Hi my name is Olga I am transgender of 43 and the story below took place some years ago. It was the year 2002, at that time I was working for my boss in the north of the country and was away from home for whole days and only at home on weekends, at that time I started making appointments again and also bought clothes again. Photo from a Latina trans.

Hair removal was out of the question, as my wife would notice. I could be found dressed in lingerie and a skirt almost every evening in the well-known parking lots in the north of the country (the lanes and the wheels). One evening, the following happened to me there. I drove up and, as usual, did a few laps to see if there was any activity. It quickly became apparent that there was a fair amount of interest, and I parked my car in one of the parking spots and walked over to a picnic table across the street behind some forestry.

I sat down on the table in such a way that I could be seen from the road. Soon a wave pulled up and saw me sitting there and parked his car next to mine and came over to me. I was playing with my cock under my skirt and soon he was standing next to me and stroking my legs up under my skirt. Once there, he grabbed my cock and started to gently pull on it.

It was wonderful and I was getting hornier and hornier with the idea that people driving by in the parking lot could see us. I unbuttoned his pants and lowered them. I lowered myself as well and pulled down his underpants at the same time. His cock had also become a bit stiff and was standing proudly forward, I didn’t hesitate for a moment and started sucking him. What a delicious cock this guy had, he indicated that he wanted to fuck me and I told him that it could only happen with a condom and he did not have one with him.

I continued sucking again and with my other hand I stroked his balls and went through his butt crack. Every now and then I would stop at his starlet and slowly push my finger in, this did not miss its effect and soon he came jerking and squirting his seed all over my face and into my mouth. Not only did he have a nice cock to suck on but his seed tasted delicious. He apologized and went back to his car after I agreed with him that I would be there again the next week but then I would make sure I had something with me. The rest of the evening had gone fairly quietly and so did the next few days.

A week later, I was back at the parking lot on the agreed evening and was waiting for him at the table. It didn’t take long before I saw his VW drive up, he parked his car and walked towards me. We kissed each other wildly and violently, and I immediately reached into his crotch and felt a slowly growing pole. He unbuttoned his pants and lowered them, pushed my head down too and ordered me to suck him, which of course I did immediately. His cock got bigger and bigger the longer I had it in my mouth, at the end it was shaking and the head was purple.

He pulled my head away and told me to stop because he was about to cum.

He pulled my head away and told me to stop because he was about to cum. I made it clear to him that I did not want to stop and that he could squirt his seed in my mouth so he could fuck me for a long time afterwards. He agreed, but first gave me a fierce French kiss. After that, I continued where I left off and sucked all the way on his nice stiff cock. My one hand around his pole and the other hand under his big sack. After a short time I felt his sac cramp in my hand and his glans grew a little more and then his came out in big jets.

I almost choked on the amount he produced, but still kept it all in properly. I licked his cock clean and got up and sought his mouth, we became entwined in a wild tongue kiss and he let his hand go down my body and out from under my skirt. He gave me a firm slap on my buttocks and said to me, “So baby, you did a wonderful job but now I want to fuck you so make sure he gets up again. It didn’t take much because he had gotten pretty horny from our tongue kissing but I took him in my mouth until he was full strength again. I put on a condom and sprayed a little lubricant on it.

Then I leaned forward on the table and urged him to put that nice stiff rod in my trans pussy and give me a good time. This did not fall on deaf ears as he brought his prick in front of my pussy and let it slide inside in one go. When it was inside he stopped for a moment and asked if it was okay, I answered that it was difficult for a while but that it would get better, he should not whine so much and treat me more like a slut and start fucking me hard, At that moment he took his cock to the tip of his penis out of my ass and pushed at once again inside cried out loud go on fuck me you horny bear, fuck your whore slut fuck me hard that pole went inside faster and faster, and at a brisk pace he began to fuck me.

I was getting wilder and hornier from his pounding, I encouraged him loudly and this also attracted other men who came to see what was happening. First they stood around a bit, but soon I beckoned some of them and told them to drop their pants, they did so and I grabbed their cocks and started sucking them. One guy came quickly and disappeared. The other however couldn’t get enough and I kept sucking on his delicious thick tamp.

This cock was thicker and longer than the one that was fucking me at the moment. I turned around and let the man who was fucking me take place on the table and sat on top of him and began to ride him at my own pace, first very slowly with long strokes and then faster and faster. It seemed like I was in a form of intoxication and went up and down more and more wildly.

