I am of Asian descent and have lived in Denmark all my life. I always felt myself a woman and also always had a feminine face as a boy. One day I took the first step. The first clothes I tried that weren’t for men were my girlfriend’s, starting with her blouses, and soon after her lingerie like body stockings, panties and bras. This turned me on enormously, it wasn’t long before I had bought for myself, fabric stockings, thong panties and bra, and then jumped into her dresses. Over time, I’ve rushed in and out, tried to put it on the shelf and forget this side of me, but every time it returns.

So a year ago, I found a part of me again, a profile on tsluv.com, so I could date and meet others. The writing went back and forth fine with different ones, but one morning when I logged on, there was a letter from a man that caught my interest.

He said he enjoyed my pictures and profile, and thought it could be even better if he helped out a bit with it. I wrote back and thanked him, and the writing continued. Text was changed, so I better caught the curious as he wrote.

Eventually he commented on my pictures, shouldn’t bi get them done better, and we agreed to meet, just so he could see me and I him before we started. We met at a café on a warm spring day, so the clothes were just shorts and a polo. The only thing he asked was that I wore a thong underneath, or just my normal men’s clothes.

We said hello and talked a lot and enjoyed each other’s company. He told me that his name was Thomas, he was in his late 60s, so about 12-15 years older than me, but it didn’t show, he kept himself nice.

I had to shave my legs to become a sexy woman.

At one point he commented that with hair like that on my legs, it could be seen when I was wearing nylon stockings. Shouldn’t we get them removed together? I laughed a bit at that, and asked where you could get it done, just like that and without an appointment.

Come along, and off we went through the streets of Copenhagen with him in the lead. Suddenly he stopped and said here, a small business of a beauty clinic with hair removal.

We went in together, and out came a young girl in her mid-20s, asking what she could do to help. Thomas said openly, this girl needs all the hair on her legs removed, and if you have time, the rest too, I’ll guide you. I blushed a little, not sure how to react.

She showed us in the back and asked me to take my shorts off, looking a bit as I stood in my thong. Lie down on the tray, then she smeared hot wax on a piece of leg, while I thought how as I jumped and screamed as she pulled them off. Feeling that she was pulling the skin off, I was told by Thomas to keep quiet, or he would take care of it.

Thomas commented as he went along, had to pull the knickers off and spread the balls, so I was all nice there, and so she continued to follow his instructions. Spread my leg, and then I was otherwise completely smooth over my little cock. Up and off with the blouse, and then I had to remove the few hairs around my nipples, and again the whole back.

There, now she’s fine, I heard Thomas say to her. And nice and smooth. I was told to get dressed again, and when I got out into the waiting area, I saw he was paying. Come, he said, now your legs are finally nice and smooth, as they should be from now on. He handed me a card from the counter and said to book the appointment again, and she now knew where and how he wanted it. It was a strange sensation with the bare legs, the air felt different and more cooling on this warm spring day.

We turned down towards the Central Station and jumped into a Taxi. To Rødovre centre, Thomas said to the driver, looking at me. I know a couple of nice girls who work there, they’ll help us with the last thing. I looked puzzled, but accepted his reasoning.

When we arrived he paid and said come, we walked through the mall, he guided me to a hairdresser but who also had a nail salon. He chatted to one of the girls, a cute Asian girl who nodded and showed me over. Then she started or filing and brushing my nails, put something on and attached a nail, she continued like that one finger at a time, and then they were or kissed again, and then painted a deep red color.

I sat and got all weird, and looked around, but she and Thomas just sat and talked about old times and everything else. When they finished, she asked me to come over to the hairdressing department. Wife here and try, she said and asked me to sit down, and then she came with a dark-haired wig with super nice hair.

She put it on my head and straightened it, a little hairspray in and then the hair sat or nice. Wanted to take it off again, but Thomas looked at me and said I should keep it on, we’re not going that far honey. And you have to sit still, and then she put a discreet makeup with mascara, foundation, lipstick etc., but she looked at me well. So, now it looks good, she said. He paid, and now I had to list through the mall, glad there weren’t so many customers in the mall right now.

