My wife Annika and I have been married for 2 years now. Our marriage is going very well and we still love each other as on the first day. Even though a rut has crept into our life together here and there, we still try to spice up our sex life regularly with special activities.

We have already tried outdoor sex, bondage games, and sex toys. I noticed for the first time that it makes me hot when my wife fucks herself with the dildo or takes it in her horny ass. However, I have not yet dared to tell her how much it turns me on, so unfortunately we do this variation quite rarely. Somehow, I don’t know how to teach her to imagine a Transgirl’s cock arousing me while I watch.

Yes, seeing her fuck another Transgirl was an idea that stuck with me.

Was I a pervert now? Did I really want it to happen? I was very unsure if a) I really wanted it and b) if I should tell her.

I thought about how it was sometimes when we went out together. For example, a few weeks ago, my wife was promoted to department head in her company. In the evening we went out and had a toast at a fancy restaurant in Hamburg. As we walked in, I noticed how our hostess was looking at my wife as she helped her out of her coat. She had also dressed accordingly. Under her coat, she wore a black stretch dress that highlighted her amazing figure, and red pumps by Manolo with about 12 cm heels. The dress was cut out at the back almost to the bottom, and at the neckline was a round neckline with a metal ring that gave a little view of her beautifully shaped 75C breasts. The hostess led us to our table. My wife had reserved it. It was in a nice quiet corner of the restaurant, the candles were already lit and nothing stood in the way of a romantic evening. Sasha, as our hostess introduced herself, adjusted my wife’s chair and was more than helpful in helping her sit.

Sasha, by the way, looked drop-dead gorgeous. She had long legs and large round breasts, I caught myself looking too long. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her looking at Annika’s luscious ass and I also think she was touching her there as if by accident. My lover apparently hadn’t noticed this, or she ignored it. However, I felt such a strange pounding in my chest and didn’t know whether to reprimand the hostess or not. Somehow, this brutality with which she grabbed my wife in front of me had caught me off guard and also impressed me.

My wife ordered a bottle of the most expensive champagne and an equally sinfully expensive 5-course meal. I myself would not have been able to afford these things, because as a simple artisan I do not earn enough for such luxuries. Annika, on the other hand, has always had more money than me and therefore paid almost all of our bills. Until now this had never been a problem for me, but at this meal, I clearly noticed how confident she was with everything, while I had to keep asking her what exactly was on the menu. Even Sasha noticed that I was unsure and spoke almost exclusively to my wife afterward. I noticed that she didn’t even try to fend off her rather blunt attempts at flirting. No, on the contrary, she seemed to jump right in:

“You really have a very elegant dress on. It accentuates your curves immensely,” Sasha said with a sly smile and she replied, “Oh, thank you, but your tight top and cloth pants look at least as good on you.” Seeing that I looked a little irritated, she simply said, “What, a little exercise wouldn’t hurt either. I’m sure you’d like to have a good muscular body like our Sasha here”.

Annoyed, I replied that I could also just have a salad. Then I got up and went to the bathroom. But my mind was already somewhere else. I imagined us taking Sasha home and her fucking my hot wife to the point of unconsciousness. I was torn. Now I knew I was definitely against other men hitting on my wife, but I saw no way to make it happen.

So the evening ended with my wife flirting rather wildly with Sasha, even though I was sitting there. Apparently, however, she was only doing this to give me a little incentive to pay more attention to her again. As we left the restaurant, Sasha escorted us to the door and my wife put on her coat. she approached her from behind and whispered something in her ear. Annika smiled sheepishly, thanked her and we said goodbye.

