It had been a quiet dream of mine for years to meet and experiment with a trans woman. The idea of an Asian webcam trans woman named HarlanEstate or Taylor had always intrigued me. Her long black hair, exotic looks and sensual movements on the webcam had caught my attention, and I had always secretly hoped that one day I would meet her in real life.

And now the time had come. I had contacted HarlanEstate through her webcam profile and was finally able to make an appointment to meet her at a hotel in the city. I was nervous and excited at the same time when I arrived at the hotel room at the appointed time.

I had seen her on webcam many times before, but now she was standing in front of me, even more beautiful and seductive than I had imagined. HarlanEstate was small in stature, but her presence was large. She was wearing a tight black dress that showed off her feminine curves.

Her dark eyes looked at me defiantly, and before I knew it, she had me pressed against the wall and began kissing me. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she whispered in my ear as her hands slid down my body. I could feel her warmth through the thin fabric of her dress and I wanted nothing more than to run my hands all over her body.

HarlanEstate released me and led me to the bed. She gently pushed me onto the mattress and slowly began to undress me. I felt like wax in her hands as she sensually removed my clothes and then began to kiss me all over. I was excited and couldn’t wait to touch and taste her. I stroked through her black hair as I brought her lips to mine and our tongues found each other. Her hands slid down my body, caressing my chest and descending to my crotch.

I moaned softly as she stroked my erect cock through my boxers. “Do you want me?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Yes,” I whispered, tenderly holding her face. Harlan Estate stood and pulled her dress over her head. There she stood, clad only in a sexy black lingerie set. Her beautiful round breasts were bare and her penis stood proudly erect. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

She was so beautiful and feminine, yet so unique and exciting. “Come,” she said and led me into the bathroom. There we let the warm water flow over us as we continued to explore each other. I felt so relaxed and at ease with her, as if we had known each other for years. When we got out of the shower, we dried each other off and returned to the bed. HarlanEstate grabbed a bottle of massage oil and began massaging my body.

Her hands were warm and smooth and made me tingle with pleasure. I rolled over on my stomach so she could massage my bottom and back, and I felt her fingertips slide over my anus. I moaned softly and turned over, bringing her lips to mine for an intense kiss. Her hand found my member and she began to slowly jerk me off as I kissed her breasts and took her nipples in my mouth. “Fuck me hard,” she whispered as she rolled away from me and got on her hands and knees in front of me.

I could not believe my eyes as I looked at her beautiful body lying invitingly in front of me. I sat behind her and grabbed her hips as I slowly slid inside her. Our bodies fit together perfectly, it felt so natural and exciting that I had to stop myself from coming right away. HarlanEstate moaned loudly as I fucked her harder and deeper. Her penis danced to the rhythm of my thrusts and I couldn’t get enough of her. I grabbed her shoulders and started fucking her harder, while my hands slid over her body, massaging her breasts and penis.

We moved in perfect harmony, it wasn’t long before I felt myself coming. I pulled out of her warm, wet cunt and squirted my hot cum all over her bottom as I moaned her name. HarlanEstate turned around and took me in her arms as we both caught our breath. I felt so intimate and connected to her, as if we were one. We lay in each other’s arms for a while, unable to take our eyes off each other. Finally we settled down and started to get dressed.

We said goodbye with a final kiss and agreed to do it again. As I walked home, all I could think about was the intense and erotic night I had spent with HarlanEstate. She was a true goddess, I was so happy to have finally met her and experienced what it was like to be with her.