I stand behind ShantalLife and press her against the wall as I run my hands over her curves. My desire to take her anally is great, and I let my hands slide over her hips, then let my hands disappear under her skirt and grab her sexy booty firmly. ShantalLife moans with pleasure and turns her head, our eyes cross, I can see in her eyes that she is as excited as I am.

With my hands on her buttocks, I push her body down slightly so that her skirt creeps up, revealing her perfect round buttocks. I pull her panties aside and caress her bottom, pressing my hard erection against her anus. ShantalLife is all wet with excitement and begs me to take her anally, she wants to feel me deep inside her.

I slowly push my glans into her tight opening and feel her body close around my erection. With slow, deep thrusts, I begin to take her anally, holding her bottom tightly and pressing her against the wall. ShantalLife moans and asks for more, wanting to feel me deeper and harder.

I give her what she asks for and speed up my pace, my hand sliding down her stomach to her clit and I begin to stimulate her there. ShantalLife begins to wriggle with pleasure, and her body vibrates with the intense sensations. I feel my orgasm approaching and thrust even harder and deeper into her until we reach a delicious climax together.

Exhausted, I lean back against ShantalLife, still holding her tightly. We enjoy this intense moment for a while and whisper sweet words to each other. This has been a great experience and I can’t wait to be with her again and spoil her anally.