At least online. And most of it is a secret love.

So you have already met ladyboy Lola, a 20-year-old beauty and born as a boy. You are going to fall in love with this new lady. Lola is nicely dressed up today and is doing a contest in beautiful sitting. Her breasts are held together by a black leather dress. In the background, a dreamy song of a woman about love. I also took a live picture for you, do you see the perfectly drawn eyebrows?

Now and then smoke rings up, Lola is apparently planning to stop living earlier. On NaughtyLust (profile link) she is classified in the sub category Asian.

Of course, you just want to be in her dress, naughty boy. Would she have already had the full treatment? Read: new man-made pussy? This requires a private chat, you’ll get to hear her deepest desire and of course have a good time together.

And when COVID-19 is over, a date. 💕 Lovebirds. I’m going into town with a mouth cap, see if there’s a nice ladyboy outside.

lola ii