I am a teacher in a high school. Naturally, the ladies in my class are very attractive to the male eye. To blow off steam, I call the secret number. I may then join two beautiful ladyboys. Photo for illustration, that’s Bella, a sexy Transwoman.

With a feeling of horror, I felt it begin to grow. The Norwegian girl, Asta, was she 16 or 17? – She was at least blonde, blue-eyed and a little well-built and pretty. The rest of the class sat deep in their tasks.

What occupied me most was Asta sitting on my lap, slowly wiggling my now stiff cock back and forth. She turned her face towards mine and smiled: “I like it too, Abbe,” she whispered with her toothpaste breath. I couldn’t help but notice the occasional annoyed looks from other girls in the class. Flashes of the principal’s alarming report, when he called me into his office, that Asta had been given anal sex by one of the big, classmates, who, according to one of the girls she had confided in, she was afraid of.

Also, how much it hurt. Now she was sitting here on my dick! What if the door opened! What if the principal was standing there! With a superhuman effort I pushed Asta to her feet, she sighed obviously disappointed and slumped down to her seat next to Danish Diana, both with long hair, Asta blond Diana dark.

The two girls chatted a little to each other and glanced up at me, then concentrated on the task sheet. What was I supposed to do? Hold on to the images in my head and continue to enjoy my erection, risking exposure? Or force my thoughts somewhere else entirely. One look at Asta, who instantly lifted her face to meet my eyes, and the smile that spread across her lips, settled the matter. I was defenceless.

The bell rang, and immediately the chatter spread among the students. Chairs were rattled and everyone trickled out. Asta stopped in front of my desk, her lips wet, her bosom heaving:” Hey, Ronnie, see ya!” Then she leaned over to me and whispered, even though everyone was out now and no one could hear: ” You are my best teacher and I SO liked what I felt!”

I called my secret number

Then she smiled broadly, slung her bag over her shoulder and was out of class too. * I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist if the opportunity presented itself. So I had to punish myself in advance in the only way I could. I called my secret number.

On the door was Sunrise Bliss. A middle-aged, Asian transwoman in a floral dress opened. She looked at me, then nodded and led me down a hallway, unmistakable noises sounding from several of the closed doors. Squeaking slightly, the woman stopped in front of a door, pointed at it, then left. I stood for a moment in front of the closed door, wondering what awaited me inside. Then I opened it.

A warm pink light embraced two small women with long black hair, one with a red rose behind her ear, chattering away in their incomprehensible language, barely noticing me, only giving me a quick but apparently uninterested glance. The room was dominated by a very large bed, otherwise I could not help noticing that all the walls were covered with large mirrors.

The two Asian women, more like girls, both a few heads shorter than me, continued their chattering until one suddenly put her hand over the other’s mouth. She said something short that made both turn their attention to me. They came over to me now smiling, took hold of my upper arms and were now courting almost tenderly.

One touched my cock

One touched my cock, now sounding clearly excited. She unbuckled my belt, the other came over and helped get my pants off. Appreciative sounds came from them as they saw my now large cock popping out. One’s mouth closed eagerly around the cock without further hesitation, the other licked my scrotum. A glance at the mirrors showed two brown girls engrossed in my cock.

Then, as if in mutual silent understanding, they got me completely naked. They puffed me up on the bed. I wanted to lie on my back, thinking they would continue to suck me, but they both protested, I could understand. They pushed me gently but firmly until I understood. I lay down on my arms and knees.

The girls also both came out of their clothes, I saw in the mirror that one had a tube in her hand, I felt something cool in the back. I could see they both had surprisingly large and now stiff cocks. And both smiled proudly at me in the mirror. Then the first one slowly penetrated me. I moaned with the effort at first, but quickly got used to the treatment.

They soon started babbling again in their language. Who knows what they were saying. She picked up the pace, a glance at the mirror revealed a little brown girl with weathered black hair. The sight of her on my back, I couldn’t help myself, it was so hot.

The other now thrust her cock into my mouth

My cock stood up. The other now thrust her cock into my mouth, automatically my lips closed around it. The taste was as always a shock, so hot, will it come in my mouth? I realized that this, a cock in my ass and one in my mouth, was not just a punishment. The two of them switched places for the first time. I wasn’t even thinking about Asta.

They kept swapping places, I probably sounded more and more strained, the two weren’t silent either. It suddenly flashed through my mind, is the older woman sitting outside the door listening? Is she perhaps fiddling with herself?

I looked again in the mirror, the girl on my back looked excitedly smiling, she was obviously enjoying it. Who wouldn’t enjoy a job like that. At last both girls had emptied themselves into me, and they lay panting for breath in my arms. Then they swarmed over my face with lots of little kisses, they were babbling away again. While I thought, “Can I keep them?” One of them, the one with a little mole at her mouth, now spotted my cock, still stiff, and lay patiently waiting like a thick sausage.

She reached out and grabbed it. Then she stuffed it into her mouth with a half-swallowing sound. I don’t know, I always thought of its size as medium, but for these little brown girls it must have been impressively large. She gave herself purposefully to show that her mouth was prepared to surrender to what I had for it.

The other girl just lay and watched the work with interest as her hand played with the hairs on my chest. I moaned more and more, her grip tightening, until with a long-drawn-out moan I surrendered and emptied myself into her waiting mouth. She came with effortless sounds, but kept it all. As if she had been standing with one ear to the door, it now opened and the older woman stood in the doorway:

“You finished? You leave!” The two girls giggled, one, the one with the birthmark, patted me on the stomach: “We fuck you good? You call the secret number and come back, okay?”