A lot has changed in my new life as Naomi. After the last two years, I was a bit tired and thought about a lot of things. Unfortunately the job didn’t leave me much time to be Naomi in a nice regularity and with the months I missed it very much… Mia moved away, she lives in Zurich now, I don’t go to clubs anymore, the times as a side whore I ended for the first time. Photo by Naomi.

Should the times get worse or the job get boring, then I have at least the possibility of a sideline.

In these times of reflection I didn’t go out the door too often as Naomi, mostly in the evening, then always normally dressed, little made up and not on the prowl for the next horny guy. I simply enjoyed the time as a normal transwoman at certain times. During this time I learned a lot about myself, listened to myself, thought about my future, tried to find out what I really want in life.

Do I want to continue living Naomi, to develop her further, and how far should I go.

That was already a topic that occupied me. How far should Naomi develop. I thought about real breasts, weighed the pros and cons. Tried to figure out if I wanted to become a shemale or not. Well, somehow I’m either not ready or not sure to go this way. At some point, Mia visited me for a few days.

We talked a lot, laughed and told each other the old stories. She had noticed, of course, that I didn’t wake up every three nights with a guy inside me in the morning. Or two… 🙂 Mia said that I should make sure to get laid again pretty quickly.

Eventually she drove again and life went on. I decided not to change Naomi, to continue living her as it had been for the last two years.

One evening I felt like surfing the net a bit again and ended up, who’s surprised, on a few clothing sites. And I started to store a little bit. Somehow it was time to get the differently minded Naomi some new outfits. I bought new lingerie, lingerie, some in soft elegant leather, also some toys.

A few days later everyone was there, Saturday was just around the corner and I wanted to go out.

There was a bi party somewhere in a dignified club, an event for all those who are not only about sex or sex with transwoman or transman. That sounded good, although I didn’t really believe it. But who does not dare, that also does not win. So Saturday arrived, I ran some errands and got to work transforming myself into Naomi.

I chose a beautiful black sheath dress.

I chose a beautiful black sheath dress, with black see-through fabric strips that only let you guess what’s underneath.

To match, a corsage with suspenders and not too high heels. I made up classic, little make-up, but a beautiful red lipstick. After two hours I was ready, I packed my necessities together. At first I hesitated whether to take rubbers, but I know myself and so I took them.

So nicely trimmed, not slutty, not really sexy, more like… “you have to earn it if you want to unwrap me.

“, I got in my car and drove off. There was little traffic on the streets, so I reached the club quickly. The club was new, in a side street, furnished like cozy living rooms with these giant sofas. I was greeted nicely, my jacket was taken from me and I was led to the bar. I looked around, saw some interesting characters, nodded in greeting and took a seat at the bar. I ordered an amaretto, crossed my knees and waited for things to come.

After some time, an older sister sat down with me, we got to talking and after half an hour she invited me to join her group. There were a couple of men, a gay couple and a couple of very pretty sisters. Everyone was very nice and friendly. The light was now turned down a bit, we were talking and it didn’t have anything disreputable about it at all. It was just nice to just talk with like-minded people.

We talked about “women’s problems”, about our jobs, how we live, stuff like that.

I noticed a man in his mid-forties at the next table. He was about 180, dark-haired, brown eyes and he made a sympathetic impression. At some point our eyes met and we smiled. The mood became a little looser, the alcohol loosened some tongues and with a few guests you just noticed that the hormones take their toll. Almost imperceptibly, there were fewer guests and at some point I sat back at the bar and smoked a cigarette.

Soon the guy from the next table sat down with me. We got into conversation and laughed a lot. His name was Julian, he was 43, single and gay. We drank and at some point it came to the moment when a decision had to be made. I smiled at him and told him that I would like him to spend the night with me. I also told him that I had been living chastely for a few months, he just grinned and we left the club.

Arrived at his home he offered me a drink and we sat down on the sofa and talked a little. He moved a little closer, put his hand briefly on my thigh and we chatted on. At some point I put my glass down and approached his mouth to kiss him. We kissed for a long time without groping each other, it was just very chilling. Of course I became fuzzy, looked now and then furtively in his loin area and waited for him to grab me under my dress.

But he stopped kissing me after a while, he stood up, took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. Soft music was heard, discreet light enveloped the room and he stood behind me, grabbed me around the hips and kissed my neck. I enjoyed this very much, pressing my ass a little against his pelvis. Then he unzipped my dress and pulled it down for me.

I turned around, kissed him and unbuttoned his shirt, stroking his chest with a little hair, my hands moved under his shirt to his back. I slowly felt his cock swell.

Then he stopped kissing me and laid me on the bed.

Then he stopped kissing me and laid me on the bed. He took off his shirt, opened his pants, and then he knelt in front of the bed. Julian caressed my legs, his hands wandering up to my breasts but never touching my now hard-on.

Slowly he moved up, pushed my thighs a little apart and put his head between my legs. Kissing, he approached my big clit, but then he opened my legs wider, stroked up the insides of my thighs and put a finger on my panties, right where the fabric is now only a thong and only makeshift to reveal my new pussy.

