Irene looked up as her big, beefy husband entered the room and smiled. Even after all these years, her heart still skipped a beat at the sight of him. And when Steve smiled at her and asked for a kiss, she thanked her lucky stars that she had found this special transman. There was a dreamlike quality to her life with Steve; he was a good provider, a true romantic, and the man knew all the buttons to push when it came to sex. She had had a long, busy day and as Steve kissed her neck and the tail of his aftershave filled her nostrils, her thoughts turned to relaxation now. Photo by transman Philip.

The world always seemed like a better place when he was around, and his smile and a high-pitched laugh of laughter always wept into her mood. He stroked her arms lightly now as he began to kiss her cheeks, and she lifted her head, seeking the sweetness of his lips. Within moments they were in the bedroom and she was in his arms surrendering to his kisses.

The man kissed like no other man on earth. And only she knew why he knew her so well. Half an hour later she was out of breath and sore lipped from all that kissing; what she didn’t need was any rough action. Only he could make her feel like that, like a slut and a saint all rolled into one, and she was taking advantage of it now as she began to strip him of his work clothes.

How she loved his masculine aroma at the end of a workday and all the dark hair on his beefy body. There was a solidity to his body that made her feel at ease. How she loved all the dark hair on his big barrel chest and flat stomach.

This was her husband: a transman, born a woman.

She kissed his big nipples now and heard him gasp. And as she peeled off his underpants, his huge clit and fat pussy lips came into view, surrounded by dark fur. This was her husband: a transman, born a woman, but now transformed into a big, masculine fucker with the hottest pussy she had ever seen and had the pleasure to love. Irene buried her face in Steve’s crotch and inhaled his sexy smell before petting his swollen lips and teasing around his horny clit cock. The big guy moaned as his wife’s tongue teased alternated between his masculine and feminine parts, but today it was his pussy that was on fire with desire.

Sometimes he wished his cock was big enough to fuck Irene, but mostly he had learned to be content with what nature had given. His hormone-fueled love mound gave him immense pleasure, and Irene loved to stimulate it with her tongue and fingers. The way she leered at it and praised it, anyone would think that Steve had the biggest cock in the whole darn world.

But what Irene didn’t know was that transman Steve kept getting turned on at the thought of watching Irene get shafted by a big, hard cock and then surrender her own pussy to that man-steel. And now that Irene’s fingers were dipping into his sopping pussy, Steve couldn’t hold back the words he longed to say.

‘I wish you had a big big cock to fuck me with,’ he said. ‘I’ll get the dildo,’ Irene told him. ‘No, I meant a real cock, blood filled and spurting.

What I want is a real live cock that’s hot and thick and pushing…’ his voice trailed off. ‘Honey, I can fix it,’ she told him. ‘You can?’ he asked. ‘Of course I can.’ she replied.

Irene picked up her mobile phone and called Dave, a friend she’d made through work. Dave had never met Steve, but she and her friend often talked about Steve, and she knew that Dave was extremely curious about Steve’s body. She could hear disbelief in his voice now as she told Dave that she wanted him to come over right away and fuck her husband.

He promised to come as soon as possible while Irene turned her attention back to her equally incredulous cock hungry husband who was lying on the bed jerking his swollen clit cock. The thought of watching Dave thrust his hard cock up into that pussy made Irene shiver in anticipation as she lay down next to the gentle giant with whom she shared her life and most intimate moments. Steve turned his wife onto her back now and dove into her muff.

He was so horrified he could hardly breathe. He couldn’t believe that even though he was eating his wife’s asshole and pussy, there was a stranger coming over and that his number one fantasy was about to become a reality. Mary’s horny sighs were like music to his ears; he was determined to give this selfless, understanding woman as much pleasure as he possibly could. And even thought muff diving formed the basis of their wilder love, he never tired of it.

Since he had a pussy of his own, he knew exactly where to lick, where to touch, and what pressure she should use, and Irene was weak in his hands as she thrashed around on the bed. Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang and Irene let Dave into the house. He still couldn’t believe he’d been invited to change Irene’s husband, but she assured him that was what both she and Steve wanted. She led the dark-haired stud into the bedroom, and he gasped out loud as he caught sight of Steve’s big, masculine body and his hairy pussy and horned up.

After the briefest of introductions, Dave lay down on the bed and took a good look at Steve’s amazing sex meat. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest and his excitement had turned his throat to sandpaper. Often he had fantasized about fucking Irene, and just as often he had wondered what it would be like to pleasure her husband, and now he was about to find out.

