Today a Femboy for a live chat. But what’s a Femboy? It’s a slang word for “A biological male whose sexual proclivities lean toward self-feminization. Frequently accompanied in popular art with an androgynous or feminine body shape, and often in the real world.” She or he is very different from such a delicious ladyboy. The femboy in this chat has a feminine voice and also acts like a woman. Her or his name is Nessa and seems to come from South America.

The video chat is definitely high quality and during the live show she smokes an electronic cigarette. Nessa often turns her head and moves her arms in a kind of trance.

The femboy has some breast formation, no idea if it’s real, but she clearly tries to come across as feminine. Her size is normal, what does she mean by that? Would you shove your dick up her ass? Have a look and find out.