‘Fabian, you’re getting the intern with you today, is that okay?’ I looked up from behind my desk. ‘Um yes fine, send her along’. I worked as a photographer and had a hobby as a writer of erotic content, and today I got Briana to come with me. Briana was the intern who did a 10-week internship with us. A very shy girl of 19. Her blonde hair came just to her shoulder, her blue eyes often looked away. She had small, modest breasts. I had seen her twice.

She was nice looking, but I was way too old anyway. I was 36, single, short shaved hair, somewhat muscular. Briana walked into my office. ‘Um hi Fabian,’ she smiled shyly. I smiled back. We got in the car, and drove to the client. Some photos for her website. On the way back, I got into a little conversation with Briana.

Especially on the way back, it seemed like she had thawed. The shy girl had gone away a bit. She was still a little reserved at times. She told me she didn’t have many friends, and at school she didn’t seem to be the most popular either. As a joke, I said: if you need company, I’m willing to buy you a drink. I was shocked by my own statement. I’m 36, she’s 19, what must she think of you’, I thought. Briana waited a moment. ‘Tonight then?’ I couldn’t believe my ears. ‘Um is good’ I said, somewhat surprised. ‘I’ll pick you up.

That evening we sat in a quiet café. We talked a bit about work, about her life and hobbies. It turned out that we had an agreement on the part of erotica. Briana was also a webcam lady on Ladyboyxcam. I began to like her more and more. It couldn’t be, I thought to myself. If my boss heard about this, I would have a problem. I grabbed Briana’s hand. ‘This will stay between us, right?’ Briana nodded. ‘Then it’s okay,’ I smiled.

We had a pleasant evening, and we drove past my house. I was going to pick up some more documentation for her internship report. She walked in after me. ‘I had a great time tonight,’ I told her. Briana blushed. ‘Me too, it’s nice not to sit at home for once’. I smiled at her. ‘Even with an older guy like me?’ Briana giggled a little. ‘I tend to like older men’.

Now I was a little shy. I looked for the documents together. ‘Fabian, do you like me?’, I heard behind me. I turned around. ‘Um yes, I like you a lot, and after 1 night you can never be completely sure, but you seem like a nice girl’. Briana’s eyes turned away. I asked her if something was wrong, if I had said something wrong. ‘I have to tell you something, I haven’t always been a girl,’ she whispered shyly.

The intern has a small bulge in her jeans

I looked at her in surprise. I looked at her, and now I saw it. A small bulge in her jeans. ‘Um that’s not bad Briana’. Her eyes got big. She came close to me, and briefly pressed her lips to mine. Very briefly. ‘Thank you, often I get sent right away,’ she said shyly. I lost my mind. The kiss had caused all the papers for her internship report to fall out of my hands. I grabbed her, and kissed her back.

Briana wrapped her hands around me, and a passionate French kiss followed. I noticed she was kissing a little awkwardly. We walked to the couch while kissing, and dropped. When the kiss was over, we looked deep into each other’s eyes. “Are you sure?” she asked. I nodded. Briana began to look a little shy again.

‘You’re still a virgin…’

‘You’re still a virgin…’ I blurted out somewhat awkwardly. Briana turned red. ‘Not many guys move on after they find out,’ she said with a bright red head. I stroked her through her blonde hair. ‘We’ll take it slow, if you don’t want something, or want to stop, just say so.’ Briana nodded in agreement, and took off her shirt for me. Her small breasts enveloped in a black bra. I unhooked her bra, and kissed her breasts once her bra had fallen onto my lap. Briana giggled a little, and I took off my shirt too. ‘Oh wow, she laughed’.

Now I was blushing. Briana stood in front of me, unbuttoning her jeans. Still a little more attentive than usual, I looked at her crotch. The jeans sagged, and there I saw a pair of black panties. Stuffed panties. I could tell by looking at Briana that she was excited about it. I would be the first to take off her panties, except for herself. I grabbed the panties, and slowly pulled them down. My mouth fell open in surprise. A stiff cock came out. Not a super-sized one, not a micro one either. About 10-12 inches. I was now looking at her from head to toe. ‘And?”, she asked. ‘You’re gorgeous Briana’, I smiled at her, and placed a kiss on her belly. ‘Um maybe weird question, but is he still working?’, I asked. Briana nodded.

