She caught my eye the first time I saw her. She looked at me, I looked back at her, and … my horny fantasies ran wild. It was somehow easy. When I went to work in an unfamiliar city, I researched gay- and lesbian-friendly businesses beforehand. I myself am 33 and have a consulting position with a large company, and I was going to a conference of mostly business people.

I searched all kinds of websites for bars and cafés where I could have fun after work. I left my nagging colleagues after work, and after a full day of meetings and discussions, I went into the city alone with the intention of finding those places where I thought I could make nice contacts. Preferably lesbian. I am 5’2″. I weigh a few pounds, but I don’t feel fat. “Well shaped and fleshy where it should be,” my mother used to say. After dinner, I went into town and immediately went to an address that could clearly be a gay/lesbian cafe. When I walked in, it was quiet.

There was jazzy music playing and no more than 15 people inside. A few women, the majority men. Everyone was busy talking and enjoying a drink. I took a seat at the table along the wall and asked for a coffee. A simple drink and nice to start the evening quietly. I was reading a magazine, but I did not fail to observe every movement of those present. The women present were clearly in couples, and the one single person keeping two other couples company was not immediately my type. I ignored her beckoning gaze. Then she came in. Confident, proud, slim, maximum A-cup and well known in the industry. She kissed each of the ladies present and suddenly noticed me. She came over to my table and greeted me with curious looks. “I greet everyone as they come in,” she said, “so I’ll give you a kiss as well. She smelled of men’s perfume. She was thin and her eyes were light blue. She was dressed expensively and spoke softly. “I’ve never seen you here before,” she said. “Unless you were always hiding from me.” Her eyes shone self-consciously and she looked at me penetratingly. “Indeed, my first visit to this city and this café,” I replied.

With that we looked deeply into each other’s eyes and yes, it quickly became clear to me. She was a special woman. “May I sit at your table for a chat and offer you a drink in the meantime?” she asked softly and with a slightly hoarse voice. “Go ahead,” I said very quickly, to my own surprise. I ordered something more punishing and she joined me. “Mochuito,” she said in surprise, “my favorite drink, so we have that in common,” and we both laughed. She was 22, an independent transwoman, her name is Luna, and we quickly got into a conversation about business. I was 33, a consultant and lesbian. We drank and talked and immediately felt comfortable with each other. When, after too many drinks, she asked me, “Your hotel or my house,” I knew what was coming. “I leave the choice to you, but my hotel is a 5-minute walk and your house might be far away”. I said surprisingly easily. “Great,” she said and we walked to my hotel room. During the short walk we took each other firmly and slightly inebriated, we entered my room. I opened the minibar and we drank a delicious bottle of cool wine in the dim light. “When I go to bed with you,” she said without embarrassment, “I want the light in the room dimmed. Not too bright, not too dark, but an erotic atmosphere.” I turned off all the lights except one. She sat down next to me on the sofa and kissed me very gently. I returned those tender kisses and let my tongue caress her lips.

We were both excited. We both wanted the same. We kissed for a long time and in the meantime she stroked my back, my round hips, my full thighs and my slightly too fat ass. I did the same and felt that she was really quite thin. She opened my blouse and pulled down my bra. “What soft, delicious breasts,” she lisped as she kissed my warm breasts and especially my nipples. She couldn’t stay away from my body and with her eager hungry hands she caressed my whole hungry body with great devotion. I enjoyed her warm and gentle touches to the maximum and let my heavy body be admired by her fiery eyes. She sighed hoarsely and longingly. “I envy your plump body,” she whispered in my ear. “I want thick breasts like yours, a curvy belly like yours, and firm thighs and your round ass.” By now, I was only wearing my panties. I was hot and excited. My labia were wet with hot horn. I lay down on the bed and she was lying next to me, still wearing almost all of her clothes. She wanted to pull down my panties, but I held her hand for a moment and asked gently, “Would you please take off your clothes as well? I want to see you naked. “I am ashamed of my skinny body,” she said softly, “but I trust you, don’t laugh at me because I have no breasts, just big dark nipples.

I envy your curves and am a little ashamed of my body where you can see the ribs through. “You are beautiful,” I quickly replied and helped her undress. I looked at her petite body and especially at her naked pussy that was shining brightly. We continued kissing, licking and caressing each other. My pussy was on fire and when Luna’s clothes were off I allowed her to remove my wet panties. We were both naked now. In the darkened room with barely any light I could still see her slender thighs, her petite chest and saw no bumps where there should be on a woman. Only hard nipples. I felt and stroked between her bony buttocks where her horny naked pussy stuck out bony to the front. “Sabine, lick me,” she begged. I didn’t let her say it twice. Luna rolled onto her back. I saw her slender torso, her bony arms and thighs. I pulled her legs apart and noticed that she was extremely wet. “Horny moisture galore,” she said, and I immediately ran my tongue between her sprightly thighs. Her mound of Venus was protruding sharply and I noticed she had a very large clitoris. Almost like a small penis.

I took her long clit in my mouth and began to suck on it with conviction while stroking the rest of her warm naked body. My love, she cried out, “lick me, keep licking me, suck my big clit, make me come, make me come” She shook with pleasure and a few minutes later she came with many loud moans as she trembled with pleasure. I lay down next to her and continued to kiss her on the lips. She tasted her own horny moisture and sucked my lips. She licked my mouth and face. “I like kissing, I like kissing you, I’ll kiss you all over later,” she roared a little. She gestured for me to lie on my back. With my thighs wide open, I waited silently but intensely for her warm tongue. She began to lick me greedily and with abandon over my shaved vagina. I enjoyed it like crazy but did not come as fast as Luna, my sweet cuddly licker. I moaned and groaned and moaned and enjoyed this delicious moment. Her caresses, her tongue, her hands that didn’t give my body a second’s rest. “What a hot and greedy little pig you are,” she said mockingly, licking me until I suddenly came with a big moan and spat out a big mouthful of pussy juice. Everything she had licked up, everything she had swallowed.

She came to rest on my body during my slowly spreading orgasm and kissed me all over my face. Her hot kisses left a delicious afterglow and we continued to make love, caressing and fondling each other for dozens of minutes until we both lay down next to each other, exhausted and smiling with pleasure and understanding of love, to rest a bit. “That was fantastic,” I said. “I hope you really enjoyed it,” Luna replied. “It has been a long time since I have made love with so much conviction and love, thank you for that”. I smiled and said, “I’m going to extend my stay for a few days, do you have time for me?” “All the time in the world for my dear voluptuous friend,” she said, and in love we shared the last of the wine and cuddled close together to continue enjoying this strange encounter. Hot experimental nights followed.

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