I was once again at one of those long-winded awards gala. After twenty years as a music manager, I was pretty sick of these eternal rituals of self-congratulation and had to get over myself quite a bit to show up. But seeing and being seen is part of the business, after all, and at least there’s always plenty to eat and drink at such events.

After I had exchanged the newest scene gossip with a few colleagues and tipped some free beers, my bladder made itself noticeable, and I looked for the toilet. Conveniently, mirrors were hung above the urinals, so I could search, in vain, for new wrinkles on my face as I relieved myself.

Even at 45, I still looked reasonably fresh, I thought, and a few wrinkles give a man character, after all. Yep, I didn’t look bad, was professionally successful and privately unattached. Best chances to hook up with another two- or third-rate pop starlet tonight, I thought to myself, while shaking the last drops out of my dick. Suddenly, I was jolted out of my thoughts.

Hi, also on the Awards? I heard a soft voice behind me.

I turned around, startled when I heard my name. Standing in front of me, barely an arm’s length away, was Anariel, sparkling at me with wide doe eyes. I opened my mouth to alert the girl that she was here in the men’s room. But just in time, I remembered that she wasn’t actually all that wrong here, either. Since I could not think of any other intelligent saying, I first stood with open mouth and open pants in front of the trans and gave her the opportunity to continue to babble to me.

“You, that’s great that I meet you here by chance,” she said, “Michael told me the other day what great contacts you have in the music business. And since I’m not on TV much right now, I thought we could both work a little on my singing career.”

Oh no, I thought, not that. After all, I’ve had to do a lot of bad things in my job; after all, I had a house to pay off. But I really didn’t want to be at fault for a Anariel London record. I also made a mental note to smack my colleague Michael for putting this miracle of modern plastic surgery on me.

“Well, that is of course an honor for me that you come to me of all people with your plans. But time-wise, it’s really…. At the moment.”

I stopped trying to give Anariel a gentle rebuff when I felt a touch on my cock, which was still dangling out of my open pants. And I looked down and saw that Anariel had her delicate and perfectly manicured right hand gripping my cock and massaging it gently.

“I know you’re very busy Frank, of course, but the Michael said that with the right arguments I’m sure I can persuade you,” she said, presenting me with her implanted eyelashes in an immensely seductive eye-blink.

Ok, slowly I could imagine how the conversation between Michael and Anariel had gone. Well, if the shemale was naive enough to believe in such a thing: I would certainly be the last one who would not take advantage of it. That she was half a man didn’t bother me, after all, everyone who has been in the music business long enough has had one or the other homosexual experience. And with Lori’s plump tits not even half covered by her tight black dress, my thoughts were first diverted from her cock anyway.

“Well, in that case, maybe we should discuss the whole thing in a more private atmosphere,” I said to her.

I grabbed Anariel by the arm and led her to the bathroom stalls. Fortunately, the restroom was completely empty right now because everyone at the event was eagerly awaiting the presentation of the first awards. We found a spacious handicapped restroom where we locked ourselves in. Anariel sat down on the washroom lid, looked at me expectantly and licked lasciviously over her splashed lips. I stood in front of her, and immediately she had sucked in my cock and started blowing it noisily.

Yeah, show me what a golden boy you are

“Yeah, show me what a golden boy you are,” I cheered her on. With one hand, I pressed her head down firmly on my steadily stiffening cock. So she couldn’t see that with the other hand I pulled a Viagra out of the inside pocket of my jacket and swallowed it. So, with the doping, I could offer the little trans tonight still a lot, I thought to myself. The little trans knew how to handle a cock, no wonder, she finally had such a part herself. And so she quickly brought my cock to its fighting size of 24Γ—6 cm with her tongue play.

Her splashed bright red lips were clearly stretched around my thick boner, but she otherwise had no difficulty in spoiling my rather handsome device. She had probably already gained some experience in giving blowjobs. I could therefore assume that she also tolerated a harder pace and now fucked her with hard thrusts in the mouth cunt, which caused her to make clear gagging noises. I also saw a few tears come to her eyes as she did this, but she bore it bravely. “A good mouth cunt you are,” I praised Anariel. “And your ass is about to get some, too.”

sexy trans

I pulled my fucker out of Anariel’s mouth and turned the little trans over. I pulled her little black dress over her plump ass. Of course, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Anariel propped herself up against the wall of the toilet with both hands and wiggled her rear end provocatively. “Fuck me hard with your stud dick, please. I need it now,” she moaned. Of course I gladly fulfilled her wish and put my fat glans on her tight rosette. I had to push a little to overcome this barrier but Anariel knew how to relax and so I finally slid into her tight channel after all.

“UUUNNHH, you’re tearing me apart with your horny thick cock,” Anariel moaned, biting her hand theatrically. I first remained still in her ass cunt so that she could get used to my hammer. At the same time I drove with my two hands in her dress and brought out her plump tits. Of course, she also wore no bra, she did not need, with the plump and firm silicone parts. She moaned in time with my vigorous massage of her big artificial tits.

This relaxed Anariel’s whole body and gave me the freedom to move my cock in her tight bowels. I pulled it out slowly now and when only the tip of my glans was still inside the trans, I slammed it back into her firmly and with full force, making her groan violently in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I repeated this a few times until Anariel could take no more. “Oh Frank, please slow down. My little ass can’t take any more of your powerful thrusts.” I was, of course, can gentleman and complied with her request.

I sank my hammer all the way into her hole

I sank my hammer all the way into her hole once again and then started rotating it slowly, At the same time I searched for her trans cock with my right hand under Anariel’s dress. I found the little fucker already completely stiff and began to jerk it. She responded with a deep moan and pressed her ass harder against my loins to feel my hammer even more intensely. “Yes Frank, please fuck my ass hard and jerk me off, so I can cum.”

I gladly complied with this request, of course, and increased my efforts on Anariel’s little cock until she suddenly put her head in her neck and yelped. I felt her cock twitch and her semen discharge onto the tiles of the toilet. She slumped down, exhausted, and could barely hold herself up. I now grabbed her hips with both hands and rammed Anariel hard, so I could have my fun too. “Now you get my cream, you trans slut”, I screamed and juiced violently in her ass.

I pulled my boner out of Anariel’s ass and stuffed it back into my pants. The little slut sank to the floor of the toilet, turned around and looked at me with wide eyes. “That was a really hot fuck, Frank. Can we do it again?” I was a little surprised by this question, but not averse. “Well then, come with me. We’ll look for something more comfortable,” I said to Anariel, and together we left the room.

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