ass. And all the while, my eyes kept falling on that giant cock standing right on the stool in front of me.

This big cock alone attracted me like magic, and I felt all the more my own, which always twitched sensitively at my touches. Then I just could not help myself and began to lick it, feeling the rubber on my lips. Greedily, I slowly pushed my mouth over the part. It filled my mouth cunt completely, but I pushed it even deeper into my throat. With my legs spread, I stood over the cock, spreading my ass with both hands and wishing you had just pressed your piston into my bowels now without warning. I straightened up and with my skirt gathered I stood over the dildo, felt the rubber touching my hole and just wanted to fall on it, finally filled to the last.

But still I could hold back. I stayed in this position, opened the cloak and kneaded my sweaty breasts, while I sought support with my feet in my wet mules. How I would have liked to redeem myself now, but I was a package delivery man by profession and a few still had to go out. So it went again in work clothes and car outside and with the employment the afternoon passed as in flight. During the work I ate also still in between and so against 19 o’clock I came then home. In my apartment the air stood, it was scorching hot and immediately after entering a fine film of sweat stretched over my whole body. Ruled by my hormones I wanted only one thing my fuck of the century.

Earlier I had wondered how I could go about fucking myself without having to bend over completely and had come up with a good idea. Most dildos had a suction button at the end that held well on smooth wooden surfaces. From there, there were always such surfaces attached to the walls in my apartment for fastening. Once the rubber tube was attached, I could enjoy leaning against it with my back to the rubber cock, legs wide, and already I could fuck myself with sighs of delight, controlling speed and hardness myself.

Apart from that, I could of course sink to the floor on the soft carpet and sit down on the pleasure donors or gleefully devour them lying on my side. With all the time in the world, I made my preparations. First I applied a wine-red lipstick, followed by wine-red artificial fingernails. This was followed by a copper-colored shoulder-length wig and my artificial tits. In my bedroom hung this oversized mirror and in front of this I now put myself wide-legged. What a horny sight. Everything in wine red: the nails, the mouth, plus the wig and the artificial tits. My penis experienced this day constantly changing states of excitement and this sight brought him once again to the vertical stand out.

I would have loved to fall over myself now. Previously, I had laid out the rest of the clothes on the bed, and now I put them on. A wine-red suspender belt with matching suspenders and a wine-red transparent negligee, a transparent wine-red net, which ended in the middle of my thighs. And then the highlight to it:Golden heels with a wide band over the instep and a wide 10cm heel, open at the back. It was the time of dawn and so I lit candles all over the room. Their light was reflected in the mirrors and together with the brown wooden ceiling the ocher walls and the sand-colored carpet created an erotic atmosphere. I floated through the apartment on heels, my hands caressing my body again and again. Tail and tits were pressed and my asshole, by now well lubricated, trembled with anticipation. Then it was time, I finally wanted to make a start.

I had a large double bed with a twenty centimeter wooden border around it. On it, I now attached the dildo with the suction button. Steeply, he pointed to the ceiling. Wide-legged, I stood over him, and then came the magic moment. The glans touched my asshole, it was almost like a kiss, and I let myself sink deeper and deeper, exerting more and more pressure. All my senses were looking forward to the penetration of this monster glans and then it was time. With a jerk, I went even more to my knees and my ass lips completely enclosed this harbinger of the monster tube. What a feeling, first drops of pleasure beaded just so on the carpet and gently I began the up and down movement just horny.

It was time to make things even more delightful. During my own fucking experiences, I always imagined special situations and people to increase my pleasure even more. But first, since my legs needed a break, I changed the place. I had attached the giant dildo to the wall in my living room. He bobbed, wet and shiny. Next to it I had placed a chair, because I loved to put a leg up while fucking. then the stud can penetrate deeper. In my imagination, it now rang at the front door. Chance would have it that my neighbor, in his late forties and very attractive, was at the same time the owner of the coffee shop where I had been getting my morning caffeine ration for ages. Already often I could guess that he was well stocked down and already more than once I had imagined how it would be if.

So the doorbell rang at my front door. I had invited my neighbor for a glass of wine, and I opened it in all my glory as a woman. All or nothing, I thought. He stumbled, but entered and the glint in his watching eyes told me that I had judged him correctly. We sat down on the couch, he caressed my legs, caressed my whole body, squeezed my tits and kissed my feet. I felt like such a woman and wanted to be ridden by him so right. His fingers moved to my ass and while he slowly stroked and fucked my asshole with one hand, the other kept stroking around my glans and pinching it until it almost burst with blood. Finally I allowed myself the moment and freed his swollen rod from his pants. He moaned and my wildest expectations were exceeded.

