TSbabe Venus definitely wants to love you. After the previous wonderful Transgender now a new darling that is definitely worth watching. What am I saying as a ladyboy lover, she is drop-dead gorgeous. Venus is 28 years old and appears to be of Spanish descent, which is broad. It could be South America or a Spanish descendant from the Philippines. But, what a beautiful female face. A nice wide mouth with straight teeth, haggard white teeth.

A piece of plaintive music sounds in her room, which thanks to the HD cam is easy to see, at least that’s how it comes across. It’s probably about love. Ladyboy Venus unfortunately doesn’t have much desire to talk tonight. What a shame, how can you get to know her better? And how are you going to love her? Yes, yes, naughty dreams enough, but she won’t stand up to show that ass either. 🥰