Dinner with his new girlfriend. Written from the viewpoint of a ladyboy who meets the in-laws at her place. The photo above is from Lala. I bet you could introduce her to someone without a problem.

The smooth fabric of my panties intensifies the feeling of his finger on my big new clit, and for a moment I lose control of my body. A jerky movement and soft moan. “Are you all right, dear?”, I hear from across the table, and I stare straight into his mother’s eyes.

As elegantly as I can, I cut pieces of potato and meat that fit in my mouth with a knife and fork. My hunger almost forces me to fill my stomach as quickly as possible, but I stay under control and calmly work my way through the appetizer. His mother has now fully accepted me as a daughter after my transformation from man to woman. As I sit neatly at the table, chewing my food, I suddenly choke and have to quickly decide if the food should go back up or down. Once I have made my decision and managed to get the food back on its desired route, I turn toward my new friend, whose hand is lustily trying to reach my crotch.

However, my crossed legs prevent his hand from moving in the area. “What do you think you’re doing!”, I ask him earnestly. “I literally can’t keep my hands off you, your delicious ladyboy body is mine, I want to feel you. Don’t worry. I’ll be very sneaky. Relax,” he whispers in my ear. The way he talks shows that he is horny and immediately I feel the familiar tickle between my legs. I decide to surrender to the situation and quietly move my legs apart to give his hand room to play, while I calmly try to eat my asparagus and keep my face in the fold.

His hand moves steadily toward the inside of my thigh and the higher it gets, the more my grip on the cutlery tightens. The smooth fabric of my panties intensifies the feel of his finger on my large clit and for a moment I lose control of my body. His warm hand takes my clit. A jerky movement and soft moan ensue. “Is everything okay, honey?”, I hear from across the table and I stare straight into his mother’s eyes. “Uh, yeah. I’m going to go freshen up. Excuse me,” I reply slightly panicked. Before I get up, I remove my friend’s hand from between my legs and feel how warm it has become. The rest of the family watches me as I walk out of the room and I sigh deeply when I feel I am visually out of reach. Without thinking about it further, I take off my underpants and put them in my bag. I can smell the horniness.

The mirror shows me the image my mother-in-law saw from the other tableside. My big eyes and red cheeks make me look exactly like what I am. A canny woman who has just undergone a massage at a neat family dinner. My eyes and their reflection meet in the mirror, and a smug smile appears on my face. “You crafty ladyboy,” I tell myself before my hand disappears under my skirt. It seems that I too can’t contain myself, and the whole secrecy of the situation only makes me want it more. Without thinking about it any further, I take off my underpants and put them in my bag. I can smell the horniness. Confidently, I return to the dining room for the main course. “Ah, grilled salmon, my favorite!”, I say cheerfully. With a polite smile, I sit down at the table, which is surrounded by my in-laws, and in preparation for what is to come, I slide my chair as close as I can.

“Are you okay?”, my friend asks me. “Yes, I’ve given you full access to my new bottom,” I whisper seductively. He tries not to let the self-satisfaction show. “Bon appetit everyone,” he says instead. It is not until I have eaten half of my delicious salmon that I suddenly feel his hand under the table again. Meanwhile, his father asks me a deeply philosophical question that I would like to answer as intelligently as possible. At this point, my actions don’t really align with my goal of the evening; to leave a good impression. Now his finger makes direct contact with my clit, but this time I am better prepared and am able to focus my sexual answer inwardly. “Yes, I think it’s impossible to love someone if you don’t love yourself,” I answer his father firmly and calmly.

“Immediately he pushes his body against mine and I wonder if no one saw the bulge I was holding under the table. ‘It’s time for dessert,’ he moans, ‘I want you inside me’ “I need to eat my salmon honey,” he whispers and gently pulls his hand out from under the table towards his nose to smell me. “What’s the matter with you two?”, his mother asks in surprise. “Nothing, I was just saying that I really like the salmon”, he answers quickly to counter suspicions. Like my excitement, I keep my giggles completely within myself and am reminded of how excited I was when I was a boy breaking into our school building at the age of fourteen. A feeling I haven’t had in a long time. Until now. As the last bite of the salmon disappears into my mouth, I decide to do him the same favor and slowly move my hand under the table. His warm, blood-filled penis I feel through his pants. My friend remains completely calm and continues to eat quietly. The hardening of his cock in my hand is the only indication of his lust.

“This was delicious, Mom,” he compliments his mother. “Thank you, sweetheart. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m glad you’re here,” she says with a sweet yet made smile at me before reaching across the table to grasp his hand, which was previously touching me. The indirect connection to his mother is a step too far for me and I release his hard-on. “I’ll show you my old bedroom,” he says suddenly, but with enthusiasm. A turn to the left of the dining room and a stairwell later, we are in a boy’s bedroom that hasn’t changed much since it was abandoned years earlier. Immediately he presses his body against mine and I wonder if no one has seen the bump I was holding under the table. “It’s time for dessert,” he moans. “Come and get it,” I say before presenting my fantastic new pussy under my skirt. The secret two-course foreplay has ensured that we are horny and a moment later we are fucking. It doesn’t take long before we cum shortly after each other, and just in time for the actual desert. Part of me feels guilty as I eat my dessert back at the table, but when it’s time to say goodbye, I’m pretty sure I left a good impression.