It was quite late, around 1:30 am … I was free the next day, had already had a few drinks and spent hours behind the webcam chat as a ladyboy. I’m from the Philippines and my boyfriend arranged a residence permit, he fell in love instantly when he saw me during a vacation. I enjoyed spending time with people on webcam and sometimes answering people’s exciting questions about me, naked sex chat, without them knowing me in real life.

Dating I never did, I was in a steady relationship, so I lived with my boyfriend, who was away for a week at the time for his work. I wasn’t even in exciting or whorish lingerie, but in the everyday clothes I went to work with, I am also just trans during my work. I am proud of being a woman. A pair of dark blue tight jeans, in which my fat buttocks showed well, zebra striped sneakers and a black shirt with gold shimmering image on it.

Quite horny from the webcam chatting.

Under it I wore a red thong, was well-made up and had a black long wig halfway down my back. I had already removed my heavily padded bra. By now I had become quite horny from the webcam chatting, the alcohol, but especially the butt plug which I had secretly been wearing all day. I decided to take it out.

Even so late, messages kept coming in from people. My description was also somewhat exciting, “Shot…drunk trans…. Back from work. What man is in the mood? I’m 30 years old, Filipina and alone in a hotel xxx in Paris, just in everyday clothes… Who comes to smoke a cigarette on the gallery”

Yes indeed, the location was mentioned, I found it somewhat exciting. They didn’t know the room number anyway and I wasn’t dating. I did not notice that there was a boy on the chat, who apparently lived close by. He had read my profile before, and my submissiveness appealed to him. Me, in a drunken state going to smoke on the balcony, an easy prey he must have thought.

So he came to the Campanile Hotel and parked his car on the street side, from where he had a good view of the room. This way he could see exactly when I would start smoking again on the gallery. I myself, didn’t notice anything. He sent me a message through the chat, “I am in the neighborhood and would like to smoke with you”, but I did not respond to it.

Unsuspecting, I stepped back into the gallery to smoke, not knowing I was being watched. Because of the bright light from the lamppost, I put on my sunglasses, which resulted in me not being able to see well in the dark. He saw me walking on the gallery and walked towards the Hotel, directly to the 2nd floor where I was smoking. A hotel guest who must also be here, I thought as he walked by and saluted.

I said “Hi” back and turned around again. Occasionally I stumbled a few steps across the gallery, not knowing that he was secretly watching me from the end and playing with his cock in the meantime. The alcohol was working and I was too far from home. I always smoked 2 cigarettes in a row, and just halfway through the second one he walked back. I felt him stop behind me and turned around. “Do you have a cigarette for me?” He asked, to which I said “Yeah, I’ll grab it inside”. I backed up to the walls as I walked to me room. In the doorway he struck. “So, there’s my horny ladyboy,,, daddy has fantasized about you so much.”

He slowly pressed me with my back against the frame so that I was standing with 1 foot in the room and the other foot out of the room, came close to me and started running his hands over my breasts, the most sensitive area of my body. I was so far down the drink that I couldn’t stop him or ask him anything, and started to sigh and moan.

He roughly pulled down my shirt and bra strap.

He roughly pulled down my shirt and bra strap and bared my breasts and immediately started licking and sucking on them, while his hands went over my buttocks. I moaned it out, looking away from him towards the floor. We were still standing in the doorway, luckily it was late and no one was walking across the gallery.

He came up with his head, straightened my face with his hand and started kissing and tonguing me wildly. He pinched my nipples and automatically my hands went towards his cock. I rubbed it over his pants and felt that he was rock hard. He was wearing sweatpants so you could feel and see everything very well. He took out his cock and I started to jerk him off.

A nice stiff normal-sized cock and freshly shaved. He took a few steps aside, so we were standing inside and closed the front door. We were now in the opening between the first and second door. A space of about 1 meter by 1 meter. He turned me around so I was facing the wall, got on his knees and lowered my tight jeans down to my knees. He spread my buttocks and began to lick me as he played with his cock. I moaned out, from the sensitivity.

So, now Daddy is going to fuck you hard.

“So, now Daddy is going to fuck you hard, your ass and mouth are going to be overflowing with cum, my delicious ladyboy slut”. I should know, this man was my regular visitor, gave lots of tips and masturbated on me daily. “Your slut is nice and hot,” I played with him. “Give me yogurt.”

He slid a finger in and started fingering me. I moaned, gasped and became more aroused. I couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly I cried out “Fuck me., FUCK ME.”, it just fluttered out in the excitement. He came right up behind me and rubbed his cock between my buttocks. He put his cock against my anus and pressed against it. I was so horny that I pushed my ass back myself and moaned it out…I squeezed the frame with my hands and gasped, as he began to fuck me from behind. His hands slid over my breasts and he squeezed them and started thrusting harder and deeper.

I fell into a trance and let myself be taken. I didn’t even realize he wasn’t using a condom. He continued and heard him moan until he almost cummed. He pulled his cock out to squirt on my ass, but I turned around and dropped to my knees. I opened my mouth and tongue out and he jerked off with his cock occasionally touching my tongue. He squirted his seed all over my tongue and face, down to the last drop, while I obediently stayed put with my tongue out.

He put his cock in my mouth and I slowly sucked him completely clean. Furthermore, he removed his cock from my mouth and put his pants back up. He opened the door and walked away, while I remained sitting on the floor, recovering from what had happened to me… I enjoy writing good stories. If you have any tips or comments for this or other stories, why you rate them well or not, please send me a private message.