Since we were both quite tipsy, we decided to leave the car and took a cab. On the way, I asked Annika, “And did you enjoy the evening? The food was really delicious and the service excellent.” “Yes,” she said, “the food was excellent and the hostess very attentive. But didn’t you think she was flirting with me rather violently?” I looked at her. There it was again – that twinkle in her eye she gets when she is very excited. “Certainly my darling. But are you going to blame her? I mean, look at yourself. You’re beautiful. You’ve got sexy legs, a flat toned stomach and your firm tits her the absolute hammer. Plus, those almost forbidden high heels – you don’t just make me hot with them.” Now she looked deep into my eyes, “Don’t you mind a young woman like our hostess staring at me like that? I mean, she even had a bulge in her pants when she helped me into my coat.” My wife laughed, and then the penny dropped, Sasha was a Transgirl. A wild thought sprang up in my imagination….

Now I had to be careful not to say anything wrong. After all, I wanted her to flirt with other men, maybe even make love or get really fucked. But a Transgirl was, of course, particularly good. And I could delightfully join in! So I had to approach the subject carefully so as not to upset her momentary mood. “Of course, I’m a little jealous. It’s a strange feeling – on the one hand, I think to myself that I should spank the guy right away, on the other hand, it makes me really proud to be married to the woman everyone wants.” She smiled. So I was on the right track, so I asked her, “How was it for you?” My sweetheart smiled more and more, “You know, in a way it was great. I mean, after all, I’m probably 10 years older than this Sasha and yet I was still able to give her a heads-up. Plus, it gave me the security that you were around. That way I didn’t have to worry about her or feel like I was cheating on you.” I was at my destination. My wife had apparently gotten the hang of it. If I was smart about it now, my dream of seeing her in someone else’s arms for once would come true.

The cab driver almost drove past our house, she must have been listening so intently to our conversation. I snapped at her, “Hey cab driver, can’t you be careful!” “Excuse me,” he replied, “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation and can only agree that your wife is absolutely sexy and gorgeous. If I were you, I would be proud to have such a wife as well”. My wife got out, walked around the car to the driver’s window. She leaned into the car, giving the driver a deep view of her cleavage, “Thank you, very kind of you,” she breathed and gave him a fierce French kiss. My cock soon threatened to burst in my pants. Would this be real or was I about to wake up? My horny wife was in the cab kissing a complete stranger. The spectacle lasted only a few seconds, then she said goodbye and came up to me, “Well, my darling, how did you like that? I think I could already feel the first drops coming out of the tip of my cock. I stammered, “That was incredible, my darling. I never thought you were that crazy”. “Well,” she said, “you always underestimate me. I could do a lot of other things if you gave me the chance”.

Now I was completely exhausted. I kissed her harder than I had in a long time. I tasted the smoky saliva of our driver and my head cinched. My little girl detached herself from me and whispered in my ear, “Come on let’s go into the house.”

I thought we would jump right into bed for a good fuck, but Annika went to the kitchen first, grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge and sat down at the dining table. She called out in an uncharacteristic tone, “Come here my darling, I want to discuss something with you!” I trotted after her, “Yes, I would love to, my darling, but can’t it wait until tomorrow. I would like to go upstairs with you now”. She ruled me, “No, I want to discuss it right now. Tonight I realized that flirting with young men turns me on and since you don’t seem to mind as long as you’re around, we’re going to do a 4-week experiment starting tomorrow.” I looked at her like a car, “What kind of experiment then?” She seemed a little annoyed now, “Well what, for the next four weeks you and I will not be having sex with each other.” Now I was stunned. I hadn’t imagined it like this, “Please, why not, here you go? Am I not good enough for you anymore?” “Of course, I still love you. But if, we want to test if we like it when I go out with other guys, then her no distractions allowed”. That seems logical, but so completely without sex with my wife, how could that last, “OK honey, I understand about the sex, but so completely without your touch I just can’t stand it.” She thought about it for a moment and then said, “OK, I’ll think of something for you. But you have to accept that for the next 4 weeks you will always be second her”. The deal was fair. She could have fun with the other studs first and then spoil me.

