It was New Year’s Eve 2022, I was sitting at my computer at home. I had been surfing the internet for a few hours when a new trans appeared on my screen. Her username was MikyAzumi and according to her profile she was a 20-year-old Asian trans with big breasts and a cock. I was immediately intrigued and clicked on her profile.

There I saw her pictures and I was immediately sold. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair and a slender body with perfect curves. I decided to chat with her right away. After a few minutes of chatting, I noticed that we clicked and decided to turn on our webcam.

MikyAzumi was even more beautiful in person, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. We began to deepen our conversations and it wasn’t long before our conversations became erotic. She started stroking her body while looking at me, and I couldn’t control my arousal anymore. I decided to take off my pants and show her my hard cock. She was obviously aroused by the sight of my erection and began to dance sensually for the camera, her slender fingers sliding over her breasts and down to her cock. I let my hands slide over my body as I watched her enjoy herself.

MikyAzumi became more and more interested in me and asked me where I was from. When I answered that I lived in Germany, she got excited and suggested that I come to my place for New Year’s Eve. Since I had no plans anyway, I immediately agreed.

We agreed that she would come to my house and I would take her to Berlin to ring in the New Year together. When she arrived at my house, I was overwhelmed by her beauty. She was wearing a tight dress that accentuated her curves perfectly, and her hair was beautifully done. I couldn’t wait to run my hands all over her body. We drove to Berlin, enjoying each other’s company along the way.

When we arrived in the city, we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. As we ate, the tension between us was palpable and it was clear that we both couldn’t wait to explore each other. After dinner, we went back to my place and got undressed. Once she was naked, I could not believe my eyes. Her big breasts and perfect cock made me even hornier than I already was. I gently pushed her onto the bed and started playing with her breasts, kissing her on the cheek.

Slowly I worked my way down and started licking and sucking her cock. She moaned with pleasure, and her hard cock was proof of her arousal. I couldn’t wait to take her anal, so I grabbed some lube. As I prepared her, she moaned with pleasure and begged me to take her. I complied and slowly pushed my cock into her tight asshole. She moaned in both pain and pleasure, and I began to take her faster and deeper. Her body shook from the intense orgasm she was having and I couldn’t control myself anymore. I squirted my hot cum into her ass as she moaned loudly and reached her own orgasm. We lay exhausted on the bed looking at each other as we recovered from our erotic adventures.

MikyAzumi smiled contentedly and I knew this would not be the last time we would enjoy each other’s bodies together. It was a New Year’s Eve I will never forget. In the summer of 2023 I met her and at the turn of the year she will be with me again…. She will not be in front of the camera then!