Ladyboy New handcuffed

His last meeting with ladyboy New left him wanting for more, she was just so hot and almost ready to handcuffed. But hard to meet and she had walk away after he paid her for sex last Saturday. He went to the toilets and after that New was gone, same as his chance to kiss and cuddle this ladyboy.

He tried so many times to meet her again but for some reason she never picked up the phone. He kept trying and when he finally got hold of her he was ecstatic when she told she was NOT with her boyfriend, he quickly demanded she would bring her cute little butt over to his place. In his mind he had that BDSM fantasies again, handcuffed both ladyboys and fuck them like dolls!

To bad she couldn’t come because she was having a night out with her friend so he solved the problem by telling her she an her friend can visit him quickly. And they did.. So lady, ass please. The man with the mask want to cum.


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  1. You are the most beautiful ladyboy I have ever seen and definitely a girl I am interested in getting to know. We have spoken before and I would love to chat again.

  2. I wish I could make an honest lady of you and have you home waiting for me everynight… Love

  3. Black-Queen we have spoken before, I believe I could make you a happy husband someday. You are the most beautiful ladyboy I have ever seen and you really do it for me. I wish I could be with you for the upcoming 4th of July, there would definitely be fireworks.

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