I love massages and try to get one regularly. I prefer to get a Chinese or Thai massage. So I had been in the mood for a massage for a while and I was in another city for work and on the way there I saw a Thai massage near my appointment. My appointment ended earlier than I thought, so I had a lot of time.

The Thai massage immediately came to mind. I walked in and the hostess said they had another lady to massage. Her name was Shantal, she shook my hand and the hostess asked if I wanted to have a massage with her. I agreed and went with her to a room. Once in the room, she said she had to get something, but that I could undress and lie down in the meantime. The room was nicely lit, nice and warm, and there was a mattress on the floor. There were mirrors on the wall and a chair in the corner. I undressed and lay naked on the mattress.

Not much later, she came back. She was already quite scantily dressed, but I saw out of the corner of my eye that she also took off the shawl she was wearing. She was now wearing only a bra and panties. Shantal took the preheated oil and sprayed it all over my back. She spread the oil over my back with her hands, massaged my shoulders and neck, and with a few fingertips she very gently slid down my spine, very slowly. She stopped at my buttocks, moved her hands to the side and slid up again. Once up again, she slid down very gently with her fingertips.

When she reached the bottom, she continued to slide her hands over my buttocks and up again. I relaxed completely and enjoyed every touch. She took off her bra and sat over my head to continue massaging my back, neck and shoulders. Each time she came down, she also took a moment to massage my buttocks. I fell into an even deeper state of relaxation, but was also completely focused on her touch. It was wonderful. She took the massage oil again and applied it to my buttocks. She also applied some extra between my buttocks.

Again, she smeared the oil over my buttocks. Her hand also disappeared between my buttocks for a moment, again over my buttocks and then between them again, after which she also teasingly went a little further down towards my balls. Then she took off her panties and put extra oil on her breasts and stomach. She slid over my buttocks and back. Wonderful. She slid all over my back and buttocks with her entire upper body.

She obviously had a lot of experience, she did a fantastic job. Shantal slid further and further up, at some point I expected to feel her groin sliding over my buttocks and back, but instead of her groin I felt a hard cock. I had suspected this, but had deliberately not asked about it, so that it would remain a kind of surprise what was in her panties. She slid her hard cock over me. She also slid her cock over my asshole and between my buttocks and legs. I let out a sigh of pleasure and she whispered in my ear if I liked it. I nodded yes. She moved her cock more and more over my asshole and put her cock against it to just penetrate with her glans. I moaned softly. She stayed like that for a while and then pulled her cock out.

She slid her hand over my ass, balls and now hard cock. Then she lay down on me again with her cock against my ass. She had also oiled her cock well, so she hardly needed any pressure to push her glans back in. I was super horny and totally relaxed, so before she knew it, she was completely inside me. She asked if she could continue. I nodded yes and then she pushed her whole cock inside me. She started to fuck me nicely. She saw that I was looking in the mirror and asked me if I wanted to see better how she was fucking my man pussy.

Shantal lay down on the bed and I got on top of her, facing the mirror, so I could see how her cock was disappearing into me every time. I rode her cock deliciously. We changed positions a few more times when she asked if we could cum in each other’s mouths and then exchange our cum. We were in the 69 position and it didn’t take long until we both came. I almost filled her whole mouth. She squirted her full load into my mouth as well. She turned around and with a mouth full of cum, she grabbed me right on my mouth. It was dirty but so incredibly horny. Cum dripped down past our mouths. Then we both plopped down on the mattress and had to recover from this mega horny experience. Before I showered, she told me not to say anything because we shouldn’t be intimate. I thanked her and promised to come back.