We walked around the Magasin and further down a corridor with lots of clothes shops until we reached Orion. There he turned in and greeted the 2 girls, saying that as agreed they could help us, and then I was sent to a fitting room and told to drop the clothes in the bag that was on the chair. I stood looking at the figure in the mirror, having difficulty recognizing myself and wondering how it had got to this point. The curtain was pulled off and a girl in a short dress and stilettos came and handed me a huge pile, whispering, hurry up, or I’ll know who’s waiting for you.

I looked at her and started to take my clothes off.

I looked at her and started to take my clothes off, piece by piece I put them in the bag, and when I stood naked she grabbed the bag and said, come on girl.

I started with the lingerie, and quietly got through it. Could see that all the bras were with a D or E cup, and as I got lower, there were 2 silicone breasts in a box. Kept the last set on, and got the breasts set nicely in the bra, used the glue so lay on, so they didn’t pop out. Then it was on to the dresses, lots of really long ones and others that were super short. Found a long dark greenish one with some black pattern and kept it on, stood looking in the mirror when she came back and put one on long patent boots with 10-12 cm heel and very naughty.

Turned around and thought that might work, but she looked at me, for a moment and left. Came back, lifted the dress and pulled the panties down, started to mount a pink chastity on my smooth girl’s cock, so now it doesn’t stick and can’t be seen when wearing a dress. Was looking at myself in the mirror when she asked me to turn around, lifted the back of the dress, the panties to the side and felt something cold and hard, then she inserted a medium plug up me, oh how it felt. Thomas came over to the fitting room, looked at me, commanded me to turn around, and argued briefly with the girls, who came with a shoulder bag and a long patent coat in red.

One said it had lipstick and other necessary makeup and perfume in it, as well as my wallet and keys. Seemed I was all lit up in the red coat, but Thomas was pleased, thanked the girls very much and that he came by and paid the amounts owed, looked at me and asked me to come along. As we walked towards, he said briefly that summer’s slut, I had something to pay off now. We walked out to a taxi, Thomas opened the door to the back seat and said nicely, you get in Bettina, first time he used my maiden name in public. He got in next to me, and gave an address to the driver, who looked somewhat in the rearview mirror.

My coat, which was open, made it easy for Thomas to sit and fondle my inner thighs, and then I could feel the plug pressing well up into me. We continued like this as we turned down a residential road after 10-12 minutes of driving. Thomas paid, and helped me out of the taxi, took my hand and together we walked up to the villa.

Thomas unlocked the door, helped me with my coat, and we went into the living room together. Sit down Bettina. Then Thomas told me that from today I was his whore, I had to earn my own money and of course I had to help around the house and wherever else was needed. Had to protest when he leaned forward and kissed me deep and lovely, so it ended with our tongues twining together and we took delight in each other. When we finally released each other’s lips, Thomas said shortly, on your knees’ slut, unzipped his pants, then I knew it was time to satisfy Thomas’s delicious cock with a blowjob.

It tasted fantastic, I really enjoyed it, nice thick cock and probably 17-18 cm long. Let my tongue play with the cock head, found the little female and let the tongue play before I again took it as deep as I could. Thomas pulled me up, turned me around, pulled up my long dress and asked me to bend over the dining table, pulled out the plug and put his cock against the hole and pressed himself up into me. Moaned loudly and shook my whole body when I remembered he wasn’t wearing a condom and wanted to pull me, but Thomas held me tight, slapped me hard on the ass several times and said authoritatively that I was his slut and he was taking me henceforth without a condom.

Feeling my balls getting all hot from his strokes, thinking I probably wouldn’t have much to say, I bent over the table well, so I could enjoy his delicious cock inside me. Thomas grabbed my hips, and steered me well and truly, could hear it was just before he was going to cum, he thrust deep into me, but he moaned his orgasm out into the living room.

We stood for a moment, then he pulled his cock out and kissed me again deep and delicious, and said thank you girl, so quiet, then I put the plug back in place, so you are ready for later.

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