‘You don’t have to expect a huge ejaculation, but something will come out, yes. I whispered wow to myself. ‘But why not all the way?’, I asked a little curiously. Briana sat down next to me. ‘I’m still in doubt.’ For a moment there was silence. ‘You’re gorgeous.’ I too took off my pants, and sat down naked next to her. Briana looked in amazement at my stiff cock. 19 cm stiff.

“Can I suck you?”

Carefully, Briana closed her hand around my cock, and began to gently pull. I enjoyed her awkward jerking off. I decided to do the same to her. She immediately began to moan a little. “Can I suck you?” asked Briana shyly. I nodded. Briana opened her mouth, and began to suck gently. I watched as she slowly slid my cock in. What a horny sight that was. I stroked her cheek. ‘You’re doing a good job, Briana,’ I complimented her. Briana closed her eyes, and began to enjoy herself more and more.

After a short blowjob, Briana lay down on her back. ‘Can I do the same to you?”, I asked. Eagerly, Briana nodded. I opened my mouth, letting a cock slide into my mouth for the first time myself. I began to suck Briana. How good that tasted, and how horny it felt. Briana immediately began to moan a little. I was about two minutes into it when I heard Briana’s breathing quicken. “Oh Fabian, sorry!” she moaned, and she squirted 2 small jets of seed all over her own belly. I enjoyed the sight. ‘Is not bad, dear, how was that?’

Briana smiled from ear to ear. ‘Fantastic, but now I want to be deflowered,’ she said shyly. I opened her legs, and quietly inserted my finger into her ass. Briana immediately moaned again. I fingered her gently. ‘Briana, I don’t have any condoms with me,’ I said after removing my finger from her. For a moment, Briana looked at me. ‘I trust you, we’ll do it without’. I put my stiff cock against her ass, wet my cock a little, and slowly pushed my glans in. ‘Easy!”, Briana let out a cry.

Round Trans Ass

When Briana saw how little I had left inside her, she started to laugh a little. She grabbed a pillow from the couch, and held it tightly. Centimeter by centimeter I slid into her asshole. Every inch she moaned louder. When I was all the way inside her, Briana had eyes like saucers. ‘Oh my god that feels so full, but so good’. I began to thrust slowly, and Briana moaned on. I bent down, and gave her a kiss.

My balls clattered against her ass.

She looked at me with glistening eyes. Very slowly, I increased the pace. My balls clattered against her ass. ‘Oh Fabian, how good this feels, finally!” moaned Briana. I could see from her that it was actually too much, but Briana kept moaning. ‘Fabian, keep going, this feels so good!’ By now, I had increased the pace a bit more. I felt an orgasm coming on myself. ‘Oh Briana darling, I’m going to come!’, I moaned.

Briana moaned back loudly. ‘Cum me full, Fabian!’ I came, groaning and grunting in her tight little ass. Briana’s face was all astonished. ‘I feel your warm cum inside me!, she said almost proudly. I kissed her on her lips, and slipped out of her. Immediately, she dove on top of me, and gave me a wild kiss. ‘Thanks, I’m not a virgin anymore,’ she smiled from ear to ear. We kissed for a while longer.

‘Can I suck you again?” she asked a while later. I nodded. My cock had regained its strength by now, and Briana closed her lips around my cock for the 2nd time. Needless to say, it wasn’t very long before I felt an ejaculation coming for the 2nd time. ‘ Briana I’m going to come again, I growled’. Briana let my cock slide out of her mouth. ‘Ooh Briana, I love you!”, I blurted out, before squirting her face. Briana squealed as she felt the seed against her face, I looked at her. ‘You look even hornier now.
Briana shot up in laughter.

We walked to the shower, and now Briana saw her covered face for the first time. ‘Oh my!” she laughed shyly. I came up behind her, and stroked her ass. ‘Did you mean it, what you moaned just now,’ she asked me through the mirror. I kissed her shoulder. ‘Yes Briana, I meant it’. I handed her a towel to wipe the seed from her face. She turned around, and gave me a long tongue kiss. ‘I love you too,’ she whispered.

This was my first experience with Briana. Briana and I have been together for 2 years now.

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