The Beautiful ladyboy was standing on the side of the road when I, German tourist, drove through the city in the evening. She was a Thai girl who was obviously looking for a customer. She smiled at me as I approached her. “Do you want to fuck?” she asked as I pulled up next to her and rolled down the window. I was aroused by her red, full lips, her dark glistening almond eyes. She was a little smaller than me, had a perfectly formed body that stood out under her tight clothes, small, firm tits, a wonderfully tight ass. “Climb,” I told her simply.

She immediately responded. “My name is Shana,” she told me her name as I let her get on. I breathed her sweet, sensual perfume as I got into the car next to her. She gave me her address and we drove off. She lived not far, a little on the outskirts of town. Likewise, she showed me where to park. Her apartment was nicely arranged, cool and pleasant. I took a seat on a white couch and waited until she came back with some drinks.

Shana came closer to me. Close to me, she took a sip, I saw her sensual lips touch the rim of the glass, then she put the glass on the tray. “I like you,” she whispered, her lips coming close. “And you like me, too. Turn me on.” I grabbed her chin and began to kiss her, she let me lick at her wet and long tongue, thrusting it greedily between my teeth.

Under the fabric I felt her firm young tits, my cock twitched, and our tongues danced together. “You’re all hot to fuck me?” she whispered questioningly as she slid her hand between my legs. “Oh, and how you want me to,” was all she said as she felt my hard bulge. I continued kissing her, massaging her titties and letting her slowly unzip my pants. “That always feels good,” she smiled and took my semi-stiff cock out of my pants. ” Nice cock.”

She started stroking it for me, jerking it off, her dainty hands rubbing up and down, making mine harder and harder until she finally slid down. She massaged my sack and started licking my glans, then put her full lips all over my prick and blew it up at me. “They taste best like this,” Shana said. “Horny and stiff and dying to cum all over horny Shana.”

She took off her sweater, revealing a young girl’s titties, firm and pointy, and stuffed them in my mouth as she continued stroking my cock. “Yeah, just look at those nipples getting nice and hard,” she whispered, “Lick them! Suck on my nipples, kiss them for me, pull them for me!” I did.

“Now I want to lick your clit wet,” I wanted. Shana smiled horny. “I don’t have a plum, sweetie,” she grinned, taking my hand and placing it in her crotch. I felt her hard bulge between her legs, so that was it, the Klein had a dick. “Scared?” she asked, but I shook my head. “A surprise,” was all I said and pushed her wide skirt up.

Her panties bulged out, and I pulled them down for her as well, stepping on her semi-stiff prick as it stretched out towards me. She had a beautiful, slim and stiff pint, which I now began to stroke. From his groove had already come droplets, Shana gave himself a few jerk strokes, pulled the foreskin back.

I just grinned and bent forward, first licked off her droplets and then blew her cock. Her cock tasted salty and good, getting harder and harder between my lips. “You do that so well, isn’t the first cock you’ve had between your lips, is it?” she asked. I shook my head and continued licking her dripping glans. Her prick began to twitch wildly, Shana’s moans grew loud.

“Oh yeah, oh wait, take off all your clothes, I want to lick your willy now too!” She grinned at me and lay upside down over me when we were both completely naked. We licked each other’s peckers, I massaged her tight sack and also let my finger wander between her small buxom ass cheeks. When I found her tight asshole, I pushed her immediately in my finger as a harbinger of my thick cock.

At that moment, her cock twitched, and she thrust deep into my mouth with it. “Oh yes, go to my ass.” She also massaged my balls, jerked my dick with firm strokes and drank the slimy droplets. Shana moaned as I pushed my finger deeper and deeper into her asshole, because where else should I fuck her but in her hot ass?

“You need Vaseline for fucking,” she said, “I’m very tight.” Shana got up, and after a short while came back with a tube of lube, handed it to me. She turned around, bent over, spread her ass cheeks, waited for me to smear the Vaseline on her asshole. “Yes, my ass-hungry fucker,” she giggled, “make it nice and slippery for me!

