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But as she lay there, he saw the tension on her face, he knew. “You’re still a virgin aren’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll be nice to you”. The fact that he said that, made her very happy and immediately she relaxed. He lay down between her legs, gently parted them, and began to kiss Alexandra on her thighs. She felt it tingle, and that only became more so when he kissed her on her moist pussy and began to gently lick her pussy. She almost sprung up and her whole body began to glow. How blissful that felt! She had fingered herself, had also wanted to do something with a dildo, but she hadn’t done that at the last minute, because she wanted to save herself for a real man’s cock. She had fingered herself, had also wanted to do something with a dildo, but she hadn’t done that at the last minute, because she wanted to save herself for a real man’s cock. Tom licked quietly and nibbled teasingly at her big cock, with one finger he slipped inside her, to prepare her a little for his hard pole.

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He stirred around with his finger and eventually inserted a second one so she could get even more used to it. After a few minutes, he stopped and by now Alexandra had come. And finally, the time had come. Tom grabbed a condom, put it on his cock and gently inserted his penis between her boy’s pussy. Very carefully he entered her and it seemed as if Alexandra went completely crazy, it felt so good. Slowly his whole cock slid in and Alexandra gasped for breath. He also took her hard cock in his hands and started milking her. He was completely inside her and had taken his time and fucked her at a very leisurely pace, without hurting her for a single moment. She had been afraid of that and so it was quite a relief for her, His cock slid right up to his glans out of her still very tight virgin ladyboy pussy and went in again very deep, very slowly, so she could feel everything well. He left his cock inside her, turned Alexandra on her side and lifted her leg into the light, and started fucking her a little faster.

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