I am 40, and often dress as a woman, wear a bra daily. Since a year I was surfing on the net and came across breast growth pills. I ordered some pills and took one 2 times a day. I wore bras that I had to fill all the time, and within 2 weeks I felt that my breasts were starting to grow. Furthermore, I didn’t have to fill my bra anymore, and within two months I had to buy a new one. It was a beautiful day in June, I had shaved everything neatly, put on a nice mini-dress with a wide belt and my breasts looked beautiful.

I put on my pumps with heels of 12 cm and registered on a site. I soon got in touch with a guy who had a picture of his dick and was reasonably close. I also had a profile as a transvestite. He thought I looked delicious and asked if I wanted to come. We chatted for a while, and he said he was a farmer and 18 years old and was alone for 2 weeks, and he liked trannies. We exchanged numbers and started to app and send pictures.

He gave his address and we met 2 hours later.

He gave his address and we met 2 hours later. I went to shower put on a nice red set of lingerie, a red floral dress with smooth heavy pantyhose and boots with heels. Mascara lipstick eye shadow and further makeup, so I looked OK again. 15 minutes drive I drove by his yard. I got out and he opened the door, Wow so almost a real woman, you see no difference he said. Immediately he gave me a kiss and pulled me in. We kissed and started to make love. We tongued each other for a while and he started massaging my breasts and occasionally pinched my nipples which were so sensitive.

I stroked his cock and balls he pushed me onto a chair, unbuttoned his pants and before I knew it, I had his cock in the back of my throat. He immediately started fucking me and I was coughing and gasping for breath. I sucked on his prick and felt his cock swell in my mouth. Not much later I felt his hot seed in the back of my throat and I licked his glans clean. Come with me, he said, I am going to pump your tits full. We went to the barn and I had to put my dress down a bit so that my breasts dangled out. He turned on the milking machine and fondled my breasts. I felt my nipples swell.

He massaged my breasts, pulled up my dress.

He massaged my breasts, pulled up my dress, wet my ass, pushed his cock into my hole and fucked me nice and smooth. My nipples now hurt from sucking, but he fucked me on and moaning he squirted his seed into my bowels. The milking machine stopped and my nipples were red and swollen and sensitive. So now I milk you daily, he said I will make sure you get nice fat tits. I stayed with him, we were both crazy about each other and often got nice sets of lingerie or clothing from him. In the meantime I was on hormones, felt more feminine and got nice female shapes. More and more I got compliments on how I looked, how I dressed, how I was.