He wanted to take off all his clothes, but I like it when not everything is gone and so now he stood in front of me: a white shirt with a red tie, his latte poking out vertically underneath and from then on naked. In my mind he took me now in every room, always from behind, put the glans and fucked me always deep in my gut, but he never came all the way into my ass, always a piece was still missing. While my endorphins were working overtime like this, I fucked myself over and over again in the same way for a while: The dildo on the wall, one leg on the chair and my excitement was almost impossible to increase. Finally, I wanted to get to the finale. The idea of being fucked lying on my back until unconsciousness was so horny that I made myself a device for it. When I moved in, I discovered a niche surrounded by 3 walls, maybe once thought of as a kind of clothes storage, in any case, a narrow bed now fit in there. This became my niche. On the wall at the end I attached two supports with buckles, in which I could put my heels, in addition to the walls right and left each a handle. And now imagine, the walls covered with red curtains and the ceiling mirrored. The end of the bed I had pulled forward a bit from the wall and attached the dildo to it-can you imagine that?

Now I could spread my legs and put them up at a 90-degree angle, put my asshole to the dildo tip and then ram myself again and again on the dildo thanks to the handles-oh man, what I had already spent for horny nights like this, but today it should be unforgettable. The rubber dick had so far been only half in my ass cunt, but now I finally wanted it all. I took my position and in my mind my stud had me laid backwards on a table, legs over my shoulder and humped his latte violently, but still only halfway into me. My breath was coming in jerks and my hands were kneading my tits. I was about to cum, but by all means I wanted to delay it.

My cock was trembling and my balls were about to explode.

My cock was trembling and my balls were about to explode, but I hadn’t had enough yet. I wanted this monster cock all inside me. So I just let it slide out and concentrated on pissing. That had worked in the past, too, giving me a little respite. Everything was sticking to me. I turned on my knees, took a pair of black leather pumps closed in the front from the mattress and put my pipe in the first one. It took some effort to let the golden juice run, but finally my body allowed it and it splashed into the shoe.

It was scalding hot and greedily I put the shoe to my lips. With one hand I drank from the shoe while the other held the second and it was already filled. I poured the contents simply over my hair and chest and had I thought this action would have calmed my latte a bit, so I saw myself deceived. Completely turned on by this mixture of sweat and urine, my member was still bad-ass and I wanted only one thing now. To be fucked until unconsciousness.

I took my position on the wall again, put the heels in the loops on the wall and moved my ass back to the giant jizz. I hadn’t had to oil anything for a long time, everything was soaking wet and greasy and ready to finally give me the giant fuck. I held on right and left, put the glans on and quickly I had half of the rubber dick in me again with rhythmic thrusts. I moaned again and again, looking at the red toenails and heels, just one more piece of fuck meat. It was again the point where it would go no further. In my fantasy, my neighbor had laid down on the bed and I was riding him, but there was still an inner resistance. Suddenly my thoughts changed and the saleswoman from the sex store came back to my mind. Now she had opened her blouse, her wonderful tits jumped out at me. The skirt she had pulled up and underneath I could now see my monster butt, which she had put on as a strap-on.

Her white-painted feet were now in high white high heels open at the front, complemented by strapless white silk stockings. Actually, it wasn’t possible for my cock to get any stiffer, but the sensation of bursting inadequately described my arousal. My glans was pulsating deep red and little drops of sperm were constantly spurting out of my penis, but without experiencing release yet. In my fantasy, she threw me on the bed, put a pillow under me and pushed my legs apart as far as they would go. What followed was simply the ultimate fuck! She did not linger long with foreplay, but rammed me the piston equal full in the ass. With me on the bed, all the fuses now also set off. Like wild I threw myself again and again against the rubber cock, my ass cunt glowed and then it was time. A short pain, almost as if a hymen tears, and then this gigantic rubber piston was completely inside me. What a pleasure. My cum cream ran uncontrollably from my tube long ago, still without orgasm. My arms and hands, legs and feet hammered me uncontrollably on the giant cock. In my fantasy, the saleswoman screamed at me. This is what you wanted, bitch.

To be fucked with a giant hammer. Yes come on, scream your head off, I’ll fuck you into seventh heaven. And then it was time: one last push, and the saleswoman let herself fall on me with all her weight. The world stood still. A feeling as if it was tearing me apart. My breathing stopped and vast amounts of sperm splashed all over my body in wild jerks. With full force in the hair and face, on my tits and it just would not stop. In my imagination, gush after gush poured into my warm slimy gut, slapping against my prostate and sending me to heaven… It took me a while to come to again. This is what I had wanted this morning and now really got.

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