He worked me so gently and patiently and me it almost tore at last to take his hard in hand… but Julian just wanted to take away the tension after all months, accompanied only by my dildos.

And so he slowly took off my panties and stroked me, his finger wandering around my pussy. And then he licked me, his tongue circled my hole, with a finger he played on it, pressed lightly against what I had to moan slightly.

I could hardly wait for him to take me, but that was not his plan at all. His tongue continued to wander around my cleft, he licked me really wet. After some time, I was completely relaxed and tense at the same time, I suddenly felt his mouth kissing my glans and he slowly started to blow my clit.

I grabbed his head, squeezing it tightly also my hard, squirting my legs wide. I moaned as he pushed a finger into my pussy, I could hardly wait for him to finally fuck me.

Julian had my cock deep in his mouth when I felt that I was about to come. I told him that because I didn’t know if he wanted to drink my juice, but Julian just kept blowing me and so I came quickly and spit it into his mouth.

He swallowed it all and after a few minutes I was lying on the bed completely finished. Julian lay down next to me, I looked at him and smiled. So we lay around for a while, I kissed him and said that I would give him pleasure now. I started to play around with his cock, jerked him slightly, bit him in the nipple, wrapped my legs around him. Then we lay there like that, me on my back, my legs around his body.

We looked at each other for a few moments, I felt his hard-on and pushed my pelvis slightly towards it… then I felt his glans on my wet hole, I looked him in the eyes and pushed lightly against him.

Finally he already me his cock pure. He slid into me without problems and began to fuck me very gently. I felt the warmth that spread in my pussy, felt how he stuck deep inside me, felt the size of his cock.

It was indescribable to be taken again, to feel again to be treated like a woman, to feel the weight of a man on me who is in me. Julian fucked me a little faster now, I felt the pressure on my hole, felt exactly how he slid into me, how his glans stretched my butt hole and then stuck deep inside me again. I kissed Julian, scratched his back, pressed my ass against him… Julian began to moan, I bit his ear, he told me that he was about to cum and that I wanted him to cum inside my new transwoman pussy.

I looked at him, straight in the eyes as he spiked his load deep inside me, moaning as I felt the warm liquid inside me, he kept fucking, pumping everything inside me and I noticed that I was about to come too… I whispered this in his ears and he kept fucking me until I came and squirted my juice on my corsage. Then we lay there exhausted, Julian on top of me, his cock still inside me, we kissed.

Julian take his cock out of me, I moaned slightly. Then he got up and got two drinks. I sat on the bed, rubbed my cum on the corsage with my hand and drank the drink Julian gave me. I told him it was wonderful, I rarely felt so good and he satisfied me well. Julian grinned at me and thought he liked it a lot.

We fooled around, fiddled and eventually got tired. I got up and slipped on the corsage, taking off my nylons. Julian wondered that I had glued on my acts. I then told him how I live as a Naomi, what I do and what a slut I am sometimes.

Julian told me about his life, that he once had something with women, it was not his darling and I was his first tranny.

Then I smiled at him, kissed him and we lay down to sleep. We were relaxed and tired, horny and exhausted and I confessed to him that I love to fall asleep with a hard cock inside me and so I made this beautiful penis stand at attention again. I wandered down to him, took his still somewhat flaccid dick in my mouth and sucked around until it was nice and hard again.

I lay down sideways, stretched my ass towards Julian, he fingered me a little and finally he penetrated me. I pressed my ass against him, he fucked me very lightly and grabbed my clit which he wanked lightly. That’s how we fell asleep. In my mind I played through this evening again. Rarely have I felt so good and rarely have I been so beautifully slept on.

The next morning I woke up first.

I got up and looked at Julian, then I took a shower. Clean and fresh I went to the kitchen and made coffee. Dressed only in my breasts and heels I looked around. The kitchen was functionally furnished, a great coffee machine… at some point I noticed that Julian was standing in the doorway. Naked as God made him… he smiled at me, gave me a good morning kiss and he made himself a coffee.

I sat down on the kitchen table and we talked a little.

I grinned at him demanding and he came up to me and we kissed more intensely. I notice how I became horny again and began to jerk his cock. Then I asked him if he could again. Thereupon he stood directly in front of me, opened my legs, pulled me to him and after a short time I got the best kitchen table fuck ever.

When he finally sprayed me on the stomach, the kitchen table was against the wall. I got up and kissed his cock, licked off some of the delicious cream and went into the living room.

We fucked a few more times that Sunday, exchanging numbers. I got dressed and sometime in the early evening I left. On the drive home I was just in a good mood. This wasn’t one of the usual sessions I liked so much, this was different somehow.

No competition, it wasn’t about money, no living out some horny fetish. Just an incredibly relaxed fuck. I asked myself if I was looking for a relationship, the regularity, if I could even manage to live monogamously… I tried to answer all these questions, but of course I didn’t succeed. But I understood that Naomi had moved on.

When I got home I undressed, took a shower, still smelled the aroma of Julian, slipped into something comfortable and turned on the TV. At some point I went to sleep and thought of Julian and how cool the weekend was.