Where 3 years ago everyone said I was crazy because she was a trans girl and still very young, we are still together and happy. I was 29 at the time and she was 19. Soon she moved in with me and had a good time.

She was already crazy about sex, even though she didn’t have much experience and only had a few boyfriends and did little exciting things. I noticed even then that she was open to a lot and wanted to try a lot. She never missed a moment to tease or challenge me. She is a beautiful, not too tall transgirl with a slim figure and long dark hair. Beautiful white complexion and 85c round breasts with small horny nipples. Her pussy always nice and smooth and small horny lips. She was and still is rated much younger.

We were together for about 2 years and were on vacation in Spain. Nice camping on the beach. After a fun night, we went to the beach. We found a nice spot and lay there fidgeting with each other. Her dress off, and she was sucking me with her butt up. She was sucking me so nice and I saw a man standing a short distance away. I smiled and told Anita that a man was watching her. She looked at me with a big smile and said, “Well, I hope he likes what he sees” and continued sucking.

The man had obviously come closer and I saw that he was masturbating. I told this to Anita, who started to play with her pussy. I smiled and asked her how far he could get. Anita laughed and said very far from me. I laughed and honestly it was a very hot thing, a strange man masturbating on my beautiful woman.

This man now stood very close and looked at my girl’s buttocks and pussy. I laughed and said, be careful, he will stick it in. Anita looked at me and her smile told me that she didn’t mind. I don’t know why, but neither did I and I nodded yes. I saw the man behind her get down on his knees. Later I heard Anita motioning for him to come. He stroked her buttocks and started fingering her and I heard that she was well wet.

There he pushed his stiff cock into her and Anita started to pant more and looked at me incredibly horny as she let herself go on this strange cock. Damn, that was a horny sight, a strange guy jerking off on my girl. Soon she was lying on her back with the guy on top of her and it sounded like he was fucking her to a climax. He came too and squirted all over her pussy. The man thanked her and left. I looked at her pussy which was covered with a huge load of cum and came in her mouth.

The next day we talked about what had happened and we both agreed that it could happen more often. Unfortunately, nothing more happened on that vacation, although we did have a lot of sex on the beach.

Once home, it was decided that an extra man was in order. Soon I knew that a good friend of ours who had been single for years was open to it. The first time was weird, but very exciting. So it happened three or four times a month that he joined in. Anita hinted that she would like to go alone to his house, while I only knew about it. I agreed and so she was alone with him and they fucked for more than three hours. Sometimes I got a picture or a movie. It was a mega horny evening for both of them.

I liked to watch her and she liked to let herself go on another cock. I liked to lie under her and then watch from close up how that cock slid deliciously into her. So I lay under her again and this friend fucked her hard. Every now and then I would lick her like this. While I was licking, he had come and while his cock was sliding out, his cum was also sliding out of her trans-cunt. I did not notice this and licked her and his semen. When I found out I had to be honest I found it super horny to do that and licked her completely clean. Anita loved it and so it happened that when she fucked him I licked her clean and also licked his cock more and more while he fucked her.

After a few years the boyfriend moved far away for work and the contact was almost gone. So did the extra tension in our sex life. Anita was clear that she still wanted it and that it could be strange men.

The neighbor, with whom we had good contact, occasionally came over for a drink on weekends. He was a real computer geek. He had lived with her for years and had two children. His relationship was separated. After their second daughter, he stopped having sex with his wife. She didn’t want it anymore. One Friday night he was there again. It was pleasant and it came up again. He hadn’t had sex in over 10 years. No matter how much he wanted it, she really wanted nothing more. As a joke, I sent Anita an app. Oh, help this man. She looked at me with a smile and I knew it was no joke for her.

Anita went upstairs and came back in her pajamas. Short tight panties and a shirt. She was obviously not wearing a bra. She was obviously up to something. She was also sitting pretty far apart and the panties were tight around her pussy.

I stepped away for a moment to smoke outside. I looked into the house through the kitchen window. They were laughing and talking. Back on the couch, I noticed that the neighbor had a big bulge in his jeans. Anita noticed it too. Her nipples were already showing through her shirt. I made a bold move and ran a hand over her breasts. The neighbor watched with a big smile. It was quiet in the house, only the music could be heard. Anita sat down with her legs wide apart and I slipped into her panties. No thong on and her pussy was really wet. Only two fingers in her pussy.

Should you feel it, I said to the neighbor. He came closer and slid his hand into her panties. Anita immediately grabbed his crotch and opened his pants. A big dick came out. I pushed Anita out of her panties and the neighbor took off his pants. They started tonguing each other and he fingered her and she pulled him. I left them alone for a while and from outside I could see everything. In position 69 they started to lick each other. Soon he was on top of her and slid his big cock into her and let Anita fuck herself again. It didn’t take long until he came. Well, 10 years without fucking is not good hahahaha.

We had a new pleasure again. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, it was good. What she never wanted was anal. One nice evening she sat on the neighbor’s dick. She had come and sat up for a while. I held his dick up and she went in again, only this time she went in the wrong hole. Still she went through. Slowly he slid in. After a few gentle strokes I noticed she liked it and soon she let herself be fucked anally and came lightly squirting through. She admitted she loved it and that same night she got a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. Again something new.

Last summer we had a nice vacation in Germany. We rented a nice cottage in a well known park. The weather was very good and the place cozy and nice. Next to us in the cottage were 4 German guys. All four in their late 20’s. We soon had a good time with them and one evening we drank a lot. So as not to cause any trouble, we continued the evening inside.