Because I want to feel your cock up to the sack in my hot ass!” I spread it on her asshole and on my cock, sticking a finger in her sphincter again and again, examining it. “Now d horny ass is fuck right,” I grinned, pulling my finger out of it. “Bend lower.” Shana bent over like a dog, her asshole opened a little, I slowly pushed my pecker r . She was really tight. I expected wide asshole fucked many times before, but she had the asshole of a young girl who wanted to try everything once, including back loading.

I slowly pushed my thick dick deeper into her asshole, Shana moaned, I clawed at her buxom ass cheeks. Finally, I could start fucking her buxom ass. “Oh yeah, that’s how I love it, go hard and fast, fuck me deep! Real deep!” I grabbed her little titties and kneaded her stiff nipples, drilling my lubricated cock deeper and deeper into her banging asshole. It was horny how my sack slapped against hers while I thrust into her asshole faster and faster.

“Oh, will you fuck me in the ass later too?”, I wanted to know from her. “Sure, I’m already really horny and hot for your white ass!”, she answered and pushed her small butt firmly against me. I pushed Shana from behind at a fast speed, and it did not take long, then she came, went off her from ass fucking and without her cumming, her cock was still hard and stiff, and then she wanted to fuck me.

Without it had come to me, I pulled my pecker out of her ass. I lay down on the floor and lifted my ass a little. Shana crawled behind me, reached between my ass cheeks, licked my asshole and also stroked it with Vaseline. I clamped my ass cheeks together as she in turn stuck a finger r me and started to drill around in it. “Now you get my dick!” she said and immediately pushed it deeper.

My willing asshole took her prick in stride as she lay on top of me, pushed her boner into my asshole and began fucking me. “Have you got a horny ass!” she gasped, reaching between my legs to massage my sack as well. “You make me so horny, I’m about to cum!” she moaned, and before I could really enjoy being fucked once too, she squirted, squirting her juice into my ass.

When she pulled her pecker out, she lay down on her back. “Let me lick your ass,” she demanded, “squat over me like you’re going to shit in the woods.” I did and pressed my asshole to Shana’s nose. Her tongue greedily sucked away her own juice, she played some more with her finger in my ass until I wanted to cum too. “Cum in my mouth,” she begged and stuck her tongue out at me, then she was allowed to have my hard-on right there in that position, swallowing it, blowing it and sucking on it.

I squatted over her, my ass cheeks rubbed over her tits and fucked her deep in her mouth, sometimes my dick jumped out and rubbed over her face, then it was also my turn to cum, messed up her face, splashed up into her hair and into her greedy mouth. Our cocks were all greasy from the used Vaseline, our asses horny and willing.

The beautiful ladyboy was kissing greedily.

We sat down and sucked our mouths off, kissing greedily until she went to get more drinks. Shana sat next to me, we slowly stroked each other’s flaccid peckers back up and stuck our fingers in each other’s rosettes. “Do you only fuck men?”, I asked curiously, and Shana nodded. “Yes, I’m not into women. Even as a boy, I used to look between men’s legs and imagine their stiff cocks, which I could suck on like a candy cane and then let them shove up my tight asshole. I was once for a while with the Boy Scouts, and we had weekend camps. We lay to in one room, a pretty older boy shared it with me.

I had seen him often, but since we were not in the same group, I had no contact with him. He was strong and beautifully built, deeply tanned by the sun. We were going to bed at the same time and undressed in the bright room. Soon I could see that he was evenly tanned everywhere, which made me hot. I still had the body of a boy. His chest was just right hairy, not too much and not too little.

He took off his shoes and socks, then he grabbed his waistband, he took his time with it. I was half mad, but tried not to let him notice. Slowly he then pulled his pants down over his beautiful legs, he was wearing very tight-fitting panties that were plump and full. I was almost naked, and he could of course see my underpants, which protruded pointedly forward, to me, he stood stiff as a board. He had a simple little smile for me.

