I am ladyboy SerrieRoxian, yes the girl on pic. I’m standing in front of the mirror, my long black hair falling in graceful curls over my shoulders. I am wearing a beautiful blue dress that perfectly accentuates my feminine curves. My lips are painted red and my nails shine in the light. I feel confident and sexy.

As I touch up my makeup, I think about the man I am going to seduce tonight. He has been in love with me for a long time, but has never had the courage to express his feelings. I know he is crazy about me and I am determined to seduce him in my room tonight.

As I finish my makeup, I set my lipstick aside and go to my closet. I take out a pair of beautiful high heels and put them on. I walk sensually to my bed and get down on my knees, thinking about how I am going to seduce him. I know he loves lingerie, so I choose a beautiful black set. The lace feels silky and hugs my body perfectly. I put on a pair of earrings and spray my wrists with perfume. Satisfied with my look, I get up and walk down the stairs. He is already downstairs with his back to me. I approach him gently and put my hands on his shoulders.

He turns and his mouth falls open in surprise when he sees me. “You look stunning,” he whispers. I smile and head for the door.

“Come to my room, I want to show you something.” He follows me to my room and once we are inside I lock the door. I slowly turn to him and walk towards him sensually. I put my hand on his chest and look deep into his eyes. “I know you are in love with me,” I whisper softly, “and I feel the same way about you. He can’t believe his luck and his eyes sparkle with joy.

I move closer and press my lips to his. Our kiss was full of passion and desire. I lead him to my bed and gently push him back. As I sit on top of him, I slowly begin to undress. He can’t take his eyes off me, admiring my feminine form. I seduce him with my looks and body language as I unbutton his shirt and run my hands over his muscular chest. I kiss him all over, from his lips to his neck and chest.

He enjoys my touch and his breathing accelerates. I am now naked on top of him and feel his desire for me grow. I slowly lower myself onto him and feel his manhood slide inside me. We move together in perfect rhythm and our love transcends everything. We climax together and lie exhausted next to each other on the bed. When we look at each other, we know that our love is passionate and sincere. We fall into each other’s arms and I whisper in his ear: “I am yours, my love. He smiles and plants a kiss on my forehead. We are finally together and I know this is the beginning of a fantastic adventure.

As Ladyboy SerrieRoxian, I seduced my husband and now we are joined in love.