Nothing indicated what was going to happen that night. Inside we laughed and drank. One of them found out that we had a sauna in the cottage. The gentlemen wanted to go in. Everyone had already had a big drink and the gentlemen jumped into the sauna. All four of them alone in their boxers. That was the moment when I had a great idea. I asked Anita if she wanted to wear her open crotch thong. Anita laughed but did not hesitate for a moment and came back in her black lace open crotch thong and jumped into the sauna. Well, it was full now. I stood in the dark hallway and looked in.

Anita was still tidy, but her bare breasts and stiff nipples said enough that she was horny as hell. It was not a big sauna, so everyone sat close together.

Slowly I saw that the gentlemen had a bulge in their boxers. I grabbed four beers and a glass of wine. I opened the door, brought their drinks and stood back in the hall. They toasted and Anita sat a little more wide-eyed. 1 of the gentlemen probably saw what kind of thong she was wearing. He took off his boxers and a stiff cock came out. The other gentlemen laughed and followed and there were four stiff dicks. Anita now sat with her legs spread wide and grabbed two stiff cocks with her hands and pulled on them.

The gentlemen did not hesitate for a moment and slid their hands and fingers all over her body and pussy. One began to lick her while they took turns tonguing each other. After 10 minutes of feeling and tonguing, the first cock slid into her pussy. Wow, four men wanting to do her.

Anita came out of the sauna and the others followed. On the bed she was ready. Two dicks she sucked and one licked her nipples and one started to fuck her nice.

Wow four guys fucked her hard and in different positions. also her ass came in and soon doubled again. Anita panted deliciously and came several times lightly squirting. After about half an hour, she was completely covered in cum. The gentlemen left and I was allowed to lick her clean from top to bottom and then fuck her myself.

The next day Anita admitted that this was a fantasy of hers and that she wanted to do it again. Well, from me she could. That night she went to her house with a nice body. 10 minutes later I was standing outside the window watching my girl go wild with these four. After three hours she came back to me with her whole trans cunt full and covered in semen. Well, I was busy licking it clean.

Two days later there was a girl with them. Turned out to be a friend of theirs. Too bad nothing more would happen because she was over at their place. That afternoon we had a drink in our garden. Two of them joined us and the others went swimming. Anita soon challenged them. Ready light day outside Anita let herself be fucked by them.

The other three entered the garden just as Anita was getting both holes filled. The other two laughed and came right in. The girl was wide-eyed. She sat down next to me and I offered her some wine. The fact that she stayed indicated that she liked what she saw. Well, I played with my dick and looked at her. Nice blonde lady with apparently stiff nipples. Slowly she started to play with herself. Her shorts came off and there was a horny pussy with big labia. I slid towards her. She looked distracted and I sank between her legs and began to lick this delicious smelling wet trans cunt. Wow horny what big labia and clit she had. All inside and Anita with the four of them on the bed. Me and this nice girl in the other room. Shit this was really a sex monster and super dominant.

When my dick finally went into this delicious trans cunt I had to stop or it would have been over. Then I fucked her. Anita seemed to think it was great that I was fucking another woman. Well, it was.

That night we had dinner together. Later in the evening we played truth or dare. Well, some normal dare soon became sex dare. Anita and the other girl had to tongue each other, which they did. I got the assignment to suck a dick after everyone was naked.

No problem for me, but I didn’t know what they would think. One held up his dick. I crawled over and grabbed his dick and started licking and sucking it. His dick got stiffer and stiffer. Meanwhile, the rest were already with the two girls. The guy started fucking my mouth while holding my head. I got a second cock that was soaking wet. This one was already in Anita and I sucked her horny juice from this cock. So now I sucked the gentlemen after they had been in 1 of the ladies. Damn 1 big orgy it was. The ladies in position 69 and me sucking two dicks. Two looked at the ladies or at me. Slowly they all came. I sucked 1 who came in my mouth. This while I fucked this nice girl in her delicious trans cunt and cum. Both ladies had cum in and around their trans cunt that I had to lick clean.

Everyone laughed and drank again. At one point Anita and 1 of the guys were gone. They were lying on the bed and under the blankets, fooling around with each other. Soon I was left with two other guys. They wanted to get into bed with me. It turned out that they often made out with each other. We went into the other room, while in the dark other room we heard screams and saw Anita being fucked. On the bed I was being sucked and sucking a cock. The two of them fucked each other while she was sucking me off. Wow, that was something special. Soon I realized that she wanted to do the same with me. Anita had brought the other boy to me.

I was on my knees and Anita grabbed some lube, she wanted to see this. I had my doubts. I felt a glans pressing against my ass and slowly sliding into me. Anita lay next to me and said, look, this is what it looks like when she lets a cock go anally. The guy was patient and kept sliding in and out for a while. Slowly he slid in easier and easier and further and further and further. okay this felt weird but also nice.

1 of these guys had gotten under me and was sucking my dick while I was sucking him. This made me even more relaxed and the cock slid smoothly into me and started fucking me. Anita screamed with pleasure. This is mega horny she cried. Now I lay on the edge of the bed and 1 was fucking me while the other slid over my cock and I sucked the third cock while Anita lay there watching and fingering herself silly. I came and was left alone. Anita crawled into the other room with the three. I fell asleep like a log. As it turned out, Anita went wild for more than 2 hours.

I never expected that I would find such fun and delicious sex with a man. That vacation in the dressing room, I gave one of the guests a blowjob. Anita went further and further. Sometimes she came back while offering me her seed trans cunt. She had fucked one of them. Sometimes I also lay somewhere delicious fucking with the other girl.

The last night was a complete orgy in our cottage.

This summer we will go to Germany again. This group is also coming where we booked a cottage. This time with two more girls. So three women and four men. It’s going to be a horny affair again. Only two more weeks of work. In the meantime, we also have fun at home. Anita sometimes picks up a nice man to go crazy with.