However, his panties seemed to me a little fuller than before, as if his cock had twitched a few times. Suddenly he turned away from me just as the last sheath was about to fall. Then he pulled the panties off, a pretty round butt facing me. Very slowly he pulled them down and exposed more and more. Oh man, what a hot ass he had! Perfect and very smooth. Also, his butt was sun-brown like the rest of his body. Just great, and between his legs hung round, firm sack!

I would have liked to spread his smooth ass cheeks and kiss his asshole. When he bent over, his ass opened up. He had almost no hair in the crease of his ass, and I could clearly see his little light brown rosette. My pint was as thick and stiff as it could get, I pulled down my underpants and began to jerk my cock while I entered his ass. When he then turned around, I saw his bulging cock, it stood out to him like a flagpole. Then he asked me if I always sleep naked, and then he came up to me with his hard-on, grabbed and hugged me. We made love for a long time.

I felt his huge, warm pint next to mine. He sat down and gave me a place next to him, there I started to stroke and rub his stiff cock, I bent my head into his lap and licked and sucked him. He liked that, he stroked me for a long time, returned the favor and also licked me everywhere, my cock he kissed wet, and that my me wilder and wilder. Finally, he sucked on me. He drove up and down my pint. His tongue played around my glans with quick movements.

Then I let myself go. I came and squirted more juice than ever before, which he swallowed to the last drop. I lay exhausted for a few minutes until I saw that he was still as stiff as before. Finally, he spun me around and began to spread my sweet ass, I lifted my ass. He started to smell me and then started to wet lick my rosette until he couldn’t hold on any longer and I felt him pushing his prick into me. That felt great, and I had him standing right back up as he started fucking my asshole with deep thrusts. He kept this up for about minutes without coming.

Then he pulled out and let me do the same to him in the doggie position. How I enjoyed that, my hard dick in his brown ass to push, in his wonderfully tight back hole! I also fucked him a long time so. I pulled out my pint afterwards and sucked his until he came and came in my mouth. I then fucked him again between the buttocks until I came again, and this time squirted it all right into his asshole. his huge cock stood up to him again, and he laid me on my back and lifted my leg. his boner disappeared just below my balls into my hot asshole, and he told me to press my leg tightly together.

He moved back and forth. He rubbed my balls, his thrusts became stronger and faster. I was wild with horniness. He pushed harder and faster until I also felt him squirt in my ass! We lay together for a few more minutes, giving each other deep French kisses, stroking each other’s smeared cocks, and then went to bed.” I pulled Shana to me. “Did you fuck him a lot?” She shook her head. “By the time I got up, he was gone with his group, and I dropped out shortly after. But there were more cocks,” she grinned, and I fondled her small tits. Her nipples were deliciously stiff. “Show me how you jerk off,” I said. “I want to see you jerk off.” Shana grinned. “That makes you hot, huh?”

At that, she looked at me, smiling. “Suck it for me, will you?” she asked, presenting her cock to me, stretching it out. I took her dick in my hand first, stroking it with my palm. I grinned and then took her cock between my lips, her warm, throbbing cock, licked around her pee hole with the tip of my tongue, stroked under her foreskin and kept massaging her sack. Then I jerked her until he was between her legs again and ready. “Do you want me to thrust you again?” she asked hornily, rubbing her own cock. I lay down on the couch and pulled my leg up so my ass cheeks spread nicely and she could look me in the face while she pulled through my asshole.

She got on top of me, I grabbed her firm titties, and Shana shoved her cock up my ass and immediately started thrusting. Her mouth pressed down on mine, her flat belly rubbed my willy, which also began to stand right back up due to the rubbing. I tightened my sphincter around her pint and let her moan. “That’s horny when you do that, d asshole all tight!” Her thrusts got faster and faster, really deep she thrust her prick into my asshole. “Can I squirt you when I come?” she asked. I kissed her. “Yes, squirt wherever you want,” I moaned. Her flat belly rubbed over my hard boner, I kneaded her young firm titties and let her squirt into my asshole after a few thrusts. She pushed me while I was still squirting, until her dick was too limp to thrust again.