I asked her, “And how would you like to start the whole thing now?” A mischievous smile flattered her face, “Sasha!” she said simply. “Like Sasha?”, I said, “Well, our hostess. Didn’t you notice that she whispered something in my ear as we were leaving?” Shit, I had completely forgotten: “Of course, I saw it. But I didn’t think anything of it”. She grinned, “So you see how naive you are. she told me I could visit her whenever I wanted. Now we just do it the other way around and invite her”. I was nervous, “Are you sure she’ll go along with it? I mean like this – where I’m at?” Annika grinned even more, “With the size of the bulge I saw in her pants, I can’t imagine she would be embarrassed about anything,” she spoke and disappeared into bed.

I couldn’t concentrate on my work at all the next day. I kept slipping the hammer and the paint job was a mess. I was so excited about what awaited me in the evening that every minute until closing time seemed like an hour. When it was finally over, I didn’t stay and have a beer with my colleagues as usual but headed home as fast as I could.

When I got home, there was a bill in the hallway on the dresser. I read it:

Hello, darling,

I’m glad you’re home. Yesterday was a very exciting night for me too. I never thought that I would be so tempted to flirt with others and even less that you seem to like it. That makes me very happy. To give our idea the necessary seriousness, I have prepared a few things for you. First, there are some toys and clothes that I would like you to wear tonight when I get home. On the other hand, I have prepared a little contract that covers me in case you don’t get along.

Your horny whore, Annika.

First I searched the box of clothes. I found a pair of nylons, a mini skirt and a see-through chiffon blouse. There was also a pair of black high heels next to it. I thought she must have switched the boxes, but the clothes were actually all in my size. At the bottom of the box was a Safer Ball. It’s a ball-shaped, lockable penis cage that still allows you to pee through the holes, but you absolutely cannot touch the penis. Next to the box was an envelope on the stand: For the Cuckold. I opened it and took out the letter. It really was the ultimate, but read it for yourself:

Cuckold contract

The husband John S. hereby relinquishes the free exercise of his sexuality and subjects it entirely to the control of her wife Annika L. she hereby cedes the right to conjugal intercourse to her lover. The husband knows and accepts that he may not sleep with his wife as long as her wife does not want him to. He cohabits with Annika L. in a never-ending marriage. For protection against herself, her noble parts are sealed off by her 24/7.

§1) Allocation of orgasms for the cuckold.

The wife may require her cuckold to masturbate under her supervision, at any time and in any place. The woman alone decides on the use of the semen released in the process. Unless expressly ordered otherwise, the cuckold must orally ingest both her own semen and that of others. In principle, the cuckold has no right to orgasms. They are a benevolent allowance he receives from her wife.

§2) Code of Conduct for Wife and Cuckold

Both wife and cuckold accept each other as equal partners in everyday life, but he accepts her special, dominant position in their shared sexual life.

§3) Sexual contact

The wife enjoys the following sexual freedoms: The sexual act with her lovers is hereby expressly desired and encouraged by the cuckold. Details are not discussed with the marriage cuckold. her opinion is irrelevant. Solo encounters with her lovers are tolerated by the Marriage Cuckold but must be the exception here.

§4) Punishments

Any misconduct naturally comes into play when considering how and how often to punish on the appointed day. Misconduct and negligence involve corporal punishment or mental humiliation for the cuckold. The woman may then punish the cuckold even in public, as long as care is taken not to jeopardize her profession as a result.

§5) Daily life

The woman lovingly accepts her cuckold’s gift of sexual freedom and chastity and treats it with respect. She will not make fun of her and will stand by her in her marriage-cuddle-never-inside existence. She will consistently follow the path she has chosen with her.

So that’s what I need to sign, I thought to myself. I’m not totally crazy – licking semen from myself and other Transgirls. On the other hand, I saw no other way to make my fantasy come true. My hand reached for the pen lying next to it and with trembling fingers, I confirmed my fate.

If you do, let me know and I will write a sequel.

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