The other man came next to me again and forced me to take his cock in my mouth again. He grabbed my head and started to fuck me in my mouth with long strokes he forced me to take his entire cock of 23 cm in his mouth first I started to gag but after a while I was used to it and could totally have him. It didn’t take long before he also shot his seed into the back of my throat and I tried to swallow it all but it was so much that it ran down my face along the corners of my mouth. It seemed like there was no end to it, he sprayed so much that I couldn’t keep it in my mouth anymore and the last drops fell on my face. Slowly they dripped down and I tried to catch them with my tongue.

I licked his cock clean and kept sucking until he was firmly forward again, then I put a condom on him and stepped off my current fucker and stood with ass backwards and beckoned him to insert huge prick into my pussy. I felt his thick glans pushing against my pussy and slowly he slid in, I screamed out from horniness and that he was so big, soon he had his whole 23 cm in my pussy and started fucking me. The feeling that came over me was great my tight pussy filled by such a nice hunk of meat and who goes wild too hmmmmmmm. I got totally ecstatic and encouraged him fervently and enjoyed his big thick cock sliding in and out of my pussy, he fucked me long and hard and came again great I felt his seed in the condom and came myself in a way I had never experienced.

Without even touching my cock I squirted a huge amount of seed which ran onto the floor, meanwhile my first fuck partner was jerking himself off and at that moment squirted his entire load in my face. Tired but satisfied we lay on top of each other slowly some life came back into us and I wiped the cum off my face with my thong that was on the table. I thanked the gentlemen for this first real fucking experience and told them that we definitely had to do this again. I cleaned my clothes a bit and put on my sperm stained thong and got into my car and drove to my hotel to sleep, satisfied and tired.

Sleeping didn’t come immediately because first I jerked off with the thought in my head of what I had experienced this evening. After the first evening on the parking lot in the north of the country I had a taste for it. At work I was regularly looking at dating sites and placed an ad to get in touch with men or other transgender people. Of course I went back to that parking lot every night but I didn’t see my first sex partners there anymore. Others kept coming and sometimes it seemed like they were calling each other to say there was a horny trans who wanted something. One evening when I was back there and parked my car in the same spot a man came up to me. I sat on the edge of the table playing with my dick to see what his reaction would be.

When I noticed he was coming towards me I put my half stiff cock back under my skirt and looked at him. He started stroking my legs and slowly he disappeared under my skirt and started to arouse my cock further. In the meantime I opened his pants and he immediately lowered them to his ankles. I saw that there was a nice big rod in his shorts. I could not control myself anymore and pulled his shorts down. What I saw made me shiver with pleasure and a half stiff cock that in full size was about 19 cm big and at least 6 cm thick.

He now hung half stiff down but I would soon change that, I stooped and took the delicious cock in my mouth and began violently to suck. The man moaned out of pleasure and quickly called me to stop because otherwise he would cum. I didn’t want to hear it because I was so horny from this bar that I wanted his seed in my mouth. He had not warned me for nothing that he was about to come because before I knew it the seed was on my lips. I could not swallow it so fast or another load came, he kept coming I thought there would be no end. It soon ran out of the corners of my mouth and down my face.

Finally, the squirting stopped and I swallowed the last remnants and cleaned his cock neatly. I had not had enough of this delicious cock and it seemed that he had not had enough of me either because his cock had already started to grow a little. I told him I wanted to be fucked by him now and bent over with my ass up to seduce him. It didn’t take much because soon his cock was fully erect again. I took a bit of lube and lubricated my trans pussy with it. When that was done, I took his cock and put it against my starlet and urged him to push it in. He didn’t need much encouragement though because in no time his 19 cm was all the way in my ass and he started fucking me slowly and with long strokes.

I got all worked up and urged him to take me harder. I was not made of sugar but a top and bottom slut and wanted to feel that way. He increased his pace and gave me what I craved his cock in and out of my pussy at a killing pace. I was so absorbed in the fucking this man was doing to me that I didn’t notice that 2 more men had joined me by now. I only noticed when they both pushed their dicks against my lips to be sucked by me. So I willingly opened my mouth and let these delicious cocks fuck me in my mouth.

What trans slut doesn’t want to be fucked by a nice cock and two in your mouth? I alternated between these cocks and started sucking like my life depended on it. I could hear that both gentlemen were enjoying themselves, because they were moaning loudly. In the meantime I was still being fucked by the other man. It didn’t take long before both men in front of me came and sprayed their seed in my face and partly in my mouth. They held their limp cock still in front of my mouth and called me to lick it clean and as obedient a slut as I am I did so immediately.

The two men said goodbye to us, the man behind me could keep it up for a long time because he had already come once, but now he also started to come to a high point again. He grabbed my cock and started in his fucking pace me to pull it off it did not take long before I came screaming almost simultaneously he also spurted his seed in my bowels and fell exhausted on my back. With a delicious tongue kiss we said goodbye to each other with the announcement that we might see each other again here…

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