His face dropped into Steve’s pussy, and soon the big guy was thrashing around on the bed while Dave ate him out, brushing a finger over Steve’s pucker buried deep between his beefy cheeks. Irene pinched her nipples as she watched Dave lick her husband’s pussy. She had always imagined that she would be jealous that everyone else would love her husband, but figured because it was a man who loved his pussy so well that she could handle it. In fact, she could even handle it; she was incredibly turned on, and her hands were sliding down onto her own pussy now as he watched Dave’s expert tongue tease up at Steve’s swollen little cock.

Steve’s eyes were closed, and his face was lined as pleasure washed over him. Seeing her husband like this was so incredibly hot, and now she wished she had a cock to give him too. She watched Steve lick his lips, and she went and whispered in his ear. ‘Are you ready for Dave?” she asked. ‘Yes! Yes!’ Steve gasped.

Irene went and sized up Dave, reaching for his sexy ass. She soon got rid of his jeans and zipper and started lowering his jeans. She was surprised to find that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His rock-hard balls were bright as marble and were perfectly smooth and flawless, and she realized that he had taken a quick shower before she came out to see them.

Now that she had his jeans completely off him, Irene parted Dave’s cheeks and began kissing his tight little bump hole. Dave moaned in shock and pleasure; this was the first time he had been eaten out by a woman, and what an expert she was. His smart little hands stroked his thighs and ass as she ate him out, and he could feel his pecker ever getting desperate to be buried deep in Irene’s husband’s pussy.

Thankfully, Irene whispered in his ear, begging him to fuck her husband. Dave wasted no time in responding. He positioned himself between Steve’s big, hairy thighs and sank his eight-inch throbbing into Steve’s sucking, wet cunt. The big guy moaned loudly as he received his first cock ever. His pussy instinctively knew it was receiving the real thing and made like a glove around his invading human flesh.

Dave moaned loudly; it was like plunging into warm satin.

Dave moaned loudly; it was like plunging into warm satin, like fucking liquid velvet. And the look on the big guy’s handsome face was priceless. Irene felt a little jealousy at seeing pleasure written so large on Steve’s forehead and in his big blue eyes, but soon the jealousy passed and lust inflamed her senses.

She teased her own clitoris now and felt pleasure pulse though he body as she watched her friend’s big, hard cock bite into her husband’s well-lubricated pussy. She watched Dave’s beautiful face hover over Steve before their tongues slid over each other in the horniest kiss she’d ever seen. She almost wished then that she had filmed the encounter to look back on later. Watching the hard cock stroke in and out of Steve’s hungry pussy reminded Irene of the pleasure she had once known.

But the day she met Steve was the day she fell in love, and even when he kept telling her he wasn’t like all the other guys, she couldn’t rein in her feelings. She had made her choice and had given up dick to be with the man she loved, but damn, how she longed to get shafted right now. How she would love to feel the urgency of a natural born man as his thrusting, precum slobbering cock sought entrance to her love canal. How she would love to be filled by a cock’s girth and length as magnificently proportioned with Dave’s and to feel his fat, cum heavy balls pounding against her as he fucked.

She knew that all she had to do was tap Dave on the shoulder, but that would be unfair to her husband who was experiencing the amazing pleasure of his first real live cock ever. The sound of grunts and moans gurgling up Steve’s throat and the sound of air being pumped into his pussy had an aphrodisiac effect on Irene, and soon her cries of excitement drowned out the bass grunts and moans of the two mating men. Hearing Irene reach orgasm just made Steve hungry, and he held onto Dave like a drowning man. His big hands gripped large handfuls of Dave’s firm manhood, desperate to have his hard cock ever deeper into his overheated pussy.

Steve knew he was close, and he wanted to milk every last ounce of excitement and stimulation out of this situation before it was over. Dave kept fucking while Irene stalled the engine once. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and held them under Steve’s nose, and he lapped greedily at her fingers.

As he did, he felt his orgasm building, and he threw his head back and let it wash over him. Hearing the deep bass bark and knowing that he was the cause of it was too much for Dave. He whimpered as his balls exploded, pumping a massive amount of love sauce deep into Steve’s satisfied pussy. As the two men dismounted, all three hit the showers and talked about the amazing experience they had just had.

Dave knew that theirs was a doorbell that he would ring as often as he could.